Reborn on Top of Football - v7 Chapter 358 Hardware Daily Miscellaneous (8)

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"Beckham's success is due to both his own hard power on the court and a strong commercial factor. Some of his labels are very suitable for the communication needs of the TV era. Mrs. Victoria, his numerous off-court laces, his charming smile, his dexterity with TV reporters, etc."

"So what does this mean?" the reporter seized the opportunity to ask.

Wang Ai put down the teacup: "This shows the commercial attributes of football stars and superstars, which is the same as entertainers. For example, my country's official institutions only recognize actors, and they are classified as first-level or second-level according to their hard power. But commercial institutions I don’t think much about it, whoever has the strongest appeal and who brings more money will have priority, so when you watch a commercial blockbuster, you must be led by a big star and a backbone of powerful actors.”

"Why must there be football stars?"

"Because the club is the core element of modern football, it trains, digs, and organizes players downward, and upward organizes leagues and formulates rules. Although the Football Association and Football Association are official institutions, the opinions of clubs, especially the opinions of most clubs, are always It cannot be ignored, because the club is responsible for its own profits and losses. If you don’t let him make money, he will stop playing, and football will be finished. Therefore, under the self-financing club system, there will definitely be football stars. The strength of the two players The difference is almost the same. One can sell tickets, jerseys, and broadcasting rights, while the other cannot. Who do you think the club will choose? Or, in football dominated by the private economy, the appearance of football stars is inevitable. If you don’t believe me, recall our country. Before the football reform, although the public, whether it was a stand audience or a TV audience, already had the basis for some players to endorse products, the system did not allow it. As a result, there were only football stars in the mouth of the public, but no real football stars. Or It is said that well-known players in this period have no influence and no commercial realization channels, so they are not stars, and our media rarely called them stars at that time.”

The reporter nodded frequently when he heard this: "So how did the superstar appear?"

"Internet." Wang Ai said succinctly: "Just like the expansion of the stands, the two ecosystems of players and stars have been differentiated. The audience that TV brings ten times the audience has differentiated into stars and superstars. Internet barrier-free communication, Clearer scenes and the advantage of being able to rewatch at any time have further differentiated superstars and superstars. The tastes of Internet audiences and TV audiences are still different. They emphasize interaction, are more novel, and prefer to chase new things. Then two superstars , one loves trying new things, uses Internet language, and likes to communicate with the public through the Internet, while the other still revolves around TV audiences, so naturally, the former has huge commercial value based on the Internet. Furthermore, his income, influence, Ecology and life are different from the latter. For example, superstars in the TV era need to have a good image, at least they must be civilized during interviews, and they must not have uncomfortable habits. But in the Internet era, these alone are not enough. Yes, you also need to be interesting, friendly, and trendy, only in this way can you get the likes of netizens and then they can watch your games, buy your jerseys, and consume your brand.”

"The characteristics of the channel and tool of the Internet, just like the characteristics of the channel and tool of TV, have shaped football stars in the new era. The income of contemporary players is divided into three parts in terms of channels, one part comes from the audience in the stands, and the other comes from TV viewers are partly from internet viewers. As much as you can catch, your club and sponsors will give you as much. They have a very strong and rigorous investigation organization, and they will investigate your business appeal clearly, never I will give you more, but I dare not give you less. Therefore, modern football has entered the era of super-giant."

"But according to what you said, there are many superstars? There are a large number of superstars such as Maradona, Beckenbauer, Platini, the Dutch Three Musketeers, etc., but it seems that there are only the three of you?"

"One of the characteristics of the Internet is that it is barrier-free. Unlike TV, it will not be broadcast if it is not broadcast. No matter how influential your TV station is, the audience of my TV station will not know about you. And the Internet, at least in cultural and sports sports, will not be broadcast. The country basically does not set up obstacles, or it is easy to be broken through when it is set up. Then this brings two novel characteristics: one is the extreme expansion of influence; the other is that resources are very easy to concentrate. For example, outside Europe For the first time, fans have seen European football games directly with the help of the Internet, so it is natural that he will pay attention to the top clubs and top players first. Therefore, in the Internet era, the income gap between the giants of major league clubs and ordinary clubs has widened. The income gap between players has also widened. Maybe the salary is not large, but the total income is very large. In the end, it will not have a large number of superstars like a large number of superstars in the TV era.

"To put it figuratively, with the help of the barrier-free Internet, the eyes of the whole world are concentrated. The most concerned football stars can only be so many three or two, and if there are too many, they will not be able to pay attention. Even if I hadn't been born in Asia, a football relative If the backward and very large area has a very solid support group, then there will not even be three. The normal situation is two. You can compare various data in turn, catch and kill, what about three people? Very messy! If It's not fortunate that the three of us are shooters and there are still European golden boots to compete, then it will be even more chaotic. For example, a goalkeeper, a striker, a midfielder and three super giants, how can you compare?"

"You just said that becoming a supergiant will transform your life, or that the greater the commercial value, the greater the impact on your life. Where are you affected?"

Wang Ai smiled when he heard it: "We are just like the early superstars of Maradona. We belong to the early supergiants. Fill that position. Of course, after filling, there are still some changes to our lives. For example, I used to surf the Internet as an interest, but after I became a super giant, it was strengthened and became a responsibility. Now I have to surf the Internet every day, every day The social account must be updated every game. So are the two of them. In fact, with Messi's shy and introverted personality, he may not like the noisy Internet, but there is no way, you are super giant, your system is like this, you must Do it that way."

"I saw you have a room full of toys upstairs these days? Is this also a huge business?" The reporter suddenly asked.

Wang Ai was stunned for a moment and laughed loudly: "No, that's a father's love like a mountain."

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