Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer - Chapter 1713: Blankets

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Chapter 1713: Blankets

Sam sent the team away after a break.

Meanwhile, he sat down in the centre of the base at a certain spot.

He took out a bunch of scrolls and spread them on the ground. All of them combined created a map of the areas they have already explored and Sam started drawing the formations he made the team members put up.

Even though Sam noticed that he cannot place the formations himself and appear to be making dumb mistakes when he used normal nodes or any other material as nodes for that matter, he also figured that if he used his subordinates as the builders of the formation and all he did is draw the formation on a paper, there is no problem.

All his skills disappeared. His arms are magically becoming clumsy when he is setting up a normal formation, but the knowledge is not disappearing.

He can utilize his knowledge but not skills.

This actually didn't take much from him in this aspect.

The saying Knowledge is Power didn't come for no reason.

Knowledge is indeed power. When it is possessed by the right person. Not every tom dick and harry can use this power well. But luckily Sam is not a Tom, neither Dick nor a Harry.

After drawing all the formations on the scrolls, he made some calculations on the side. After that, he took out a loom while the scrolls are still laid down.

He started weaving. But this he didn't have threads on the loom. He is weaving with pure energy.

The energy became visible as it is slowly injected into the loom and one could see it being divided, spread and turned into a bunch of energy threads which is turning into an energy fabric.

The process is slow. But the fabric is very neatly woven and cleanly constructed. It floated slightly above the ground level and it spread around Sam.

Since Sam could control the energy that came out of the loom, he is able to spread it evenly without any destabilization of the energy. If a person could see the scene now, they would be seeing a large fine blanket slowly expanding over the whole area.

Within an hour, Sam covered the whole base camp and covered up until the perimeter.

Then came the real challenge.

Now the blanket is spread. The energy is stable at the moment. But that is only because Sam is connected to the blanket with the loom.

He has to three things before he could remove the loom.

First one, he has to keep the blanket existent and stable even after he removes the loom.

The second thing is that after he connects the blanket to the formation, he has to leave an opening so that he can connect to the blanket later on and work with the formation through the blanket.

The final thing is that he should make sure that his allies and him are not effected by the blanket while he should be able to use it when the enemies are here and he should be able to manipulate the strings of the fabric as he liked afterwards.

There is also an additional task which gives him some easier time when he is connecting this blanket to the next one.

Since this is the first area he is doing this, Sam had to spend some time here.

But after spending some time there, he got a hang of it and moved to the second area.

The process went on for the whole night and he only stopped by the time of sunset. In this time, he made blankets of pure spiritual energy, different elemental energies and even blankets that have multiple elemental energies.

The subordinates came with a bunch of beasts they captured along with the samples of soil and vegetation they collected.

They also got the reports of the new formations they set up.

"Boss, from the estimation given to us by our clan, we already took over one-eighth of the valley.

Out of which a little more than half was completely set with the formations and you also marked your second visit that you made last night.

We already set up a basic perimeter and planted some formation discs around the remaining area that is surrounding the first area. So no matter who comes into that territory we will be notified.

I think we should be a lot more careful now. Since people from other clans might be here. If they set up their basecamps, they will also start exploring now. And if we divide the whole valley into seven equal parts and divide them for different clans, we already almost explored all the land under our clan.

We do another rapid expansion like we did last night, we will be moving into the territory of other young masters."

"Hmm, dividing the territory is a good idea. Even assigning to other clan young masters is also a good idea. Since it will be much easier to remember the territories.

But that doesn't mean, we are going to sit back and relax. Why the fuck do you think I have been preparing so much.

We will indeed slow down the process. But not by much. We will move in a similar way. The only difference is the area sections we made before are no longer the same. We are going to pick a much smaller section. You also have to be a bit more discreet in setting up the formations.

For that, you will be burying the beast bones and use the buried objects are nodes. These nodes cannot be visible to the rest.

That is the basic gist of it. Do you understand? If you have any questions, this is the moment for you ask."

"But Cap…"

Vice was about start his usual dialogue and this time all he needed was a glare from Sam to shut up.

"Just do as you are told. If you encounter any subordinates from other clans, don't try to engage. If they are lower level than you, just capture them and bring them here to the base camp.

If they are of equal level, do one proper sneak attack and escape immediately. Don't try to kill them, don't try to confirm if they are killed or if your sneak attack has proper landed, don't try to see if you can capture them.

Just launch a proper sneak attack and escape immediately to the base camp.

Just see if they are following you and if they are use the special code I taught you to give signal to the rest of your team members and me. Even if they whole camp is tailing you, your job is to safely return to the Perimeter number 2.

I will handle the rest.

And one thing to remember. If you know for sure that the person you encountered is stronger than you, leave.

Those are the rules that you are not allowed to disobey no matter the cost.

It is an order for you guys to come back here. So, be careful."

"Okay, Sir."

"Leave now."

Sam sent them away and started dealing with more calculation and such. He is sure that the situation is very hard to handle. The new method that he is using is also not proven to be local or normal. He is looking forward to it, but what will be the consequence.

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