Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/Destroyer - Chapter 1714: Team with a Map

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Chapter 1714: Team with a Map

Sam sighed as he moved to start with his blanketing once again.

He figured that he will weave for a few more hours before going back to the beasts and dealing with them. While weaving though, his thoughts couldn't help but wander around.

Even though Sam is focused on this task too much and acting all pissed off, he is really impressed by the loyalty and actions of the group members.

Brice wasn't able to do much about keeping his team intact when shit hit the fan. Maybe, he wasn't able to showcase how important his team is to him directly. But the people that understood him are truly loyal.

If Sam was in their place, once their boss acted like an asshole, he would definitely suspect something is wrong.

But Sam couldn't do much about his behavior. He knew that these four people are loyal to Brice no matter what, so he instead of trying to act like Brice and taking his time to convince them, he decided to just take a much more aggressive approach in making them do the tasks for the start.

At least things are moving fast because of this just like he wanted.

He sat there weaving for a few hours and went back to the base camp. The team also returned.

"Captain, we didn't encounter the other troops, our expansion is going well so far. But we did see some traces of the beasts moving away. It seems like the young master that has a passage opposite to us has come. The beasts are coming mostly from that direction."

"Good job with the observation. Let the beasts come. I am planning on something in the outerareas. It would be a lot different than before.

So, for now just let me know what these beasts that came running from those areas are doing. I need a detailed report about them.

We are on it, young master. We already prepared a report about some of the beasts that we came across by chance. We will be finishing off the rest."

"Good. The plan for dealing with the other troops won't change. If you come across them, only capture them alive if you are sure they are certainly weaker than you. Proceed with the rest just like I instructed you before."

"Yes, young master."

After they are gone, Sam went to the captured beasts at the base.

These beasts are still injured and completely shackled. Sam wanted to see if he could use a soul contract. Luckily it seems like it is not considered a skill that should be blocked. He cannot use any of this beast taming and contracts related to that though.

Soul Contract would be bound through the spiritual energy signature of the soul of the two parties. If, he made the beast sign the contract, it would be just as effective as signing a beast contract with it.

And since it would be linked to Sam's soul, even after making a contract through this body, the snake would be connected to his soul. So, when he comes back to this realm with his real body, he would already have some beast companions waiting for him here to act as his aides.

But to establish a soul contract, he must make the beast obey him completely without using any of his usual beast-taming skills. This would be difficult as the only way left for him is to use the brute force method.

Submitting the beast through crude strength and making it forcefully obey him.

But that is not exactly Sam's way of doing things. When he thought of maybe using Beast tongue, he realized that Hel blocked that too. For some reason, speaking a different language turned out of be a skill.

He could only count on seeing and letting their souls communicate first. Because, Sam is sure that his soul is also modified to be the fusion of his beasts and himself because of his cultivation. Maybe he would be able get past the barrier of these beasts and make them follow him willingly.

So, until afternoon, he started doing that.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the valley, a team much larger than that is under the control of Sam set up their camp.

A young man has over four dozen soldiers all at the various stages of Astral Plane, gathered together as they set up the perimeter and their base camp.

Out of all of them, one young man who is obviously not the leader, held hung a bow on his back as he jumped from one tree to another making his way away from the camp.

He channeled his spiritual energy into his eyes as he looked into the horizon.

"I will be damned. This guy has pretty good abilities. I wish I had this eye bloodline. It seems like this body is pretty compatible for archery. I wonder what others got."

It is none other than Arkiv. He got into the body of a young man who is a very close aide of the young master that came from one of the clans. He didn't get a chance to become the person in command, but he is not far off as he is second in command.

He started exploring deep into the forest so that he could figure out which parts of this place are easier to conquer.

Since the competition is about the largest piece of land a person could conquer, he decided to go with an approach where he would conquer the areas within the surroundings separately. He would make the soldiers hold down these areas which will also make it harder for other teams to track and crack open.

He doesn't know if he has a higher chance to win compared to others, but he is sure that he could at least put up a good fight and not rank too low.

Meanwhile, on a different end, someone else is also in a similar situation. They are also second in command, but they are not as okay with it as Arkiv. In fact, they are pretty pissed.

It is none other than Dayus.

He is currently standing beside a young woman who is the person in command. She has a map at hand as she laid it down on a table within a tent. Surrounded by all of her key subordinates in leadership positions, she has a troop of over a hundred and twenty soldiers.

If the other players saw this, they would be cursing the gods and Hel like it was their born duty to do so.

Because this is the largest group of people a player has at their disposal. And to top it off, the map is an added bonus.

The young lady in command looked at the map and said.

"All the other young masters must be here. I heard that Brice is also dispatched here."

"As soon as she spoke, everyone was stunned."

"They really sent Brice here? I thought he would be in the command center somewhere. After losing his legs, I thought their clan would be focusing on utilizing his brain to the maximum. Why would they keep sending him to this shit hole."

The person in charge of the scouting team spoke.

The lady nodded and said.

"I thought the same. But it seems like Blaine is finally preparing for the last showdown of young masters in their clan. It is a bit early, but the people of their caliber, you cannot say it is not expected.

Anyway, we have two tasks at the moment, one is obviously to gain as much land as possible within this cannon. The other is to try and poach Brice. If that is not possible, at least try to strike an alliance with him."

Once again everyone is shocked.

"Strike an alliance with him? Poach him? Boss, are you feeling alright? You do know that Brice is the young master of the clan right? He is even in next in line. Blaine might have an advantage. But that doesn't mean Brice's future is over.

I bet that Blaine is not ready to lose a mind like Brice just to become the next head. After he achieves that, he will use all of his strength to protect Brice and keep him beside him. He is that talented.

Poaching him is almost impossible. We would have a better chance of conquering the whole of the valley by ourselves."

"Well, if I didn't know that he is humiliated by getting beast urine poured all over his face, I would have thought the same. He is in his most vulnerable state. If there is any chance of poaching it, this is it.

And anyway, luckily we also have a map of this territory charted by some of our troops. They covered one-fourth of the valley, we have an upper hand. According to their estimation, this is the direction where Brice will most likely be and that is within the one-fourth of the charted territory.

Let's conquer this land faster and meet him."

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