Return of the War God - Chapter 6707 : comfortable

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Ye Wuque also gave an affirmative reply immediately.

Dao Feitian suddenly showed a hint of desire, hahaha!

"Ha ha!"

"I didn't drink anymore after I entered the Tomb of Yongyetian!"

"I'm dying of hunger!"

I saw Dao Feitian sit down directly on the spot, and then waved his right hand!

Swish swish!

Seven or eight pots and jars of different sizes suddenly appeared on the ground in front of him.

All are wine jars!

As Dao Feitian opened the seal of each wine jar, the strong aroma of wine suddenly overflowed.

Dao Feitian's eyes lit up.

Ye Wuque also stepped forward here, his eyes also lit up slightly.

As an old drinker, Ye Wuque knew as soon as he smelled it that every jar of wine that Dao Feitian brought out here was of the highest quality!

"Come here! Brother Ye, you're welcome, just drink whatever you want!"

"Is that your mount?"

"Hey! That deer over there, come and drink together!"

Dao Feitian started to greet Tianshan Linglu here.

Tianshan spirit deer…


It rushed over like a whirlwind, and the deer's face was full of longing!

Good guy's!

Apparently this is also an alcoholic.

"Good wine! It's all good wine!"

The Tianshan Linglu directly transformed into a human form again, sat cross-legged, and couldn't wait to get up.



The two and one deer each raised their wine jars and touched them together.

Then they raised their heads and took a sip!

"Good wine!" Ye Wuque's eyes lit up, he felt a burst of heat in his mouth, the fragrance overflowed, and then poured down his throat, it was like a fire, and it was extremely enjoyable.


Dao Feitian also looked cool.

Tianshan Linglu's eyes widened with excitement!

The three old drunkards looked at each other and smiled, without saying a word, they all continued to drink happily.

The atmosphere seemed to be getting lively.

Soon, half of the wine Dao Feitian took out was drunk.

The Tianshan spirit deer, who were not refined with Yuan Li, were a little drunk, and the wine jar they were holding was burping.

"That... Dao Feitian, right..."

Tianshan Linglu stammered and looked at Dao Feitian with drunken eyes.

"I'm a little... curious..."

Dao Feitian was also a little drunk, and responded immediately at this time.

"you say."

"At first glance, you're a... master... hiccup... why didn't you fight the boss twice in a row?"

"You, you... the force is gone..."

Tianshan Linglu's tongue was knotted, but he still asked his doubts.

Ye Wuque here, his face turned slightly red as he drank, he enjoyed it very much, he didn't say anything, just continued to drink.

Hearing this, Dao Feitian laughed suddenly, then shook his head, and looked at Ye Wuque again with a perverted look.

Ye Wuque: "…"

"Because Brother Ye is a pervert..."

"Do you know about divination?" Dao Feitian opened his mouth again, looking at Tianshan Linglu and Ye Wuque with a mysterious face.

Tianshan Linglu shook his head, but his face was full of surprise and curiosity.

Ye Wuque also showed a hint of curiosity.

"Let's show you my baby!" During the conversation, I saw Dao Feitian here, and he turned his hand and took out a...

Turtle Shell!

The ancient and vicissitudes of life tortoise shell has mysterious patterns on it. After shaking it gently, there is still a sound, as if something is placed in the turtle shell.

"I do the math for myself every time I have a whim."

"The first time I met Brother Ye before, I made a calculation on a whim." ΚáИδんǔ

"If you start a fight with this creature in front of you, what will the result be?"

I saw Dao Feitian pointed at the turtle shell in his hand, and suddenly the ancient and mysterious fluctuations shone!

Inside the tortoise shell, a roaring sound resounded, and finally an ancient coin flew out of it and turned in the void.

This ancient coin looks very old at first glance, mottled and vicissitudes, it seems that it is not something that should appear in this era, and it is beating at this time! wǎp.kāΝsHμ⑤.net

In the next moment, this mysterious wave on the ancient money immediately pointed to Ye Wuque, and gradually turned into a mysterious word that was clearly incomprehensible, but could sense its meaning...

"Big murder??"

Tianshan Linglu blinked his big eyes and expressed his first instinct from this ancient coin.

Ye Wuque also looked at the ancient coin.

"That's right! It's a big murderer!"

"It means that if I fight with Brother Ye, it may be gone!"

"You said, what can I do?"

"You can only run for the first time!" Dao Feitian looked like a clever calculation.

"But to be honest, this is the first time that I have had such a hexagram because of a living being! It's so fierce! It's incredible!"

"Brother Ye, you are such a pervert!"

Dao Feitian looked at Ye Wuque and sighed.

Ye Wuque: "…"

Tianshan Linglu continued to shake his head, blinked his eyes and looked at Dao Feitian: "This, this... You have always had this habit?"

"You believe this?"


"Okay, drink!"


Under the harmonious atmosphere, an hour passed quickly.

And Dao Feitian's wine was also consumed!

The Tower of God behind him reacted again.

"Thank you, brother, for your hospitality."

"You're welcome, after drinking, you will be buddies in the future! Haha!"

After that, Ye Wuque rode the Tianshan Spirit Deer and left again, returning to his own tower of the gods.

And here Dao Feitian, after watching Ye Wuque go away, he walked back into the Tower of God with his drunken eyes staggering.


"Sleep... I'll sleep again..."

The wind howls!

The Tianshan Linglu in the rush has refined the alcohol in its body and regained its clarity.

It looked back and glanced at the ride on itself, its eyes were slightly closed, and it seemed that Ye Wuque was closed, and it blinked its big eyes.

"This Dao Feitian is really... a wonderful work!"

"As a cultivator, you actually believe in divination?"

"Master Lu, I opened my eyes today!"

"I always feel that this guy is mysterious, like seeing flowers in the fog."

Ye Wuque didn't speak, and he didn't know what he was thinking, just said softly.

"Looks like a wonderful person..."

Soon, Ye Wuque returned to his own tower of God and settled in.

But here, the Tianshan Linglu turned around and slipped away!

"Boss, I'm going to make a hollow godhead too!"

Tianshan Linglu excitedly spread out!

With Ye Wuque's rise to fame, he almost killed all the masters on the third floor.

Here's your chance to reshuffle!

Tianshan Linglu naturally wants to seize this opportunity and does not want to miss it.

Three days later.


The thirty-three towers of God standing on the third floor suddenly trembled in unison!

Then, the whole world began to shake!

Under the unwilling and shocking eyes of countless creatures in all directions, the third layer of the sky suddenly cracked open!

Then, on the spires of the thirty-three towers of the gods, each of them shone a bright beam of light, soaring into the sky, and converging on the sky!

Some people died, but not completely...

After the endless coma, Shi Yu suddenly got up from the bed. If you want to see the latest chapters, please download the iRead Novel app, and read the latest chapters for free without ads. The website has not updated the latest chapter content, and the Love Reading Novel APP has updated the latest chapter content.

He took a deep breath of fresh air and his chest trembled.

Confused, puzzled, all kinds of emotions flooded into my heart.

where is this?

Afterwards, Shi Yu looked around subconsciously, and then became even more at a loss.

A single dorm?

Even if he was rescued successfully, he should be in the ward now.

And my own body... how can I not hurt at all.

With doubts, Shi Yu's eyes swept across the room quickly, and finally his eyes stopped on a mirror by the bedside.

The mirror showed his current appearance, about seventeen or eighteen years old, and his appearance was very handsome.

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"I Have a Scroll of Ghosts and Gods"

My previous self was a handsome young man in his twenties who had been working for a while.

And now, no matter how you look at this appearance, it is only the age of a high school student...

This change left Shi Yu stunned for a long time.

Don't tell him the operation was a success...

The body and appearance have changed. This is not a matter of surgery or not at all, but an immortal technique.

He turned into a completely different person!

Could it be... did you pass through by yourself?

In addition to the mirror at the head of the bed, which was clearly placed in a bad feng shui position, Shi Yu also found three books beside him.

When Shi Yu picked it up and took a look, the title of the book instantly silenced him.

"Necessary Animal Breeding Manual for Novice Breeders"

"Postpartum Care of Pets"

"Alien Beast Ear Girl Evaluation Guide"

Shi Yu: ? ? ?

The names of the first two books are pretty normal, what about the last one?


Shi Yu's eyes narrowed and he stretched out his hand, but his arm froze soon after.

Just as he was about to open the third book to see what it was, his brain stabbed violently, and a flood of memories flooded in.

Icefield City.

Animal breeding base.

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