Reborn on Top of Football - v7 Chapter 357 Hardware Daily Miscellaneous (7)

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Speaking of this, Wang Ai thought about it again: "Although the current popular view of super giants is Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and me, there seems to be no clear standard, everyone is used to it. But in fact, there are, in the last year of business. Revenue above 100 million euros is the current threshold.”

The reporter nodded, and Wang Ai continued: "So, if you ask me about the significance of the super-giant war, my understanding is that it has successfully absorbed global football business resources and consolidated its status as the world's largest sport. Even without the three of us One, when the commercial resources of football extend from Europe to all over the world, especially in Asia, where the economy is booming, it enables fans around the world to watch games and communicate with each other without barriers, so that even unpopular companies in any country have the opportunity to show themselves. In front of the whole world, the former football stars and superstars are not enough to meet the commercial requirements of the new era, so there will definitely be superstars. In the future, after the three of us retire, as long as the globalization of football does not retreat, there will be other superstars and new superstar wars. The three of us, as the first batch, are also at a loss, because we also I don’t know that the popularity of the Internet will produce this thing and benefit the three of us, we are driven by the times and have come through the lake.”

The pen in the reporter's hand was recording quickly, and there was a voice recorder next to him. After Wang Ai finished speaking, he looked down for a while and then raised his head: "You mean that the super war is a product of the times, and it is after the economic foundation is in place. The superstructure, maybe not perfect but must be there, because football itself needs it, right?"

Wang Ai nodded with satisfaction, took the teacup from the side, and poured a few cups of tea.

After a brief rest for a few minutes, the reporter asked: "In fact, domestic fans don't have a very thorough understanding of superstars, superstars, and stars. Can you explain it in detail? Maybe you have the most say in this regard in China."

"There are many lesser-known experts in our industry who know better than me. I just have a relatively high reputation." Wang Ai said modestly. Seeing that the reporter was still looking forward to it, he thought about it and said: "Modern football has been around for a hundred years. Players can only earn hard money every game, and they are almost all amateurs, such as playing a game after get off work or something. Slowly, more and more people watch the game, the stands are built higher and higher, and the clubs are getting richer and richer. , and more and more attention is paid to commercial revenue. At this moment, there are two players with similar performance and contributions, but one of them is more loved by the audience. The reason may be that his style of play is better, or he is simply a He looks good, anyway, no matter what the audience likes him more, after the game more people ask him for autographs, and more people even come to watch the game for him.”

The reporter nodded frequently. No one knew what happened a hundred years ago, but this phenomenon is very common in campus football and field fields, so it is easy for reporters to understand.

"Then, as a club, we need to consider it at this time. Two players who have made similar contributions in competition, but one of them has great commercial value and contributes more commercial income to the club, so should we treat them differently in terms of salary? What?" Speaking of this, Wang Ai spread his hands: "At first, he was definitely unwilling, but gradually the club will find that if they don't treat them differently, then the player who is more loved by the audience will easily lose his beloved. Features, such as the style of the game has become unfashionable, the good-looking is not good-looking, etc. In order to maintain the high income from him, it is necessary for the club to maintain this advantage, so the club gives him additional tasks, not Extra salary is not enough. At the same time, some stadium sponsors are also interested in his appeal, and gradually come to him to attend some product promotion activities, and he began to have original business endorsement income.”

"Combining the two, he and his teammate who is not liked by the audience in the stands have formed two ecosystems in terms of income and influence. Clubs, sponsors, and fans will all look at it differently and differently. Therefore, from the players. Commercially valuable players, football stars, are born."

Wang Ai picked up the teacup to drink water, and the reporter looked down at the record: "So, what about the superstar?"

"Superstars are the product of TV." Wang Ai said bluntly: "Without TV, the club's revenue depends entirely on tickets, and all operations are mainly to please the audience. When TV comes, the number of people watching the football has expanded more than tenfold, although the TV audience has expanded. The direct contribution to the club is not too big, and there are broadcasters in the middle who have to charge, but the influence has actually expanded ten times, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times. Then accordingly, those who take a fancy to this influence Sponsors will come in. At this time, two stars, one of which is more popular with TV audiences, will naturally absorb the commercial resources of TV, thereby driving changes in the income structure of the club and himself. For example, modern giant clubs Ticket revenue has been reduced to 20%, which means that when your audience is still in the stands, your ceiling is the star. And when your audience expands beyond the stadium, a large number of TV viewers are willing to watch the broadcast because of you, because If you buy jerseys and consume a certain brand because of you, then the club will give you higher treatment, and the sponsors will wave the checkbook to find you. They are all in different states, and you can’t be called a star because it will confuse a completely different business system, so you have the title of a superstar.”

Speaking of this, Wang Ai smiled: "You are in the media, you must know that because the camera lens is round, it has a visual magnification effect on round objects, which also determines that the small face is more photogenic. , right? These are the characteristics and hobbies of the key element of TV in the TV era. Maybe two stars are not bad, just one has a big face and the other has a small face. As a result, the commercial value is very different. Similarly, black and white TV , color TV, cable TV, and digital TV have made progress again and again, which has also made TV more powerful in shaping superstars. For example, Bailey caught up with the TV era, but at that time it was black and white TV, and people could not appreciate it carefully through TV. His style, so he can only be regarded as a star. And Maradona's group of talents are real superstars, until Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Zidane, Figo, Raul and this group of people, Among them is Beckham, who is a real TV darling. He doesn't have a World Cup winner, but his commercial value is much higher than anyone else."

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