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Hall of Mental Cultivation.

After Cao Zhengchun left, Zhou Chen fell into contemplation.

Sending troops to Da Yue was not Zhou Chen's whim.

As early as when Zhou Yu offered a plan to trigger the beast dynasty of the two dynasties, Zhou Chen had already thought of this. When Zhou Yu's strength increased to the point where he could compete with the two dynasties, Zhou Chen would be the first to send troops and strike first.

Passive defense, waiting for the two dynasties to come to the door, this is not Zhou Chen's style.

Passive, only to be beaten, Zhou Chen knows this better than anyone else.

Moreover, if Da Zhou faces the two dynasties at the same time, even if Da Zhou's strength has improved a lot, there will be a lot of pressure, which is not a wise move.

The most sensible approach is to preemptively kill one of the two great dynasties, and then deal with the remaining one.

In this way, Da Zhou can reduce the risk factor to a minimum, not so laborious and relaxed.

Now, the strength of Da Zhou is enough to compete with the two dynasties, and the two dynasties have just experienced the beast dynasty, it is the time of weakness, and it is the best time for Da Zhou to send troops to attack.

Originally, Zhou Chen was still thinking, whether to send troops to Dayan or Dayue first, but now that Lu Bu was the first to go to Dayue, Zhou Chen didn't have to choose, so he would use Dayue first.

"Lu Bu, together with Dian Wei and Cao Youxiang, the three reincarnations who can fight across the ranks should be enough to deal with Dayue!"

Zhou Chen thought deeply.

Zhou Chen knew that when sending troops to Da Yue, it was the top combat power that could decide the outcome.

As for the army led by Zhou Yu, it was only support, and the most important thing was to see the three of them, Lu Bu and Dian Wei.

If Lu Bu and Dian Wei can deal with the reincarnation of Dayue and the background of Dayue, then everything will not be a problem.

But if Lu Bu and Dian Wei couldn't deal with the background of Dayue, then the army led by Zhou Yu would also be of little use.

Southern Xinjiang.

Governor's Office.

Zhou Yu sat upright in the main seat, looking at the imperial edict in his hand.

On the left and right sides below, in addition to the generals such as Taishi Ci and Gao Shun who were sitting, there was also Dian Wei, the commander of the forbidden army who came with the imperial decree.

After Zhou Yu read the imperial decree in his hand, he raised his eyes and looked at the people present below; "Everyone, Your Majesty has sent an order to send troops to Da Yue immediately, and Commander Dian will also go out with the army."

Zhou Yu's words made Taishi Ci, Gao Shun and other generals present here with shock and burning eyes.

As a general, to be on the battlefield, to fight with the army, to expand the territory, this is the dream of every general, Taishi Ci and Gao Shun are no exception.

Zhou Yu stood up and glanced at everyone; "Now, pass the order of the Governor, the army will immediately send troops to Da Yue, and General Taishi will be the vanguard leader, paving the way for the army..."

"Follow the order."

All the generals present, including Taishi Ci and Gao Shun, stood up in unison and bowed to take orders.

As early as the moment Lu Bu went to Dayue, the army was already ready to fight.

Now that the military order is issued, the army will be able to send troops immediately.

Greater Viet.

Royal Palace.

After listening to the reports of several ministers, Emperor Yue's face was extremely gloomy.

This beast dynasty had a big impact on Dayue. It can be said that it was the biggest beast dynasty that Dayue had ever suffered, and it was also the biggest loss.

There are more than 20 prefectures captured by the Beast Dynasty alone, and this is not counting those prefectures that were captured by the Beast Dynasty.

Countless people were killed and injured, and even the army suffered more than half a million casualties.

You must know that in the whole of Dayue, the elites that can be used are more than 2 million soldiers and horses. This time, a quarter of the troops have been lost.

In addition, nine generals in the life and death realm died in battle, hundreds of generals in the life and death realm were killed and wounded, and one royal enshrined died.

Such casualties can no longer be described as not small losses.

Moreover, because of the influence of the Beast Dynasty, all the ghosts and ghosts that have been hidden in Dayue have all jumped out to make waves, causing the whole Dayue to fall into a lot of turmoil.

Now, although the beast dynasty has basically been suppressed, the aftermath of the beast dynasty has only just begun.

Disaster relief, clean up the mess, restore the prosperity of those who experienced the beast dynasty... All of these will consume the entire national strength of Dayue.

Emperor Yue had a gloomy face, and his expression sank.

The following ministers also stood there silently.

Several ministers are well aware that the beast dynasty encountered by Da Yue this time has caused the entire Da Yue to suffer heavy losses.

Not to mention other things, just say that the nine life and death generals who died in battle, and the enshrined one, have already caused Dayue's overall strength to decline a bit.

You must know that the worship of Dayue is all the reincarnation realm Venerable, plus the nine generals of life and death realm, even if the background of Dayue is deep, but it can not withstand such casualties.

This does not include the casualties of other generals, the casualties of the army, and the losses of all aspects of the people.

If this were to be counted together, it would probably take years, or even a dozen years, for Dayue to recover from the loss of this beast dynasty.

Emperor Yue was gloomy for a moment, then raised his eyes to look at one of the following ministers; "How is the inspection and inspection?"

"What is the reason for this beast dynasty, and what is the specific reason?"

Emperor Yue asked directly.

This Beast Dynasty was the largest encounter in Dayue's history. Almost the entire Dayue's wild beasts and beasts rioted, which was unusual.

Emperor Yue didn't believe it, it was a coincidence.

Moreover, when the royal family enshrined in dealing with the seventh-order demon, they learned from the mouth of the seventh-order demon that someone moved the descendant of the seventh-order demon, and the seventh-order demon came to seek revenge.

This is obviously someone who did it on purpose.

The Emperor Yue wanted to see, who exactly planned his Da Yue to trigger the beast dynasty and put his entire Da Yue into turmoil.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, I inspected the guards and found that someone killed the descendants of the seventh-order monster, and deliberately led those seventh-order monsters to my Dayue Imperial City."

"Furthermore, this minister also discovered that in the deep mountains and old forests of my Dayue, there are incense incense from animals..."

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the other ministers in the hall changed slightly.

These ministers can hold high positions, naturally they are not ordinary people.

Although several ministers had expected it before, when they heard the news of the patrol guard, they were still a little shocked.

The beast dynasty this time was really man-made.

Who is so daring and dare to use the beast dynasty to calculate the calamity of the entire Great Vietnam?

Several ministers were suspicious.

Emperor Yue on the dragon chair's face was even more gloomy and scary.

What is incense stick?

This is what is specially designed to lure wild beasts and monsters. Anyone who smells the fragrance of wild beasts or monsters will become excited, violent, and violent, resulting in riots.

Emperor Yue did not expect that this man of the plan not only moved the descendants of the seventh-order great demon, but also used the incense of beasts. No wonder Da Yue suffered such a large-scale beast dynasty.

"Have you found the person behind it?"

Emperor Yue looked at the minister with a faint cold light in his eyes.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, the person behind this beast dynasty is Tsao Youxiang, who is the third governor of the Great Zhoudong Factory."

"At present, this person is hidden in my Dayue, and the minister is making every effort to track it down."

"It's just that this person's strength is very strong, and his skills are unique. He has escaped from my patrol guard several times."

The minister bowed and said.

The inspection guard is a privileged department of Dayue, equivalent to the factory guard of Dazhou. Any trouble in Dayue's territory cannot escape the investigation of the inspection guard.

Even Tsao Youxiang, the third governor of the East Factory, was still checked out by the inspection guards.


"So, in my Dayue's Beast Dynasty this time, Da Zhou is behind the calculations?"

Hearing the minister's words, Emperor Yue's eyes almost burst into flames.

Originally, Emperor Yue thought that it was the ghosts and ghosts or other dynasties who were hidden in the dark in Dayue, but he didn't expect that it was the ants of Da Zhou, who had never been in the eyes of Emperor Yue.

What a shame.

In order to suppress this beast dynasty, he suffered heavy losses in Dayue, and even one of the worshipers of Samsara died.

Emperor Yue never imagined that Da Yue would suffer such a heavy loss, and it was Da Zhou, an indigenous dynasty that he had never cared about.

Not only the Emperor Yue, but also several ministers next to him did not expect that the beast dynasty in Dayue was planned by the native dynasty that had just merged into the Great Wilderness.

Several ministers have always suspected that behind this beast dynasty, the hostile dynasties of Dayue or some cults within Dayue, and even several ministers have suspected that some powerful families within Dayue are powerful.

But who would have thought that the man behind the calculations of Da Yue was Da Zhou, an indigenous dynasty that had never been taken seriously by anyone.

"it is good."

"Good week."

"To dare to do such a calculation to my Da Yue, to make my Da Yue suffer such a heavy loss, is really courting death."

There was a murderous look on Yuedi's face.

Emperor Yue had thought about all kinds of possibilities, but he never thought about it. It was Da Zhou who was behind the calculations.

It wasn't that Emperor Yue looked down on Da Zhou, but it was common sense that an indigenous dynasty that had just merged into the Great Wilderness and was attacked by the two great dynasties at the same time would not have the strength to reckon with Da Yue.

The minister in charge of the patrolling guard hesitated for a moment, and then said, "Your Majesty, the army that sent troops to Da Zhou has not heard back for more than two months."


When Emperor Yue heard this, his face suddenly became solemn.

Previously, because of the Beast Dynasty, the Emperor of Yue didn't pay too much attention to the front-line army after he sent a reincarnation enshrined to support the army that attacked Da Zhou.

After all, in the eyes of Emperor Yue, an indigenous dynasty that had just merged into the Great Wilderness, even if it had some unexpected strength, would definitely not be able to stop the Venerable Reincarnation Realm.

Sending a reincarnation realm to support the army is no longer a problem to deal with Da Zhou.

But now, as soon as the minister said it, the Emperor of Yue also discovered that he had indeed not received the news of the frontline attacking the Dazhou army for more than two months.

The Emperor of Yue looked at the minister and asked in a deep voice, "Haven't your inspection guards been attacking the Dazhou army at the frontline for the past two months?"

Patrol guards are the eyes and ears of the Emperor of Yue, and even in the army, there will be hidden guards.

This is not because the Emperor of Vietnam does not believe in the generals in the army, but as an emperor, this is a necessary precautionary measure.

No emperor wants anything out of his control.

The minister in charge of the patrolling guard shook his head; "Yes, Your Majesty."

"I have been inspecting the guards for more than two months without any news of the front-line army, and I have not been able to contact the front-line army."

The minister in charge of the patrol guard said in a deep voice.

According to the past, every few days, the secret posts of the patrolling guards in the army will send news back.

But now, for more than two months, there has been no news of the patrolling guards' secret posts in the army, and the patrolling guards took the initiative to contact these secret posts and there was no response, which made the minister have to report to the Emperor Yue.


"It's been more than two months, and even your inspection guard has no news of the frontline army!"

When Emperor Yue heard this, his face sank directly.

There was no news from the army, not even the secret piles of the patrol guards.

This shows what?

The Emperor Yue didn't have to think about it, and it was clear that the front line attacking Da Zhou's army might have had an accident.

Yue Di's face was gloomy and a little scary.

Emperor Yue couldn't understand, he had sent the reincarnation to support the front-line army to deal with Da Zhou, how could the front-line army still have an accident?

Could it be that Da Zhou also has a reincarnation realm Venerable?

The Emperor Yue looked at the minister gloomily, and said sternly; "Send someone to investigate immediately to see what happened to the army on the front line attacking Da Zhou. I want to know the result within a day."

If there is really something wrong with the front line attacking Da Zhou's army, then Da Yue's loss this time will be even greater.

As soon as Emperor Yue's voice fell, a terrifying aura descended, covering the entire palace.

"Presumptuous, who is bold, dare to attack my Dayue Imperial City."


A loud bang came from outside.

The expressions of Emperor Yue and several ministers present changed, and they disappeared in place.

When Emperor Yue rushed out of the hall, he saw that the guards of the entire palace, most of them vomited blood and fell to the ground, only a small number of strong ones were fine, but their faces were pale as paper.

Moreover, the formation to protect the imperial city was also activated.

"Damn, what's going on?"

Looking at all this, Yue Di's face was so gloomy that he was about to come out of the water.

At this time a golden armored commander rushed to the front of the Emperor of Yue and reported in a hurry: "Your Majesty, there is a strong enemy attacking my Imperial City of Dayue, and the guards can't resist it, and the guard has been opened. City formation."

"It's just that the strength of the incoming person is too strong, and the defense formation can't stop the incoming person, and it will be broken soon."

The commander said timidly.

The strength of the incoming person is really terrible. Before entering the imperial city, the arrival of a coercive force directly caused most of the guards in the palace to fall to the ground.

If it weren't for the strength of his commander who is the king of life and death, it's still okay, I'm afraid it won't be able to stop the coercion of the other party.


As soon as Emperor Yue heard this, he directly stepped into the air and looked towards the direction where the imposing pressure came from.

Several other ministers followed closely behind, and followed the Emperor Yue into the air and looked over.

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