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The midsummer sun began to become venomous, and Yuzaki Si felt hot all over while sitting on the sofa. She looked at Yuzaki Xingkong who was working **** software development, and then carefully poured herself a glass of ice water.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, because there is a bathroom in the house, Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong have to take a shower several times a day.

"Xiao Si, if you feel very hot, you can turn on the air conditioner."

Yuzaki Xingkong felt Yuzaki Si's movements, and then he said something casually without stopping typing.

Yuzaki shook her head immediately, she didn't want to turn on the air conditioner at this time.

Although it is a wonderful thing to turn on the air conditioner in the midsummer afternoon, it is not a good thing for Yuzaki Xingkong. After taking a shower, Yuzaki turned on the air conditioner. As a result, the alternation of cold and heat directly made Yuzaki Xingkong catch a cold .

Yuzaki himself has no problems, but she doesn't want anything to happen to her husband. Although Yuzaki Xingkong's physique has improved a lot, he is still an ordinary person after all.

It would be better to turn on the air conditioner after Yuzaki Xingkong finished today's work, then take a shower and do some exercise.

Yuzaki Xingkong obviously didn't notice Yuzaki Si's thoughts. He usually doesn't think too much about other people's thoughts. He just thinks that Yuzaki Si doesn't want to turn on the air conditioner.

After a busy day's work, Yuzaki Xingkong stood up and stretched his tired waist, then stood in front of the window and looked at the city in the distance. The lights of the stars that had already been ignited added a bit of popularity to the city.

"Xiao Si, let's take the toast out for a walk at night."

Because the weather is too hot recently, Toast doesn't want to go out at all, even after dark, Toast will dislike the ground being too hot.

It's not good for Toast if you stay at home all the time, so Yuzaki Xingkong wants to take Toast for a walk.

Yuzaki Si nodded after thinking for a while, "The paper towels at home are almost used up, husband, let's go to the supermarket tonight."

Because in summer, paper towels are used up quite quickly, Yuzaki and the others don't prepare too many on weekdays, so the paper towels at home are almost used up.

After dinner, Yuzaki put the dishes and chopsticks into the automatic dishwasher, and then she took out the cat walking rope to tie the toast.

Toast was obviously a little reluctant to go out, but because it was pulled by Qi Si, it still gave some face and walked in front.

The two of them walked on the street with a cat, looking at the office workers coming and going, as well as those who had also gone out for a walk after dinner, they felt that such a life was quite good.

When I came to the supermarket, Yuzaki Si quickly chose the paper towels, and Yuzaki Xingkong chose some cat food and catnip. The mood of Toast is not very high these days, it may be hot, so Yuzaki Xingkong chose some cat food and catnip. Hoshiko Saki hopes to cheer up Toast with catnip.

After shopping, the two returned home along the original road. They didn't communicate much along the way, but the relationship between the two made the neon lights of the surrounding shops flash red.

After returning home, Yuzaki Xingkong immediately turned on the air conditioner. The life of summer is given by the air conditioner. After Yuzaki Xingkong made this sigh, Yuzaki Si did not agree.

She didn't have air-conditioning before, so she still came alive.

Regarding his wife's behavior of "raising the bar", Yuzaki Xingkong just took out a pudding, and Yuzaki Si's face changed into a smiling face.

After taking a shower, the two nestled on the sofa, enjoying the cool air from the air conditioner, and then watched a movie together.

Yuzaki Si had a wish before, that is to watch all the blockbusters and series of movies with Yuzaki Xingkong.

Even if she had seen it by herself, when she watched it with Yuzaki Xingkong, she was still very engrossed in watching it.

When seeing the death scene of the heroine in a certain movie, Yuzaki even shed tears.

Yuzaki Xingkong admitted that the movie was well shot, but the sudden death of the heroine really caught him off guard.

Originally, there was no foreshadowing for the heroine to die, but because it was a second late, the heroine disappeared. Does this really answer the sentence, the hero is doomed to be alone?

After watching the movie, Yuzaki went into the room and laid the bedding. Toast wanted to sneak into their room, but every time Yuzaki kicked him out because it would be bad.

When Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Ji wanted to exchange feelings before, Toast would always scream and disturb the two. After checking the information, the two found that Toast thought they were fighting, so they were trying to persuade them to fight , which made Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si very embarrassed.

Later, Toast couldn't enter the bedroom, which made Toast quite uncomfortable. After eating canned cat food for several days, he forgave Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si.

After putting the toast outside, Yuzaki turned on the air conditioner and closed the door. Although she always said that she could live without the air conditioner before, but now that she has enjoyed the air conditioner, let her live in that hot environment again. Sleeping is really a torture.

Yuzaki Xingkong took out the watermelon that had already been frozen from the refrigerator, and the two sat on the bed while watching comics and sharing the sweet watermelon.

"Speaking of which, husband, do you know that I brought the watermelon back from overseas."

While eating watermelon, Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong couldn't help complaining about the past.

Back then, she and Sister Ono went on a mission to the East and brought back some watermelon seeds from the East, and then Neon had watermelons.

The first batch of watermelons was planted by Sakiji himself.

"Then, which one is tastier, the watermelon grown by Xiaosi, or the watermelon now?"

Yuzaki Xingkong sent a mouthful of watermelon to Yuzaki Si with a spoon, and then Yuzaki Si silently shed tears while eating the watermelon.

She's not some agronomic genius, and it's already pretty good to be able to grow watermelons, but she also wants to improve the taste of watermelons?

This question was easily dismissed by Yuzaki, and the two of them ate half a watermelon and read half a manga before lying down to sleep.

Before going to bed, Yuzaki set the air conditioner for an hour. After all, it is a luxury to let the air conditioner blow until dawn, and a little cool air is enough.

Yuzaki Xingkong thought so too.

However, in the middle of the night, Yuzaki Xingkong felt as if something was rubbing his nose. When he opened his eyes, what he saw was a touch of snow white.

That's Yukiji's pajamas

"Eh? Husband, did you wake up?"

Yuzaki Si lay on Yuzaki Xingkong's body with some embarrassment, she was looking for the remote control of the air conditioner.

After the air conditioner automatically turned off in the middle of the night, Yuzaki felt a burst of heat. After a while, she felt that all the air-conditioning in the room seemed to have escaped, and it was extremely hot.

Therefore, Yuzaki wanted to set the air conditioner for another hour, so that he could sleep more peacefully.

After Yuzaki Xingkong found out, he immediately groped around, and finally found the remote control of the air conditioner that appeared next to him for some reason. After handing the remote control to Yuzaki, Yuzaki Xingkong began to watch the moon carefully. next wife.

Through the moonlight, there was still a trace of sweat on Yuzaki's face, and because she felt the heat, she unbuttoned the first button of her pajamas, and when she looked from behind, she could even see a white curve .


Yuzaki turned on the air conditioner, and a gust of cool wind blew out immediately, and the two immediately felt that their hearts were not so irritable.

After Yuzaki set it up for another hour, she put the remote control next to the pillow, and then she kissed Yuzaki Xingkong and was ready to go back to sleep.

Yuzaki Xingkong fell asleep again with a smile, and an hour later, the two woke up again.

"Husband, it seems to be hot again."

Yuzaki Si had already unbuttoned two buttons this time, and she looked at Yuzaki Xingkong with pitiful eyes, it must be too hot at night.

Yuzaki Xingkong touched the remote control with some helplessness, and then directly turned on the air conditioner to automatic, so let's not turn it off next.

With the help of the air conditioner, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si enjoyed a peaceful night, and when they woke up the next morning they were quite full of energy.

"Husband, you are right in saying that the life in summer is really given by the air conditioner!"

When the door was opened, a gust of hot air rushed towards his face, Yuzaki Si couldn't help giving Yuzaki Xingkong a thumbs up.

The previous life was indeed completely incomparable with the present!

After washing, Yuzaki started to prepare for cleaning, but because she and Yuzaki Xingkong cleaned the house every day, there was no floating dust or garbage, so after a simple wipe, there was nothing to do.

At this time, other housewives are either sending their children to school, or busy with the hygiene of the elderly, or preparing breakfast and lunch for the family. They are extremely busy, but Yuzaki has nothing to do!

For breakfast, she fried two eggs, and then made a little sandwich, which was quite hearty.

For lunch, they are going to eat steak, so there is no need for Yuzaki Si to prepare anything, so Yuzaki Si sat next to Yuzaki Xingkong and read comics in a daze all morning. This kind of peaceful life made her feel quite happy.

However, the tranquility will always be broken. Before noon, a series of hasty knocks on the door broke the tranquility enjoyed by the husband and wife.

Yuzakiji opened the door and saw Chitose with two maids.

"Chitose, why did you come to my house?"

Yuzaki had question marks all over his face, why did Chitose come to her house, Tokiko should not allow Chitose to disturb her life!

"Hmph, sister, can you really get used to living in such a small place!"

Chitose snorted softly and walked straight into the entrance, then Yuzakiji grabbed his hair, "Change my shoes!"

Under the force of Yuzaki, Chitose changed into slippers, and then visited the house rented by Yuzaki and Yuzaki Xingkong. I have to say that this house is quite good, at least enough for two people. And it's warm enough.

"So, Chitose, what are you planning to do here today?"

Yuzaki looked at Chitose's scrutiny and was a little uncomfortable. This is her home, so why does Chitose come here and make such an expression.

"Hmph, my lord, I'm here this time to pick you up."

With his hands on his hips, Chitose directly said the words that made Yuzakiji quite speechless.

"I don't intend to go back."

Yuzaki directly rejected Chitose. Before the change, Yuzaki's rejection might have made Chitose quite sad, but today's Chitose came prepared.

"Even if you have an old-fashioned game console and a recent virtual game device at home, don't you go back?"

Chitose showed the posture of a fox, she was already ready to take care of her elder sister, as long as it was related to the game, she could make Yuzakiji want to stop.

Sure enough, when she heard Chitose's words, Yuzakiji was immediately shaken. She wanted to refuse, but she couldn't control herself.

"Xiao Si, if you want to play, I'll go with you. It just so happens that the program on my side has almost been developed, so just let it run by itself."

Yuzaki Xingkong stood up, he saw Yuzaki's urge to play, so he immediately stood up and gave Yuzaki's support, which made Chitose curl his lips impatiently.

Who wants him to go too!

Hearing her husband's support, Yuzaki immediately agreed with joy. UU reading

Just like that, they got into Chitose's luxury car, and the group arrived at Tsukiyomi House.

When Tsukiyomi saw Yuzaki Ji and Yuzaki Xingkong who came to the house, she was still a little strange, why the two came here.

"Ah, it's for that thing."

After knowing the props her granddaughter used to catch Yuzaki, Tokiko Tsukidou spread her hands helplessly. She originally planned to ask the maid to deliver the items directly to Yuzaki's house, but she didn't expect Chitose to stop her halfway. Hu used it to catch Yuzaki's appetite.


Yuzaki looked at Chitose quite angrily, and Chitose felt guilty and turned his head to whistle, but he couldn't whistle well.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Yueyue."

Yuzaki Xingkong said hello very politely, and at the same time he gave the gift he brought when he came, which made Yuzaki Si a little confused. When did my husband prepare the gift?

Tokiko Tsukiyomi was very happy to receive the gift. Although the gifts from Saki Xingkong were some supplements that can be bought as long as they have money, for Tokiko Tsukami, it was a little thought from her "brother-in-law".

"Ah, Mr. Xing Kong, if you give me something, your elder sister won't be angry, will you?"

"She shouldn't be jealous, right? That's really terrible."

"Unlike me, Laoshen loves a cute and sensible child like you the most."

In front of Yuzakiji, Tsukiyomi Tokiko mischievously said some annoying words, and Yuzakiji almost exploded on the spot.

Yuzaki Xingkong is also a little helpless, the people of Tsukiyomi's family are very interesting.

The problem of lunch was naturally resolved by Tsukiyomi. Yuzaki Xingkong borrowed Tsukiyomi’s library, and Yuzaki Si went to play games. Except for Chitose who was a little unhappy, everyone had a satisfied smile on their faces.

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