Portable Space Can be Summoned - Chapter 931 Qinglong Army asks for help 15

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Zhao Bo led the soldiers of the Qinglong Army to face the rising sun to the southeast. The order he received was to retreat from the southeast.

If it were replaced by generals of other countries, they would definitely not obey orders.

The time to retreat is the latest, and the direction of retreat is the most dangerous. Who wants to take such a retreat.

It's clearly a road to death!

But Zhao Bo still walked up without hesitation.

Even the general Qi, who gradually calmed down after scolding, felt that there was something wrong with the general of the Qinglong Army, why did he run to the southeast?

Do you think that you can escape the siege?

No way?

You don't really think that all the troops in the southeast are going to the northwest to intercept them, right?

Reverse thinking is indeed one of the good choices for breaking through the siege, but it is by no means a 100% way to break the situation.

Cangde County is the territory of Qi State. The further you go to the southeast, the deeper you go into Qi State, thousands of soldiers and horses can come out from any city!

When Qi Jiang saw the direction of Zhao Botong's escape, he felt that he could not succeed.

The sense of urgency in my heart was suddenly relieved by three points.

"Sooner or later block you!"

Qi will really want to chase it out, but he knows that the most important thing he should do at this time is to control the city wall and the outer city.

The people in the outer city are slowly waking up, and the courageous people try to walk out of the house, and when they find that the Qinglong Army is gone, they happily return home to explain the good news.

There are more and more people on the street, and a lot of bad things are happening.

Even though it was just four or five days of war, many people almost starved to death because of it.

After finally waiting for the Qianguo people to retreat, they will definitely come out to find a way to survive.

Cangde City seems to have many ruins now, but smart people know that there are many treasures hidden in this ruins.

Whoever steps into this ruins first will be able to eat and drink, and maybe find a treasure to be able to inherit the family, and from then on, go to the sky and live a life of worry-free clothing and food.

Just can't let the original owner know who got these treasures.

Clever and decisive people have already covered their faces and rushed to the area destroyed by the battle.

When the Qinglong Army retreated, they took a lot of things with them, but they also left behind a lot of things, especially those bulky items.

The Qinglong Army came too quickly, and the big households in the outer city failed to take away more property, and when the Qinglong Army retreated too quickly, coupled with the obstruction of the Qi Army, they also failed to take away much.

If those big families who escaped returned in time after the war, their losses might not have been too great, provided the Qi army hadn't evacuated here. ‘

Kong Jingzhong is not rich, Qi is not poor, and there is no shortage of army supplies, but this war is different from the past, fighting against other countries, unless the war is extremely difficult, otherwise the commander and generals of the army can still lose a lot of benefits.

But in the war with Qianguo, it seems that the battle situation is not so intense, and the Qi army is not extremely difficult, but the materials in Kong Jingzhong's hands are flowing out continuously!

Just because the dry army is too slippery, if you want to catch them, you have to mobilize more soldiers and horses.

The food and grass consumed by the hundreds of thousands of troops eating horse chews every day is like water, and the food and grass consumed by transporting materials is really heartbreaking!

Kong Jingzhong, a battle-hardened veteran, has never fought a war, nor has he seen supplies like mountains into the sea.

But this time the consumption of food and grass materials gave him a headache.

It's not a heartache anymore, it's a headache.

Because of the problem of food and grass, Wang Du has already sent more than one letter to him, each of which hints that he needs to be more restrained. You can't make money because you occupy a position now!

Kong Jingzhong couldn't explain it through the memorial, and could only tell them about their own situation through private messages. Those materials were really not greedy for ink (in fact, they were, but they were not greedy as Wang Du thought), but were used to exterminate the Qianjun.

It's just that those people in Wangdu can't guarantee whether they believe in Kong Jingzhong or not.

Many people believe that Kong Jingzhong will not be so greedy.

But more people think that Kong Jingzhong is greedy, and he is greedy a lot.

Because they also want to be greedy, they do not believe that Kong Jingzhong can hold back the greed in his heart.

Never underestimate human desire and overestimate human control.

Under the temptation of huge interests and the threat of death at any time, people can do anything!

Kong Jingzhong was wronged very much, but he had no choice. He only hoped that the imperial censor in the army could help him clear his grievances!

The food and grass that the army needs to allocate every day is not hidden from the supervisor at all. He can write directly to King Qi. Kong Jingzhong does not ask him to take credit for himself, as long as he does not stir up the flames and mess with things!


Dry country, Cangyang city.

Before Cao Meng arrived at Cangde City, his letter of request for help had already arrived at the Governor's Mansion of the Fifth Army.

The general who was on duty at the Overseer's Mansion did not dare to delay, and immediately sent someone to invite Gong Yi, and the two immediately entered the palace to report to Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan's mouth twitched slightly after reading the letter for help.

Gong Yi sighed in his heart after seeing Yang Yuan's smile, it's not easy for him to be a general.

It's also hard work, Cao Meng!

Such a good general cannot be folded in Qi.

Gong Yi: "Your Majesty, the Qinglong Army is the elite army of our country, and Cao Meng is also a very outstanding member of our generals. We should bring them back!"

Yang Yuan put away the corners of his mouth, and said with a serious and serious expression: "Well, Gu has not given up his habit, not a single citizen of our country can be abandoned, let alone a lonely soldier, general!"

"Come here, go and call the ministers of the left and right, the generals of the left and right, and the ministers of the Ministry of Household, Ministry of War, and Ministry of Industry to enter the palace!"

There is no need to call the general, Gong Yi is in the palace.

Soon, several ministers entered the palace in sedan chairs or on horseback.

After receiving the king's order, they rushed to the palace as quickly as possible.

A few people hadn't finished dinner, and they were called back by Yang Yuan not long after they got home.

However, Yang Yuan's consideration was quite comprehensive. There were a few trays of snacks on the table in front of each minister.

"Several adults sit first. Your Majesty has prepared snacks. A few adults can eat as you please. Your Majesty will be here soon!"

A few people were not polite, they sat down and tasted a few pieces of dim sum. As someone who has the memory of a big foodie empire, Yang Yuan's cook is definitely not bad.

Several plates of dim sum taste good, all have innovative methods, and they taste a little fresh.

Soon, Yang Yuan walked into the hall with Gong Yi.

"You don't need to stand up, it's time to eat, drink, and read this letter first!"

Yang Yuan waved his hand and asked all the people who were about to get up to sit down.

After everyone was seated, Gong Yi passed Cao Meng's request for help to Bai Lixi next to him.

Bai Lixi didn't actually have dinner. He went back a little late today, and he was called to the palace before he had time to change his clothes when he got home.

He first glanced at Yang Yuan, then glanced at Gong Yi with a slight frown, and then took the letter of help.

After reading the letter, Bailixi raised his head and first looked at Gong Yi next to him, you are taking us people as fools!

Bai Lixi looked at Yang Yuan who was sitting on the throne again. It seems that the king is determined to strengthen the battle against Qi!


Bai Lixi sighed in his heart~www.novelbuddy.com~ and handed the letter of help in his hand to the next person.

After receiving the letter, Zuo Xiang was a little confused, what's going on.

Why did Lord Baili say nothing!

It stands to reason that no matter what is written in the letter, there should be some reaction after reading it!

Until he saw the contents of the letter clearly, he fell into silence like Bai Lixi.

Silence is golden!

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