Protect Our Patriarch - v6 Chapter 43 Immortals surrender! Hua Rui's Canglong Legion

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Days passed by, and half a year passed.

In the early spring of 3537 in Daqianlongchang.

The capital of the country of Daqian belongs to Longcheng, [Princess Huarui].

This Princess Mansion was specially built for Hua Rui by the Dagan Royal Family. It was built since she was born, and it took 30 years to complete the construction.

The Princess Mansion was built in Guilong City, an inch of land and an inch of gold. It covers a huge area, and the architectural style is luxurious and solemn. It is majestic and majestic. This also fully demonstrates the status of Princess Huarui as a leader.


In the Princess Mansion, the white silk that represented the death of relatives and elders in the front of the porch has not been removed, but the entire Princess Mansion has entered a busy operation.

Some time ago, the elders of Di Zian's line, Prince Shouyuan of Deshun, died of immortality, and Guilong City was completely white, and all major families in the country sent people to pay homage.

The Wang family, who is an in-law family, also has few members. The leader is Wang Anye, who has just returned from the sanctuary, as well as two wives who are working in the royal family, and some younger generations who are related to the royal family.

Wang Jidie was named [Princess Hua Rui], but she was only one head.

She has been blessed since childhood, and has been carefully cultivated by the Wang family and the Dagan royal family. In terms of bloodline only, she is only a little bit inferior to Wang Fugui, who has a long line of succession in the Wang family's "rich" generation.

At the age of only 250 years old, Wang Jidie has not only stepped into the realm of supernatural powers, but also because she is extremely talented in army building and commanding operations, after graduating from the Wang Clan School, she entered the military experience.

Over the years, she has been promoted all the way in the military system, and now she seems to have become the top leader of the military, responsible for the construction of a strong and strong army.

Princess Huarui's mansion - in the council hall.

Princess Hua Rui had already changed into her filial attire, only wearing plain white on the crook of her arms, and her cyan uniform complemented her valiant and majestic appearance.

Looking closely, there was a sleepy little green dragon wrapped around her arm.

At a young age, Princess Hua Rui is such a fuel-efficient lamp, and all kinds of trouble-making things are missing her. Now that so many years have passed, the willful and willful little princess has already grown up, shouldering the heavy responsibility of building the military and military, and her temperament has become mature and stable, as if she has already become a big boss.

Its princess mansion is also full of talents.

After so many years of development, the talent pool of Dagan today has long been the same as it was back then. The quality of these young people in the Princess Mansion is a bit worse than that of the Suiyun Princess Mansion. The elites of the younger generation are even slightly ahead.

The elites from the younger generation of various families gathered together, almost filling the huge council hall.

"Princess Palace." Standing at the front of the crowd, Wu Zhixing, the elite of the royal family, bowed and saluted, "After a hundred years of development and alternation, our Canglong Legion has been sharpened into a sharp sword, ready to enter the demon world outside the realm, and we are making great achievements."

Wu Zhixing is much older than Wang Shouzhe. At the beginning, Wang Liyao tried the sword in the capital, penetrated the younger generation of Guilong City, and fought with Wang Liyao once. At the beginning, the past was slightly inferior to Liyao, but after three hundred years, the gap between the present and Liyao can be calculated.

However, although it is compared with the top perverts of the Wang family, but looking at the world of Shenwu, it is already regarded as the elite of the younger generation of the human race.

Wu Zhixing currently works for Princess Huarui's Mansion and serves as the head of the first division of the Canglong Legion.

Princess Hua Rui nodded slightly: "It's been a hundred years of sharpening the blade. It's true that we have a great Blue Dragon Legion. It's time to try the edge."

This statement one.

The young people in the council hall were all excited, eager to fight, and they looked like they were eager to make achievements.

We are very old sons and daughters of aristocratic families. They responded to the call to join the army and tempered, naturally to make a big name.

Today's big work, has long been the original big work.

Dizi'an is engaged in infrastructure construction and the development of people's livelihood, and at the same time, a large amount of resources have been invested in

In the construction of the army, especially the Canglong Legion, the army directly under the command of Princess Hua Rui, the military marshal of the army, is even more elite, with brave soldiers, the worst logistics soldiers, and the combat power in Turin.

Obviously, the Canglong Legion is currently targeting the elite combat troops of the Xian Dynasty, and the configuration of the Huarui Princess Mansion is more directly targeting the Suiyun Princess Mansion of the Xian Dynasty.

But this is only for now.

In Hua Rui's plan, the current strength of the Canglong Legion is still at its limit. Sooner or later, it will become a top legion that can match the elite legion of the Shenwu period.

In order to achieve this, the selection of talents, the supply of materials, and the follow-up training plan are all top priorities.

Hosted by Hua Rui, a group of young elites from the Princess Mansion expressed their opinions and discussed the strategic deployment of the next step.

After half a time, the meeting was over. Most of the people were busy with their own work, but Princess Hua Rui kept some confidants, and it seemed that they were still discussing confidentially.

The house general at the door closed the door of the conference hall again.

The chamber soon became quiet again.

Princess Hua Rui waved back.

An old-fashioned old man in yellow robe suddenly appeared behind her and raised his hand to salute: "Old Long has seen the Princess Palace."

With that said, with a hand, he took a large stack of boxes from the storage ring.

This old man is Wu Canglong, the spiritual beast of Zhengda Qianzhen. The original one had already reached the peak of the tenth rank. As the cadres became more and more money, Emperor Zian spent a little money and relationships, got a little Chaos essence, and smashed a lot of blood and food supplies, and finally let Wu Canglong, who had been stuck in the card realm for a long time. Breaking through to the eleventh rank, he became a veritable national spirit beast.

Tong Di Zian arranged Wu Canglong by Hua Rui's side to protect and assist.

"Zhixing Battle Commander." Princess Hua Rui took a box and handed it to Wu Zhixing, "This [You Feng Collection] was bought with the wealth of the royal family's private treasury. Treat it well."

Truly a treasure!

Even Wu Zhixing, who has always been in a stable mood, trembled with excitement when he held the box: "Xie Huarui Hall."

Now that it is in the late stage of the Purple Palace, relying on his own merits, subsidies from the royal family's private property, etc., his bloodline has been promoted to the top of the arrogant class over the years, and there is only one treasure book needed to qualify to attack Lingxu.

This treasure can be said to be waiting.

"Mo Xie, this royal family's money." Hua Rui smiled, "Cultivation well, and strive to be crowned king as soon as possible."

The Daqian royal family owns a small number of high-quality spiritual fields, and even developed the fifth-grade and sixth-grade spiritual fields in recent years. They planted various grades of [Spiritual Grain Seeds] for the Wang family, and sold them all over the world after a unified purchase.

This kind of royal family's private property has nothing to do with national taxes, and the money earned is naturally spent on cultivating the royal family's own talents. Regardless of age, cultivation base, or aptitude, Wu Zhixing is at the forefront of today's large-scale royal family. Di Zi'an and Hua Rui have already collected books.

"The Emperor's Palace and the royal clan's mansion will naturally make a special trip to thank you. Rest assured, the Palace will definitely cultivate well and live up to the expectations of the elders."

Wu Zhixing held the box solemnly, making up his mind secretly.

This collection is about to rain, and after inheriting the collection and being baptized by the essence of the collection, the bloodline can at least reach the peerless C! more than enough.

When the Emperor's Hall handed over the collection, he did not have high hopes for it, hoping that he would be able to hold up a piece for Dagan. Will definitely try.

"Head of the Shihai Battle." Princess Hua Rui looked at another general who looked in his 30s or 40s, and also handed a brocade box, "This [Xuanbao Dian] is pure in practice, and the grandfather and grandfather collected it personally. "Appraisal" is the three immortal spirit stones. The grandfather of the family said that he will subsidize 1.5 spirit stones. The remaining spirit stones must be left to the Wang Clan of Monan."

"Thank you for the Princess Palace, thank you Fourth Grandpa!" Wang

Shi Hai excitedly bowed in the direction of the Changning Wang family, and almost blurted out his flattering words, "From the first time I saw the fourth grandfather, I knew that the fourth grandfather was exiled and unparalleled. I gave Zhang Zijin a red envelope and praised the child's future..."

The Monan Wang Clan took the initiative to ask for the support of Li Yao with the Changning Wang Clan, and naturally they have followed Wang Clan's pace closely over the years. And the Wang family has also treated them badly, and they are covered with good business. Over the years, the Monan Wang family has naturally become richer and richer, and even has two magical powers.

However, since the money resources, the most in short supply of the Monan Wang family is of course the treasure book.

Therefore, we have been vigorously cultivating the royal family sea according to the standard of cultivating Lingxu species all these years, and now everything is ready, only the treasures are lacking.

They then asked the Wang family to help collect the collections, even if there was only one collection, it would allow the Monan Wang family to have the potential to become a first-class family in one fell swoop, thus completing the transition of the class.

"It's okay, it's okay, stop flattering and showing off." Hua Rui interrupted speechlessly, "Now, the commander of the sixth chapter of Canglong, work hard and carefully peel off the skin."

Among the clan, Shi Hai is of course her elder, but in this army, Hua Rui's absolute level.

"I swear in the name of the ancestors and ancestors of the Wang family, I will follow the princess's palace to build a career in this life, and then I will die." The royal family swears solemnly.

In my heart, I was also very emotional, when I met the turning point of the fourth grandfather's life and destiny. Who would have thought that in this life, there would still be a chance to mix in the Ling Void Realm.

He even thought that one day he would be with Princess Hua Rui, who was younger than the fourth generation.

Princess Hua Rui nodded with satisfaction, and then looked at Wang Annan, the head of the Fourth Chapter: "Head Annan, the grandfather also gave a treasure book, and the old man will also subsidize half of it."

In the years when Wang Shouzhe just took over the Wang family, the family members of the Wang family had helped the Wang family in Changning to grow up. These collections were found in the Jingu Clan ruins this time, or they were obtained through collection and auction.

This is considered to be Wang's purchasing resources for the sanctuary of various families.

Wang Annan was naturally very excited: "When I see the fourth old man back, I must give a good kowtow."

In my heart, I also sighed with emotion. I offended Li Yao at the beginning, and my father beat him half to death. Now I think about it, I beat him too lightly.

After giving Wang Annan, Princess Hua Rui looked at the Long Zuo Wang Family's [Wang Shouyue] again.

Wang Shouyue left the line of direct line of the Wang clan in Longzuo, and once gave the Wang clan a gift.

With the development of Changning Wang Clan getting better and better, Wang Clan has been taking great care of Long Zuo Wang Clan over the years. Secretly stuffed a treasure book.

That is to thank the ancestor Zhou Bo for taking care of the danger and fighting side by side with Wang.

And Wang Shouyue is also very lucky. In the era of Wang's development and the re-emergence of Longzuo Wang's, Longzuo Wang's has always been a key target to cultivate.

Therefore, although Wang Shouyue is notable, he has always been firmly occupying the first echelon of successors of the Wang family in Longzuo, and only the treasure book has a chance to fly.

When Princess Huarui was in charge of the military and called on young people to join the army, Wang Shouyue led a group of young elites of the family to join Huarui without hesitation.

Because of his ability and clan relationship, Shouyue also entered the ranks of Hua Rui's confidants.

Hua Rui's treasure book for keeping the promise, like the other two Wang clansmen, only charged half of the money.

For example, Guan Yunque of the Guan family and Zhao Yuanqing of the Zhao family have all received enough money.

Especially when Zhao Yuanqing and Princess Huarui met back, their mood was always less complicated. According to his seniority, Hua Rui's mother's uncle, Hua Rui, was called "uncle".

The second reason is that it is said that when this "uncle" was young, he also tried to marry her grandma Wu Xuening, who was considered grandfather's half rival in love!

Anyway, the relationship is very complicated.

good her

As a major cadre and military marshal, he has already established a rule. In the army, people speak according to their ability and strength, and they will all be commensurate with their positions. Otherwise, there will be elders everywhere and command the army?

In addition, the Huan Gongye Clan, Qian Clan, and Chen Clan were all assigned to the collection, but they were not the Wang Clan's clan.

In-laws return to in-laws, clansmen return to clansmen, and there is a clear distinction between relatives.

And with the distribution of this pile of treasures, the future of Dagan's first legion, the Blue Dragon Legion, is bound to be limited.

the same section.

Silla Celestial Dynasty.

On the outskirts of Xiancheng, there are hot springs in other courtyards.

This other courtyard where Wang Shouzhe and the Shuiyue Saintess met in secret, has now been temporarily assigned to Wang Shouzhe by Yao Yumei. The original housekeepers and attendants in the other courtyard have also been withdrawn and replaced with the Wang clan and family generals.

After returning from the Realm of Destruction, Wang Shouzhe temporarily lived in this other courtyard.


In the front hall of the other courtyard, the two of them were waiting anxiously.

These two people, one of them is an old man with gray beard, with a childlike appearance and a gentle temperament, just like an old fairy.

On the other hand, there was a young woman who looked like she was over twenty years old.

This woman has a beautiful appearance and excellent temperament. She is wearing a complicated light green fairy dress, and has a delicate and gorgeous sapphire sapphire on her temples. She looks elegant and immortal, and she is obviously well-dressed.

These two people, Xianjun Haoran of Zhengrui Jiang's family, and Jiang Muxian.

Looking at the young and beautiful girl beside him, Immortal Haoran sighed in his heart, then he held back and said, "It's hard to wait until Young Master Shouzhe is willing to meet you. You may be petty later, so you have to be more respectful. Otherwise, if we offend Young Master Shouzhe, the entire Jiang family will have to bear it, you know?"

"Old Ancestor, don't worry, Xian'er is the kind of clear-headed person." Jiang Muxian nodded when she heard the words, although her face was smiling, she was also resentful, "These days, Xian'er has actually figured it out. Promise to protect us as long as possible, but with the temperament of the saints, half of them will interfere in the normal business disputes between the aristocratic families, and most of them, the aristocratic families have done too much to preside over a public.

"With the current situation of our Jiang family, if we want to regain a firm footing, we must obtain the support of his aristocratic family. To do this, marriage is the fastest and safest way."

"And in our family's situation, only a few strong immortals or saints can protect our family. And the daughters who want to marry them must have poor aptitudes and appearances. In the middle, I'm afraid than more suitable."

"Even Young Master Shouzhe, I'm afraid it's been a long time, the clan should plan to propose a marriage on their behalf~"

Jiang Muxian is an immortal clan, and in addition to his unique talents, he has enjoyed the best education in the clan since he was a child.

She knew that the Jiang family was in the most difficult time. In order to give life to the family lessons, the elders in the clan spent all their energy and thrift, and saved their existing resources to the younger generations of the family, she saw it all.

She knows that some elders in the family have wrong aptitudes. If the resources are available, it is possible to break through the mid-level or even late stage of Lingxu Realm, but now, for the sake of the family, those elders have almost stopped cultivating, and only use the minimum resources to maintain them. Cultivation.

They use their own futures for the futures of the younger generation.

As a sheltered junior, as a beneficiary, what qualifications do you have to blame those elders?

After all, the Jiang family was too weak to beg for protection in such a humble way.

She resented the family, but only hated her own ability.

This time, she was willing.

Compared to marrying into an aristocratic family, since then he has lived a life based on his looks, so being a maid for Young Master Shouzhe may not be a better choice.

Looking at people's faces from left and right, why find one more worthy of attachment

the strong?

The only question now is whether Young Master Shouzhe is willing to accept him. This point, even in her own heart.

"It's hard to understand this." Seeing Muxian say this, Immortal Haoran was relieved for a while, but at the same time he held back his heart and sighed again, "With your heart, if you stay in the family, you will be the mainstay of the family. One, if there is another way, the old man is willing to give it away."

"However, this time, it may not be a chance to talk about it. I will show it well later. If you can stay by Mr. Zhe's side, whether you are a concubine or an ordinary maid, at least there will be a shortage of training resources. If you are lucky, It is better to designate, and it is better than staying in the family."

During the conversation, a light cough came from outside the door, reminding us that Young Master Shouzhe had arrived.

The grandfather and grandson hurriedly stopped talking and got up to greet them.

"Xianjun Haoran." Wang Shouzhe walked into the living room, with a smile that made people feel like a spring breeze, "Your predecessor, if there is anything, you can just summon a Shouzhe to meet before you, why do you have to run away?"

Tan Ge followed Wang Shouzhe step by step, looking like a maid with low eyebrows and pleasing eyes.

She glanced at Jiang Muxian thoughtfully, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

This Immortal Clan Jiang Clan is afraid to withstand it.

Immortal Haoran hurriedly showed a flattered look: "How can the old man, how dare he ask the son to meet him?

Although I knew that Young Master Shouzhe's words were polite, I still found it quite useful.

It can only be said that Young Master Shouzhe is ashamed of the top son of the noble family. This family teaches and behaves in the same way as those "frivolous" young people in the Holy City.

After a brief chat, the two sat down together.

The altar song rolled up his sleeves and elegantly made tea for the guests. Seeing this, Jiang Muxian immediately got up to help, and put on a look like a altar song and horse.

Tan Ge chuckled softly, and was also hypocritical. He moved his body slightly to give up his position, and gave her instructions on how to cook Wuxian tea, and explained some heat and points to her in detail.

Jiang Muxian didn't dare to slack off at all, she recognized and memorized the words of the altar song, carefully learned a step, and felt it with her heart, but she made a mistake.

"Sister Muxian is very savvy." Tan Ge praised lightly.

"Sister Kuixianjun carefully taught me." Jiang Muxian hurriedly and shyly restrained his hands and modesty.

They get along well here, and on the other side, Wang Shouzhe also chatted with Xianjun Haoran, and resolutely directed the topic in the direction that Xianjun Haoran expected.

As the time passed, Xianjun Haoran, who was in a calm mood, finally restrained himself and started the conversation: "Master Shouzhe, what do you think of Muxian?"

"Fairy Muxian is very immortal and intelligent, and she is ashamed of the Jiang family's bloodline." Wang Shouzhe praised, and took out a packaged and iced 14th-order crocodile meat and gave it to Jiang Muxian, "We met for the first time. , don't despise small gifts."

This big bag of crocodile meat weighs a full two thousand kilograms. According to the market price, it starts with six million immortal crystals, which looks like six top-grade spirit stones.


Jiang Muxian was stunned for a moment, dared to answer, and looked at his old ancestor Haoran.

"This..." Old Ancestor Haoran was startled, sensed the rank of energy contained in that ominous beast's meat, and his expression changed, "Is this ominous beast's meat afraid of the fourteenth rank? This thing is precious, I admire it. Immortals are afraid of accepting them."

"How can you accept it?" Wang Shouzhe laughed casually, "I just hunted it a long time ago, and I spent money."


Ancestor Haoran's heart trembled, and his face became more and more awe-inspiring.

This is the flesh and blood of the fourteenth-order fierce beast, and Young Master Shouzhe actually said that he hunted in an understatement?

The fourteenth-order beasts are ferocious, and they can be seen before. When I entered the fairyland at the beginning of the year, I was young and vigorous. I was keen to explore everywhere and search for resources. As a result, I accidentally encountered a fourteenth-order void beast on a void expedition.

Just one tail, just one tail, and he was seriously injured.

When the nine-death life, he almost returned.

Such a vicious beast is definitely not something that Tan Ge can hunt in the middle stage of the immortal.

If Xianjun Haoran encounters a 14th-order beast, let alone hunting, it is still unknown if he can escape alive again.

From this, it can be deduced that the followers around the son are afraid that the immortal Yuanzhi Tange may secretly hide a more powerful immortal guard, or maybe the Holy Venerable protects him secretly?

This is also possible, there is only one thing, I am afraid that Shouzhe's status in the family is still a guess.

Think about this.

Ancestor Haoran hurriedly lowered his tone a bit: "If Young Master Shouzhe thinks Muxian is still smart, you might as well stay by your side as a maid."

"How does this make it happen?" Wang Shouzhe's face became solemn, and he sat upright, "Muxian said that he is the descendant of Jiang's immortal clan. How will the world think of it when it is passed on?"

"Master, I see that there is only one maid next to you, Xianjun. Xianjun is always a fairy. You can always ask her to do the work of carrying water, pouring tea, washing and cooking, right?" Said, "Our family Muxian is still a bit smart. If she can serve the son, it will also be a blessing for her to cultivate in her lifetime."

"This..." Wang Shouzhe looked at the altar song and frowned slightly, "Xianjun, are you afraid of other things this time? Let's talk about the situation first~"

Ancestor Haoran's face darkened immediately, and weeping: "I am old and immoral, and I have angered my ancestors. The child of Yunxuan in our family has failed to promote his bloodline, and now his life and death are uncertain."

Afterwards, he looked at the predicament Jiang is facing now—for example, and finally looked at Wang Shouzhe with begging eyes: "I also ask you to have mercy on Jiang, and your great kindness and virtue will be forgotten forever. "

"Please have mercy on your son."

Jiang Muxian also bowed to Wang Shouzhe with tears in her eyes.

"Xianjun, Muxian, please get up quickly." Wang Shouzhe's face was moved, but he looked embarrassed, "Jiang's family, after all, is an immortal from the Rui Sheng Dynasty, and Shouzhe is an outsider who interferes in local family affairs at will, fearing that it will cause trouble. Rui Sheng Huang is full"

"This..." Old Ancestor Haoran had a headache.

Difficult, Jiang's whale fall has become an inevitable situation?

"Young Master, if you directly intervene, it will be fine." Tan Ge said beside the drum, "Well, if you do some work for them, it will not only make their economic situation more prosperous, but also save you a lot of toil, Master. UU Reading After all, you mainly focus on experience this time, and this family’s merit points will have a big impact.”

"This... the meaning of the song, let the Jiang family act as an agent to share the business of the Ruisheng Dynasty?" Wang Shouzhe hesitated slightly, as if he had some concerns.

When Patriarch Haoran heard such good deeds, his eyes lit up immediately, and he hurriedly said, "Young Master Shouzhe, although the Jiang clan has fallen, there are many members of the family, especially the middle-level clansmen. The clan is attached to you and obeys your orders."

"The Jiang Clan's demands are also high, just to be able to recover from this wave of crisis, don't fall from the immortal clan! The old man can swear in the name of the Jiang Clan's ancestors and sects, and he will never betray the son!"

"The whole clan is dependent on it." Wang Shouzhe waved his hand lightly, "Guo Ge said that there is some truth to it. Jiang's family is all local natives, and their connections understand customs. Well, the business and sales of this Rui Sheng Dynasty are easy to do. Leave it to the Jiang family to take care of it. Only the Jiang family takes care of it carefully and develops it with heart, so that my son will protect the Jiang family’s inheritance without worry.”

The old ancestor Haoran was overjoyed, and the old tears were filled with excitement: "Young master is righteous. The old man swears on behalf of the Jiang family that from now on, the Jiang family will only be the son of the son. Muxian, please visit the son quickly, and you can serve the son carefully in the future. A little bit of disobedience!~~”

Jiang Muxian also looked happy: "Muxian, meet the son."

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Chapter 43 Immortals surrender! Hua Rui's Canglong Army

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