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"It's a good thing." Zhang Tuohai was very satisfied with this thing.

After all, it is something that can increase luck, and there is never too much of this thing.

After tidying up the harvest, Zhang Tuohai lay on the sofa and turned on his phone.

Because work was done early today, Zhang Tuohai decided to take a break and watch short videos to pass the time.

Zhang Tuohai turned on his phone, and just watched two short videos, when suddenly a live broadcast room attracted his attention.

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The anchor is a fishing anchor who is looking for seafood on the beach with a small plastic bucket and a small shovel.

There are already two crabs, three cat's eye snails, two razor clams, one sea cucumber and three plastic bottles in the anchor's small plastic bucket. It seems that the harvest is okay.

Zhang Tuohai usually likes to watch this kind of video, and finds it more decompressive.

"My family, I found another blowhole. I bet this is a king razor clam."

As the anchor spoke, he dug down quickly with a small shovel.

This anchor is indeed quite capable, the hole was dug along the breathing port, it was long and straight, and soon saw a soft black shadow sweeping past.

It's just that the thing moved too fast and retracted into a deeper hole.

"I will still lie on the sand, family members, have you seen it? I met a big guy today."

The anchor continued to dig down while talking.

The small shovel flew up and down, and soon, a pile of sand was piled up on the nearby shore.

The sand piled up higher and higher, and then Zhang Tuohai felt that something was wrong.

He has seen many videos of catching the sea before, but he has never seen such a big hole dug.

Moreover, the pit is getting bigger and bigger, and has expanded from the thickness of a thumb to the thickness of an arm.

The thing below this is definitely not a razor clam.

Moreover, I don't know if it was an illusion, Zhang Tuohai seemed to see an eye flashing past in the deep hole.

The anchor didn't seem to see it, and was still digging.

Zhang Tuohai felt that something was wrong, and turned his head to Lilith who was curled up on the sofa basking in the sun and asked, "Can you hack in and find out where this kid is?"

"It's not a big problem."

Lilith glanced at it, took out a mobile phone, found the live broadcast room, opened a few software to check: "It's done, the location is not far away, it's in this city, and the straight line is ten kilometers away."

"It's actually from this city? Then I'll go and have a look."

Zhang Tuohai rushed out of the room, swept a shared bicycle, and pedaled like a hot wheel, passing three taxis in a row.

"Master, drive faster, the bicycles will overtake you."

A passenger said dissatisfied.

"It's already 50, it's not that I'm too slow, but that guy is too fast, maybe it's some kind of ability."

The driver must have seen a lot, so he said indifferently.

Zhang Tuohai watched the live broadcast room while pedaling the car.

The anchor in the live broadcast room was still digging. At this moment, the big hole has been dug to a depth of almost one meter, and the air hole is getting bigger and bigger.

It is already as thick as a melon.

Zhang Tuohai had already arrived at the beach at this time, and after some searching, he quickly found the anchor.

Around the anchor, there were a few young people, carrying various things in their hands, including a camera, a lighting board, and some seafood. It seemed that they should be the anchor's team.

Zhang Tuohai changed his position, pretending to be alone to see Hai, and then released the chain of conviction while no one was paying attention.

The chain of conviction quickly spread towards the anchor.

The distance between the two was not far, and almost instantly, the chain of conviction came to the anchor's feet.

The chain of condemnation quickly descended along the bunker, extending towards the pothole.

About 100 meters underground, Zhang Tuohai saw the guy's real body.

It was a brain-like thing with a diameter of more than ten meters. There were hundreds of tentacles growing on its body, and each tentacles were covered with large and small eyeballs.

These eyeballs are hollow, and instead of looking directly, it will give people a feeling of falling into the abyss.

It makes people feel as if they are falling into an endless abyss.

It is scary, but there is a feeling that you can't bear to give up, giving people a feeling that you can't stop.

"What kind of monster is this?"

Zhang Tuohai's expression changed.

He was sure that this thing probably had something to do with the City of Trials.

Judging from the appearance of this thing, according to Zhang Tuohai's experience, it is probably related to the power of bewitching and hypnosis.

The anchor who gradually became crazy is a proof.

"If you dare to make trouble in my city, then I can't let you go."

Zhang Tuohai needs a peaceful living environment, and whoever dares to destroy this stability will have a chance to be hit hard by him.

The chain of condemnation split apart, forming a huge net, covering the monster below.

The monster felt the power of the condemnation chain, and wanted to withdraw from the siege, but the conviction chain had already enveloped it in the siege with lightning speed.

Then, chains pierced the monster's body.

Massive amounts of blood and lives were thrown into the chains of conviction.

The monster wanted to struggle, and the eyes on the tentacles looked towards the chain, and there was a layer of pale gray-white, limestone-like things on the chain.

Immediately afterwards, there was a piercing scream that spread in all directions.

Zhang Tuohai only shook twice when he heard the screams.

The anchor and his staff around them all covered their heads and screamed, as if they were in great pain.

"Fight of trapped beasts." Zhang Tuohai narrowed his eyes slightly and snapped his fingers.

Chains of Conviction speeds up absorption.

More chains of condemnation were inserted into the monster's body.

The monster was drained instantly.

All that was left was a shriveled corpse.

However, a pool of black evil thoughts flowed out from the monster's corpse and spread to the surroundings, dyeing the surrounding soil black.

"It's really a monster, and it doesn't forget the disgusting people even after death."

Zhang Tuohai glanced at it in disgust, and the red lotus fire emerged, burning the corpses left by the monsters together with those evil thoughts to ashes.

"Phew, he's really a tough guy."

Zhang Tuohai shook his head, this guy is not strong for him, at least not in the top ten in combat power.

But it's disgusting, especially those evil thoughts after death.

If it is not cleaned up in time, it will continue to poison a place like pollution, causing the creatures in this area to transform in an evil and crazy direction.

It turned into a monster's lair in disguise.

The anchor just now is an example.

Worst of all, this is the real world.

If UU Reading allows monsters to completely invade the real world, I am afraid that the peaceful and stable life will be broken soon.

Zhang Tuohai looked up at the City of Trials hanging upside down in the sky.

"It seems that we still have to solve this city of trials quickly. After a long delay, the impact on reality may not be as simple as it is now."

Zhang Tuohai thought about it, and decided to make a copy first to suppress his shock.

Zhang Tuohai turned on the phone.

[It is detected that the player's strength is higher than the limit of the current level (level 6), and the forced upgrade copy is activated. 】

【Copy matching...】

[Selected Dungeon: Evil Wasteland]

【Start sending...】

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