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But anyway, today is a lucky day.

Saintess Shuiyue shook her head and put aside distracting thoughts, and also entered a state of excitement.

According to the regulations of the part-time job contract signed with Shouzhe, according to the difficulty of completing tasks on weekdays, there will be additional contribution points. If she obtains wealth in the process of following the team to perform development tasks, there will also be a small amount of additional rewards.

The Shuiyue Saintess, who was poor and afraid, was naturally excited.

"This kind of unknown ruins may often hide certain dangers." The Shuiyue Saintess art master was bold and suggested to Shouzhe, "Why don't I go first to explore the way, and I will do my best."

"No." Wang Shouzhe shook his head, "This way of exploring the road with your face is too stupid, no, it's dangerous. Let's set up a siege formation first~"

Under the command of Wang Shouzhe, the four true immortals, Scarlet Prison Demon Emperor, Cai Youdao, Tan Tiange and Shuiyue Saintess surrounded the relic exit, and the rest of the people responded, and several small cloud sea whale boats were also ready. Unleash the wrath of the Great Retribution.

"Ning Xi, it's up to you next." Wang Shouzhe added, "It doesn't matter if you slow down, we have time."

"Yes, my grandfather."

The overall gain is staggering.

"If you hate the big thing that is often used to find the way, if you hate it in the Holy Men's Palace, you can give him a set to play with." Wang Anye took off his helmet, turned his head and said to Duan Juqiang, "Old Ancestor Grandpa, make a preliminary judgment on the age of the ruins. It shouldn't be very long, and the living creatures outside are often the most gray."

In front of everyone are two ancient [Xiagu Xianjing], a dozen or so collections, and some trophies such as fairy artifacts and Taoist artifacts.

This thing is exactly the [Multifunctional Spiritual Mind Scanning Enhanced Receiver] invented by Wang Ningxi.

Wang Shouzhe Nan's projection retreated for a walk, and did not find other safety, but it alarmed the Void Giant Crocodile.

Yes, it is very safe to go out to hunt and kill the beasts of the void. Even, if the Holy Venerable dares to go deep into the void to explore, it is not always the best, if one breaks it, it will turn from a hunter into a prey!

Wanting to lose that projection, Wang Shouzhe Nan desperately fled inside, and Riga asked for help.

"Grandfather, Venerable Blood's research back then, will it have nothing to do with the Crystal Ancient Clan?" Shuiyuesheng also said.

If I had known earlier, I was just mentioning the matter of the Wang family.

Shuiyuesheng shook his head with a sigh, and said with a sigh of relief: "The entanglement between you and the demons has not yet begun, and another Jinggu clan has appeared... In the empty space, there are not many, many, and most often. Race?"

"No." Duan Juqiang nodded solemnly, "It's our Ningxi family motto to do the preparation work later. He will be in charge of that plan."

"..." Wang Shouzhenan also said something for a while, "You still want to understand what kind of perverts Wang Ningxi's family is."

However, just when Wang Anye wanted to let the exploration spider get closer, the spar screen suddenly darkened, and a huge tail fell from the sky and slapped it fiercely.

And the ruins that Duan Juqiang and others discovered on purpose seemed to have unearthed a fragment of a long history, but that fragment was really not shocking.

"Well, in the past, when the energy tidal burst cycle in the Shenwu Tianxu, there was a way to pick up garbage anyway, so I came to help Baosheng to open up the realm of destruction, maybe bad luck, you can pick up [Holy Map] [Holy Artifact] go back and the like."

"It's similar," Wang Anye said, "If you dare, it's from the same vein. In the ruins, you also found some boring equipment, as well as virtual warehouses, Tianji photo disks, and some miscellaneous items in the world of Shenwu. Miscellaneous four things come from the same vein, and the techniques used are obviously a system.”

These buildings are all domes, vaults, and various simple geometric structures, and the color is unified in white, which looks monotonous and interesting.



For a young man with no money, he still doesn't even have the slightest wink.

A series of disturbing sounds rang out.

"Wang's right, he didn't have any leisure time." Duan Juqiang glared at me, "It's just a leisurely thing at the Shenwu Tianxu stall, and squatting outside is a move? If you really want to do something else, don't go home. Having a few babies is also bad.”

And it was about how Ticai Wudao and Wang Shouzhe Nan quarreled inside. In the Tianxu Yunzhou, the rest of Ning Xi and the others continued to discuss the matter of the Jinggu clan.

"You finally understand why Wang's pressure is always so low." Shui Yuesheng thought of another thing, "Although I don't remember the memory of the future, but after this, there is no wolf before no tiger. In terms of the environment, I must try my best to make the race grow stronger. That instinctive sense of crisis, and the habit and sense of urgency that resulted from it, also continued into that lifetime..."

"Besides, you are the holy man of Wang Shouzhe's land, and there is no such small property to inherit in the future."

It was the order of the great grandfather, but I dared to disobey, so I had to obey the order honestly: "Yes, great grandfather."

As far as the eye can see, there are dilapidated buildings everywhere, and the thick dirt accumulated over the years has covered the entire ruins, making everything back to its original appearance.

Such tactics are also for the sake of safety. Everyone knows that injured and desperate beasts are the most terrifying, and inexperienced hunters will definitely fight against the beasts when they are desperate.

Using projection to find the path is also a common path-finding method for the weak in the real fairyland. After all, the projection and the main body are the same, even if it is dead, although the deity's soul will pay a big price, it is still weaker than directly using the deity to explore the way.

"Bah, that's something he's always respected."

Even though wealth is not a way of being a saint, it is not 80,000 to 70,000 years of life. Looking at the vast and long history of the human race, it's just an eye-catching fragment in a big era. I naturally do it to be omniscient and omnipotent.

In today's sanctuary, the price of high-quality eighth-grade spiritual rice is generally around two thousand immortal crystals per catty, and that kind of seventeenth-order meat can be sold for about eight thousand immortal crystals per catty.

Up to now, when recalling these things, the spirit of the Immortal Sutra is still trembling all over, fearing that it has already left a deep psychological shadow.

Therefore, the crocodile meat alone is worth eighty immortal spirit stones.

At the same time, he took out a metal box. There were few obvious designs in the box. Before the lid of the box was opened and extended inward, it turned into a spar screen.

Duan Juqiang and Wang Anye did not retreat into the ruins until they had killed the giant crocodile. When they saw the loot, Wang Anye was in a hurry and quickly retreated to adjust and weaken the signal. The picture below became cloudy.

Although the exploration spider is large and precise, compared with the small Void Alligator, it is even a fly.

Yes, it can be seen from the nest of eggs that the Void Alligator did not migrate to Changsha for a reason, but to reproduce the previous generation and prepare food for the previous generation. Their interests clashed and they were strangled.

Cai Wudao laughed twice: "They Wang Shouzhe have these properties, I am afraid that they are still out of Shouzhe's eyes. With the son's blood, future achievements are limited."

In addition, Shuiyuesheng also found a nest of Void Alligator eggs in a hidden place in the ruins, ready to take them back to the breeding base to hatch. As soon as I tried it, Fang was out of luck and said that it would definitely work. It is a part of Ningxi's industrial chain.

"Later on, I vaguely said that you were too leisurely, so you were thinking about retreating, and you ordered the rich to beat you up."

Shuiyuesheng said a little embarrassedly, "Before going back this time, you and I apologize."

It's just that the projection itself is conscious. When the real immortal controls the projection, the deity is almost in a conscious state and is very strong. Once attacked, it will be very troublesome.

As for me, I will continue to stay at the entrance of the cave to prevent myself from falling in, and protect Wang Shouzhe's male deity.

What's more, you are very obsessed with games like opening blind boxes. When you think of the possibilities, you will end your game in cold blood.

The surrounding ruins and broken walls were obviously moved and tidyed up and built into a simple nest. It curled up in the nest, its eyes were closed, and its chest and abdomen were slightly undulating, as if it was resting.

The moving speed of the exploration spider was slow, and it took several days of effort. After finding a lot of places, Duan Juqiang's eyes lit up, and he found the Void Alligator lying in the center of the ruins of the building.

The Void Alligator was trapped inside the ruins, and it was like a turtle in a urn. It was blocked from entering, and it was impossible to escape. But even so, the Eight Little True Immortal-level combat power took a long time to consume this giant crocodile in the void.

This helmet is dark silver and has a complex structure. It has a radar-like device, as well as earphones and sight glasses.

"In this way, the things that seem to be very early retreats from the Holy Emperor are not products of the Sanctuary, but excavated from the Domain of Destruction. It is no wonder that you found similar things outside the Sanctuary later, you I still think it's strange~" Duan Juqiang nodded in agreement, "If that's the case, if this Holy Emperor also knows about the war between the Jinggu clan and the human clan."

"Yu Ling, he went out to patrol with the offering of money and offering of water and moon." Wang Ningxi pondered.

"His big thing is quite boring, and it's very clever to use it to detect information." Duan Juqiang communicated with Duan Juqiang without interest, "It's not too strong, you can spray it well with your breath. "


The screen is suddenly interrupted.

The original small ruined domain was an extremely small and decaying human civilization in the ancient times. Compared with the current sanctuary, it was even worse than the current sanctuary, until that civilization encountered an invasion.

"Ah~" Cai Wudao sighed deeply, "Your hometown is not far from the Realm of Destruction, and you know it too well. You know something vaguely about it. The Realm of Destruction is extremely small, and it is related to A war of destruction in ancient times. But I thought that it was the battlefield relics of our human ancestors and invaders."

"Then, what is that?" Wang Shouzhenan looked at the helmet and the box again, and was very surprised.

"Patrol?" Wang Shouzhe Nan shook his head and said, "You still have to listen to the history... Not to mention that there is no bad patrol in the empty space..."

"Anyway, you haven't decided that you want to be stubborn and gossip with the young master." Cai Wudao said brightly, "Maybe one day, the young master will not be able to help you take revenge and retake the Yixia Cave, so you will die and rest your eyes. "

The rest of the bones, leather, claws, etc., are also bad materials, and cannot be used to refine Dao artifacts, or as auxiliary materials for immortal artifacts, and can also sell another 170 immortal spirit stones.

As Wang Anye manipulated the puppet spider to move and change direction, the picture under the spar screen also changed constantly, which was very miraculous.

A light flashed under the spar screen, instantly reflecting the surrounding scene.

The relic is called [Jinggu 401 Bloodline Research Institute], which specializes in studying the bloodline power of the human race through various methods. They even capture and dissect the true immortals, imprison the souls, and want to study the bloodline structure of the weak people of all ranks of the human race. The cruelty of the means is simply outrageous.

Therefore, when the deity is projected, it either needs to be in the secret room, or it needs to be guarded by teammates.

In that case, this time, before I go back, I will praise the wealth and honor, and it will definitely allow me to spend such a leisurely life.

Without that effort, it would be better to open up wasteland and cultivate less farmland, and the wealth accumulated over time is far more than hunting, and often the most.

And just when Cai Modao and Wang Shouzhe Nan were stunned, Duan Juqiang hadn't asked Yu Tiange to help put the puppet spider into the ruins passage.

Unless it is really short of money, or it happens that there is no chance and uncertainty, there are few ancestors of the family who are willing to hunt in safe areas. Because if something goes wrong, the whole family will suffer.

As the puppet spider named [Exploration Spider] moved in the ruins, the situation in the ruins was also shown to everyone through the spar screen.

"The No. 401 Bloodline Research Institute" Wang Ningxi's face was extremely solemn, "It sounds very special, but it starts with a number sequence. I am afraid that kind of research institute is definitely the only one..."

It took a few moments, and the result came out.

During the questioning of Duan Juqiang and others, one of the spirits of the ancient immortal scriptures suspended behind the crowd, crying to everyone about the experience of the year: "They are not demons, they arrested your master [Fairy Yuhua]... "

The picture under the spar screen immediately became blurred and clear, and small pieces of "snowflakes" filled the entire spar screen.

The development of new relics often represents a huge wealth. Even if you choose the most immortal artifact, you can sell dozens of immortal spirit stones. If you can pick up a holy artifact, you will make a profit.

That immortal scripture is not the one who once watched your master helplessly and died without dignity in cruel experiments again and again, and even before his death, it was used for various experiments.

"If it's definitely not possible, you also need to formulate a plan to investigate and scavenge waste in the realm of destruction. The realm of destruction is too small. It is possible for His Majesty the Holy Emperor to dig up all the ruins. You still need to take a step back and explore, and excavate as much as possible. The Realm of Destruction has fewer secrets, and while weakening itself, gradually understand the enemy.”


a month ago.

Apparently the exploratory spider was found by a cunning alligator and slapped to death with its tail.

Wang Shouzhe Nan responded quickly, full of fighting spirit.


The Demon Emperor, Jiang Yuling and others are still bad. After all, we haven't gotten used to Ning Xi's time to come up with something new.

Cai Modao and Wang Shouzhenan both thought it was amazing.

But before you can finish your words, Cai Wudao grabs his arm and drags him in: "Young Master Shouzhe, then go on patrol."

. At the click of a button, I promise that he will be able to, but under the moon, you will be bad.

Seriously speaking, the strange places in the world of Shenwu are still those, it feels like a hodgepodge of very few systems. I quite believe that in addition to the Jingu Clan, the Holy Emperor has also excavated the remains of other civilizations, but there is no evidence to prove it.

"Well, it seems that apart from the Void Alligator, there should be no other safety. It's just to be on the safe side." Wang Ningxi added again, "Shuiyue he condensed a projection, and then took a few exploration spiders back to explore the path."

"It's not very likely." Wang Ningxi nodded and said, "Back then, the Holy Emperor often traveled between the Sanctuary and the Divine Martial World secretly. If I am familiar with the Realm of Destruction, the ruins I have excavated there are very unusual. You will use it later. Virtual warehouses and other equipment have not been found in the sanctuary of artificial creations of similar style. But the style of this thing is not similar to the Jinggu clan.”

But Shuiyuesheng is also secretly pondering, the rich and noble preside over the affairs of the demon race in the domain, the bad image also uses too little energy, at least the situation is stable after the eyes, and I need to stare at it all day...

It should have been silent for too long.

And if the Void Alligator suddenly migrated to the far side of the trade route, harassed the route from time to time and tried to rob Lingmi, and even confused the route and learned to attack by squatting, Wang Ningxi would also go to the 18th and 17th tier if something happened. The beasts are playing.

You have condensed a projection that is unique to the main body, and your consciousness is attached to the projection. You immediately asked Wang Anye for a few big spiders, and then rushed back into the space vortex channel.

It stands to reason that that kind of gain is often the most wrong.

Have we ever seen spying treasures, but the number of such treasures is very rare, and it involves the power of laws, so there is no high level.

all of a sudden.

Even the ancestor of your family was inspired by Wang to start a business, how can you see that Anye is idle?

Yes, through the overall style of these building wrecks, as well as some specific details, it is still impossible to judge that it is completely the same as the aesthetic, poetic, clean, and immortal style of Shenwu World and Sanctuary. The rough, majestic, heavy, and gorgeous style of the Demon Temple of the Clan Demon World is even more unremarkable.

"He's stupid, my son is not looking for an excuse to let you go. If we don't have some secrets that you can listen to easily, we need to discuss." Cai didn't give you a blank look. The master's core secret."

The light in the ruins is bad, but you can still see the tragic wounds under it. The wounds are too few and too deep. Even with the most self-healing ability of the Void Alligator, after a few days, scarlet blood is still seeping through the wound, and it looks very miserable.

"Old Ren Wang Anzu is young. "Enthusiasm

"You bah!" Wang Shouzhe Nan spat and said with disgust, "This guy is often the most old bacon for his children and grandchildren, and you are still a little girl with yellow flowers. Are you still married to me as a concubine? "

The first to deal with the bad is the body of the Void Alligator.

Self-researched. research

But the set of things in his eyes is obviously not a general low-level thing. The breath emanating from this puppet spider is very powerful, and even the material used to refine the inner shell and parts is the most profound iron, and it can be used to spy on the inner world. How did it happen?

"These demons are called [Jingu Clan], and they are very good at refining weapons and making all kinds of weapons."

In the void thousands of miles away, Wang Shouzhenan said angrily, "Wealth is no good, he wants to patrol himself, why is the price pulling you?"

"It's finally your turn."

According to our exploration during that time, it is still uncertain. It is a very, very ancient relic, so ancient that we have searched through our memories to find corresponding clues. If we guessed correctly, the history of the ruins should be traced back to the aftermath of the World Destruction War in the [Broken Domain].

Duan Juqiang, on the other hand, continued to guard the space passage with Tan Tiange and others to prevent any accident.

But at this moment, no one's eyes are full of anger, even a little fear.

It is a series of exploration and search for that mysterious relic.

The body is large and protruding, and the body is small. yes

"There are only strong meat and weak food." Wang Anye was very open. "As long as we become weak enough, we can defeat all incoming enemies. Grandpa, grandpa, you suggest that in the ruins of the research institute, Set up a research sub-base, and you will often study the remaining technology, written language and other information of the Jinggu people at worst, to fill in the gaps under the technology tree, and it will be smoother when you study the virtual warehouse in the past."


Such a huge beast of the void, the crocodile meat alone weighs millions of kilograms, and the meat of the seventeenth-order beast is extremely difficult to hunt, and the quantity is rare, in fact, the price is higher than the price of the eighth-grade Lingmi Even more expensive.

Saying that, I went out with a flash and saw it.

While speaking, Wang Anye hadn't completed the connection between the box and the helmet, and took out a puppet spider with a small washbasin and a metallic luster, and also connected it to the helmet and the box.

Yes, after the west, the king is not as good as I am, and I am very strange, and I am safe in Dongcai's first place.

"Uh... Shouzhe is trusting you." Wang Shouzhe was stunned for a while, but he said in a shambles, "Bah, who are you Shuiyue, do you keep all the secrets?"

With the cry of the tool spirit, Xiaojia seemed to have seen the scenes it experienced back then, and also knew the origin of the relic.

Wang Fengning took out a head.

Before the Scarlet Prison Demon Emperor and Cai Wudao entangled the Void Alligator, Wang Shouzhenan released the projection state, and his consciousness returned to the deity again. After Duan Juqiang's order, he took the Hanyue Wheel and screamed and killed it into the ruins.

Go ahead.

Even blood can't be used to make medicine, UU reading just needs to extract blood essence first. Although the value is far from materials such as bones and claws, it can also be worth a few top-quality spirit stones.

"Which master family will share all the secrets with the worshipers, right? Let's just do our own duty work."

Cai Wudao has a bad temper, "If Shuiyue is convinced, he can't marry Young Master Shouzhe, is this his wife?

At this time, Duan Juqiang asked the Scarlet Prison Demon Emperor and Cai Wudao to retreat into the space vortex channel to meet Wang Shouzhenan.

"That's Baosheng's unique method, we can just watch it." Wang Ningxi explained casually and waited beside him.

Duan Juqiang's face turned red.

As soon as I think of the endless mysteries for me to explore, I feel my whole being full of energy.

Under the Tianxu Yunzhou, all the real immortals, Wang Ningxi and others gathered together, and their faces were not so solemn.

When Duan Juqiang saw me like that, her heart was also not a little gloomy.

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