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After Zuo Xiang read it, he handed it to the Minister of the Ministry of Housing and the Minister of Industry, and they all did not speak after reading it.

The generals on the other side were already waiting anxiously. If the king hadn't been sitting on it, they would have gone to grab the letter long ago.

Those sour Confucians do things like mother-in-law and mother-in-law, and they are not at all disadvantaged!

Silent after reading one by one, what do you mean?

Are you dissatisfied with the king?

If Gong Yi hadn't handed the letter to Bai Lixi, these generals would have vented their dissatisfaction long ago.

The letter of help finally arrived in the hands of the generals.

They saw the appeal letter behaved very differently from the civil servants.

"Your Majesty, let me go, as long as you assign me another legion, I will definitely take down Cangde County!"

"Fart! There are hundreds of thousands of Qi troops in Cangde County, what is the use of bringing one legion in the past? Less than three legions to the battlefield of Qi country will not play a decisive role!"

"Your Majesty, let the minister go. The minister will bring three legions there, and they will be able to capture Cangde County within a month."

The army of Qianguo is generally about 50,000 people, and the local army is less, and there are about 40,000 people.

The Qinglong Army and the Xuanwu Army were both more than 40,000 people, but when they went to Qi State, they did not bring all their troops, and they had to guard against Qi's attack on Qian State.

Although it now seems that they are conservative in leaving part of their troops, they do not regret doing so!

Be prepared!

Hearing that someone was going to lead three legions to support the Qi Kingdom battlefield, Bai Lixi and the others finally couldn't keep silent.

"Your Majesty can't!"

"It is difficult for the treasury to support three legions to fight, let alone three legions, it is difficult to squeeze out the food and grass to support another legion to participate in the war!"

The Minister of the Left and the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce spoke out at the same time to stop him.

Hearing that the three legions were to be mobilized, Fang Weide, Minister of the Ministry of Housing, almost cried.

The treasury really can't come up with so much grain and silver.

"Your Majesty, the war between our country and Shun country has just ended, and the small-scale conflicts in some areas have not stopped. It is not a wise choice to expand the war in Qi country at this time."

It's still the same old school, Qianguo is really not suitable to start a new war now.

Doesn't Yang Yuan know?

I know for sure!

But not him!

The dry country has no food, he has it!

As long as he can go to the border smoothly, all problems will not be a problem!

The question is will Baiguan agree with Yang Yuan to leave Cangyang City?

Not before, there should be hope now.

Otherwise, what is the use of Yang Yuan calling them here?

A letter from Cao Meng asking for help broke the calm that Cangyang City was trying to maintain.

Yang Yuan was successfully upgraded from a contestant to a referee. Some ministers believed that the king could leave Cangyang City, so that the war with Qi could be ended as soon as possible.

If the Qinglong Army and the Xuanwu Army stayed in Qi for one more day, Qianguo would have to bear the logistical pressure for one day.

Long pain is worse than short pain!

When the king brought back the Qinglong Army and the Xuanwu Army, Qian Guo's choice changed a lot.

You can continue to try to capture Cangde County, or you can directly start talking with Qi State.

If you want to come to Qi, you will not refuse!

It doesn't matter if you refuse, it's a big deal to keep fighting!

Anyway, as long as the king is at the border, the imperial court does not need to provide food and grass supplies to the troops entering Qi to fight!

In addition, most ministers still did not support Yang Yuan's departure from Cangyang City. They believed that the war in Qi State was not that important.

A little grain expenditure is nothing.

Even if the Qinglong Army suffered heavy losses, it doesn't matter, as long as the king sits in Cangyang City and buys two or three years for the common people to develop steadily, then whether he is Shun or Qi, he will win all of them!

This is a fact, and it is also the safest and best hope to see the result.

Therefore, most officials were willing to support the armistice under the pressure of opposing Yang Yuan.

Unfortunately, the final decision was made by Yang Yuan, and only a few people could influence his decision.

These people were also persuaded by Yang Yuan, and he could only get his wish.

The king leaves the capital again, and is in charge of the expedition!

The people have higher support for Yang Yuan, but they are dissatisfied with some officials. Every time there is a war, the king has to go on a personal expedition. Does our country have no generals who can fight?

Ganjun's reputation in the country is very good, not only because they are influenced by Yang Yuan and attach importance to their relationship with the people, but also because they can win every battle.

The latter reason is even more important to the people of the dry country at this time.

The melee in Zhongzhou is constant, and only an invincible army can gain people's trust.

Otherwise, no matter how good the relationship with the people is, it will be useless. Sooner or later, it will be wiped out by other countries, and everything will be in vain.

The army has come all the way, and won every battle. The people didn't know what strange things happened in the battle, they only saw the result.

As for the battle process, it doesn't matter to them, it's just a matter of conversation when they drink and chat.

In the last two wars, the dry country has still won the victory, but the dry army has not received much praise.

Just because the two wars were directed by Yang Yuan himself, the people had no prejudice against ordinary soldiers, but their evaluation of the generals was not good.

It all depends on the support of the king, otherwise, when will these two wars be fought?

Now that the great king wants to go to the state of Qi himself, the people of Cangyang City are the most dissatisfied.

They are all citizens of the capital, but can a capital without a king still be called a capital?

Even some of the civil servants in the court were secretly scolded by them. It is because of your incompetence that the king runs around continuously and cannot rest well!

They didn't know how happy Yang Yuan, who had left Cangyang City, was at this time!

Even happier than the last expedition to Nanhu County!

Because this time he also brought Zhang Yu, double happiness!

Zhang Yu originally did not agree to leave the palace with Yang Yuan, not because he didn't want to, but because he didn't dare!

Yang Yuan dared to withstand the pressure of the ministers, persuaded them, and continued to march in person.

But she, the queen, doesn't have the courage to run, and she doesn't have such a strong physique to withstand the pressure of the ministers.

It's just that Yang Yuan gave her the greatest support, "Don't think so much, you are my queen, my wife, why not follow me to see the country in the country?"

"Don't worry about other things, I just ask you, would you like to go with me to see the great rivers and mountains that you alone have built for you!"

At this time, Yang Yuan was self-taught without a teacher, and Zhang Yu was moved by what he said, and he agreed to leave the palace with him as soon as his brain became hot.

Yang Yuan held the soft and sweet queen in his arms, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


Fix the shit!

It's enough to tell a few people secretly. If you really want to travel with the queen with great fanfare, how could it be as easy as he said.

Yang Yuan went to the border this time not only because he was bored in Cangyang City.

He had two purposes in his personal expedition.

The first one was naturally to rescue the Xuanwu Army and the Qinglong Army. He learned through Black Wing that the State of Qi still attached great importance to Cangde County, which made him temporarily abandon the plan to occupy Cangde County.

The second goal is to strengthen Cangshui's naval strength.

Cangyang County was too close to Qi State, which caused Qian State to arrange a large number of troops to guard the border when fighting against Shun State~www.novelbuddy.com~ to prevent Qi State from coming.

The direct reason for the outbreak of the Battle of Qi and Qian was that the State of Qi had increased its troops on the border to pick quarrels and cause trouble, and then Du Ming took the initiative to attack the State of Qi. He wanted to teach the State of Qi a lesson and tell them - don't stretch your claws, dare to stretch I'll chop it up for you!

If Qianguo had a strong navy on Cang Shui, even if it could only compete head-on with Qi's navy, Yang Yuan wouldn't have to put so many troops on the border!

This helps with his next plans!

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