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Then, in the astonishment of the blue-haired girl, Wang Yi took out another god-king-level treasure and equipped her with equipment.

These god-king-level treasures have little effect on Wang Yi, but they can give full play to the blue-haired girl.

It's just that Wang Yi's wealth is not unlimited, and he can only reluctantly get a set of ordinary god-king-level treasures for his puppet creature.

As for the legendary treasure that can greatly enhance the combat power of the God King, and the second-tier Cosmic God can match the ultimate Cosmic God peak secret treasure? And the supreme secret treasure that can make the ultimate **** of the universe go crazy? Or the rare god-king palace treasure and soul treasure? That would cost too much to replace.

"I didn't expect that I would get a god-king-level puppet in the world of Xumi in Dayue Kingdom." Wang Yi appeared over the mountains, feeling extremely happy.

According to what Wang Xiaomei... Yu said, with that bow and her own strength, it is not impossible to kill ordinary **** kings.

As for the second level of the God King, it can also be matched!

"With this god-king puppet, I also have real capital in the origin continent. At least when I meet a god-king, I don't have to work hard at every turn." Wang Yi secretly said in his heart.

Although he has "Destroy the Stars", but this thing is indistinguishable from the enemy, there are few, and it is a one-time consumable.

And rain, it is much easier to use, except for the energy consumed in battle, everything else is perfect.

With this unexpected surprise, Wang Yi continued to search in the Xumi world, but in the next tens of millions of years, there was no huge gain.

Time flies.

The virtual space is infinitely vast, which is the virtual space of the Duandonghe inheritance space.

Chaos in the void.

"Om..." A shadow of a lake suddenly appeared in the void and then gradually condensed.

That is also an existence in human form, with long hair, a battle robe, and a distant vision.

The "power" on him is a kind of transcendent, unique, and even a power that far exceeds the understanding of the Chaos Lord.

Wang Yi also stood in the void, wearing dark red armor, "The third-generation Patriarch of the Duandonghe lineage. Duandonghe Jueyi Holy King." Wang Yi's eyes were full of solemnity.

Duandonghe continued for 192 generations, until Luo Feng's generation.

Endless years have passed, but only nine saints have been born, surpassing only the greatest existence in the Duandong River lineage in front of them.

Because he is the king of gods!

"Respected by countless strong people, he has long been recognized as qualified to add the word 'Saint' to his name!" Wang Yi thought to himself, "This means that he can rival the existence of sainthood during his eternal true **** period. Put it in Wujianlou. , at least at the level of a golden-clothed disciple! It's really amazing."

Like Luo Feng, he has the inheritance space in hand, and the inheritance space is a base for cultivating the inheritors of the past generations of the "Broken East River Lineage"!

A "virtual space" dedicated to trial battles, there are 282 opponents in that virtual space, including all the dynasties of Donghe River! Among them, the strongest opponent is naturally the three generations of ancestors!

Wang Yi has challenged one by one over the years, and he has defeated all the 281 opponents in front of him, including 9 proclaimed saints!

They even fought against the three generations of ancestors. It is a pity that the three generations of patriarchs only suppressed the divine power of the "master of chaos", and they also easily ravaged Wang Yi.

"The level of the secret technique is still too far apart."

"My strongest secret method, barely reached the twenty-first order."

Wang Yi looked at the unattainable man in the shirt opposite with a deep breath and a hint of sigh in his eyes. "But the three generations of patriarchs are the real kings of the gods. In terms of the level of the secret technique, they are far more powerful than me. I don't know how many times more powerful!"

Wang Yi's current strongest secret technique [Destruction of the Void] is barely rank 21. It was created by tricks, and the real level is the peak of rank 21. It's not bad in the chaotic master, but compared with the three generations of the ancestors of the Duandonghe who have reached the level of the **** king? There are at least two levels of difference!

The attacks of the three generations of patriarchs were all at the pinnacle of the origin continent, and Wang Yi couldn't understand them.

The gap is so big that it is not surprising to be hanged.

However, because of this, there is room for improvement. Under the constant battle with the three generations of the ancestors of the Duandong River, and even the monarch of the Wu Kingdom, Wang Yi can make up for the deficiencies in modifying his own secret law, learn from experience, and become more Perfect.

One hundred million years have passed.

The majestic figure of the God King Juyuan appeared above the mountain range, looking down at it, and then a majestic and loud voice kept echoing and roaring in the mountain range.

"It's time, they're all out."

The voice came and poured directly into the minds of the 36 powerful saints in the mountains.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Figures flew out from all over the mountain range and gathered in front of Juyuan God King.

No more, no less, just 36 bits, but some are relaxed, and some are a little unwilling.

"The people are all together." God King Juyuan nodded lightly without saying much. With a wave of his hand, he took these saints out of the world of Xumi.

In the depths of Xumi's world, God King Goujian was still studying the special puppet creature, frowning and thinking, indifferent to everything in the outside world.

Back at the Palace of Dayue Kingdom, everyone dispersed.

"Brother Red Gourd." The beauty with white wings and white armor, Qian Hehou caught up with the fat old man in white robe, stretched out his hand, and a beam of brilliance flew over. "This is a post from my princess. You can enter the banquet with the sticker. Brother Red Gourd, remember not to forget the time."

"Thank you Qianhe Hou, I will be there on time." Wang Yi thanked. Princess Yelan is an important figure in Dayue has a distinguished status. She is not under the king of gods. She is also the daughter of Dayue Kingdom Lord. Alternate material.

Qianhe Hou said with a smile: "Look at the appearance of Brother Red Gourd, I have gained quite a lot in the world of Xumi, right?"

A smile appeared on Wang Yi's face, "There is indeed a little gain." A god-king-level puppet, the combat power is comparable to the second-level god-king! It is enough for Wang Yi to establish a foothold in the origin continent, and even establish a huge country! Wang Yi still remembers the promise he made with Wu Guo to restore the country, but he is not in a hurry to fulfill it. When he has more capital, it will not be too late to do it again. It is not good for him to rashly establish power now, and it will attract a large number of enemies.

"That's good." Qianhe Hou said with a smile, "Actually, with Brother Honghu's ability, if you had gotten to know the princess early, the princess would have helped you get a spot, and you don't need to be so troublesome."

When Wang Yi heard Qian Hehou's words, he also felt Princess Yelan's kindness towards him, and thought to himself. "It seems that the rumors are correct. This Princess Yelan is indeed very eager to recruit talents."

Like many Chaos Ultimate Realms and Kings, who hold their own identity, even if they attach importance to Chaos Master, they will not be so enthusiastic.

Princess Yelan is instead a "li Xian corporal", no wonder she even has the ultimate effect of Chaos.

At this moment, a Chaos Lord flew over and said directly to Wang Yi: "Daoist Red Gourd, our prince wants to see you."

"Jin Dinghou, you..." Qianhe Hou's expression changed slightly.

That Chaos Lord is not smiling. "Qianhehou, this is the invitation of my eldest prince, don't worry about it."

"Eldest prince?" Wang Yi looked over. Among the princes and princesses of the Dayue Kingdom, there is only one god-king, the first prince, seems to be the god-king?

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