The Doctor In the Steampunk World - Chapter 1969 Artifact of Faith

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After Simon and the others helped Long Saioge suppress the turmoil in the chaotic continent, they left one by one, leaving the rest to Long Saioge himself.

After Simon returned to the Western Continent, he first inquired about the casualties of the great turmoil in the world. Although he had already prepared for it, there were still a lot of losses and casualties. very big.

This is the case for the doomsday sects in good places. Needless to say, other forces in the Latin American continent and the eastern continent have suffered huge losses and casualties.

Simon immediately launched an expansion plan.

Before moving the Continent of Chaos, he anticipated the world turmoil that would be caused, and he saw an opportunity for the Doomsday Cult to accelerate its expansion.

Therefore, when patrolling the world, I took a large number of people to the two continents, and also extracted a large amount of materials from the New World to store up, waiting for the world turmoil caused by moving the chaotic continent.

The great turmoil in the world will inevitably have a huge impact on the common people, and the help of the doomsday sect at this time will definitely win a lot of people's hearts.

Judging from reports from both continents, their expansion is going very well. They helped in time, and the supply of resources after the disaster won the hearts of the people. Simon could feel more and more links of faith, and a large number of devout believers appeared in those two continents one after another.

Simon was very satisfied with this, and ordered the archbishops to increase investment in the expansion of the two continents. He wanted to get as many believers as possible to deal with the layout of the Black Mountain Cthulhu after a hundred years.

After dealing with this matter, he returned to the underground practice room of the cathedral to retreat and heal his wounds.

This time moving the Chaos Continent, Simon did his best, exhausted a lot, and was injured. It took more than two months of seclusion to fully recover.

After he left the customs, he sensed the situation of believers in those two continents again, and there were many more devout believers. Looking at the reports from those two continents, the expansion plan is not a problem, and it is steadily advancing.

However, some big forces in those two continents did not dare to stop the expansion of the Doomsday Sect on the surface, but they secretly obstructed it.

If it had been before, Simon would have boiled the frogs in warm water to slowly nibble away and expand steadily. But now, Simon didn't want to wait slowly. He issued an order and sent Gyllenhaal Hawken, Sheek McKenzie and other powerful forces to suppress the two continents. At the same time, the three major knight orders were also dispatched to wipe out all the forces blocking the expansion of the doomsday sect with a thunderous force.

If necessary, he will personally go to those two continents to suppress everything.

However, the God of Truth did not make a move, and even the Church of Truth voluntarily backed down. Other churches were wiped out by Simon’s Chaofan with the power of thunder, while other big forces were frightened by Gyllenhaal Hawken, Schick McKenzie, and Paul. Raise objections.

In only five years, the Doomsday Sect has taken root on the two continents, and the belief has basically covered most of the people, and has achieved great results.

In the past five years, Simon has been in the New World, and he is preparing for the creation of the artifact of faith.

The new world, the island of the sun, is the artificial sun island suspended in the sky.

In the center of the island, there is a huge blast furnace. Surrounding the blast furnace are supernatural objects made of the sun core and fragments of the sun core. The objects are releasing extremely high-temperature solar fire, quenching the liquid metal in the blast furnace.

In the past five years, Simon has collected a large amount of supernatural metals, some of which are treasured originator weapons and fragments, and even his own doomsday sickle has been melted down.

These extraordinary metals were smelted by the sun's fire provided by him with the sun's core, and turned into liquid metal, and the liquid metal was tempered by the fire of the sun for five years, and the impurities in it were discharged little by little, forming this A furnace of liquid metal of extremely high purity.

And a furnace of liquid metal will be the raw material for making the artifact of faith.

"It's almost there." Simon nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the metallic liquid that was no longer variegated.

He took out a piece of pure white metal that was only the size of a palm. It looked ordinary and ordinary, but this pure white metal had a lot of history.

This pure white metal is called the crystal of faith, and it is a crystal condensed by Simon with the power of massive faith. This crystal of faith alone consumed the power of faith that Simon had been storing all along.

"Odru, next I'm going to forge the artifact, you hold the fire for me." Simon said to Audru Pu.

"Take the order." Audru Pu and the members of the Sun Priory handed over their hands one after another, and then urged the sun core and the sun's supernatural thing with all their strength.

The raging fire of the sun was guided, and the crystal of faith in Simon's hand flew into the fire of the sun and was calcined by the fire of the sun.

Simon looked at the fire of the sun and shook his head: "The fire of the sun is not hot enough, Audru, prepare to receive the power of the sun."

"Yes." Audre Puli immediately withdrew his hand, and then waved, a sun candle with a height of half a meter and a thick arm appeared in front of him

This giant sun candle is an extraordinary resource collected by Simon and refined by Audru Pu.

Audru Pu intercepted a sun's fire, lit the sun candle, and then cast a secret technique to respond to the power of the sun.

Simon opened the door of space, and at the same time, the top of the underground practice room cracked, and a huge gap appeared, and the sun in the sky above his head could be seen.

The sun candle started to work, the sun above the sky flickered, and then a golden light fell directly through the crack of the cathedral, entered the gate of space, and entered the core of the sun.

As the sun candle burned to its heart's content, the power of the falling sun became stronger and stronger, finally forming a golden beam of light connecting the sky and the earth.

This beam of light became stronger and more solid, until finally it was like a real golden pillar standing upright.

Such miraculous manifestations can be seen in half the world, especially believers in the Holy City, who saw this golden pillar rising from the cathedral thought it was a miracle, and knelt on the ground one by one, reciting the Bible devoutly, Praise Simon.

This golden beam of light stood for half an hour, attracting the attention of many powerful people. Some powerful beings wanted to explore the source of the beam of light and find out the reason. But when they learned that the source of the beam of light was the cathedral of the Doomsday Sect, these powerhouses did not dare to go any further, fearing that they would offend Simon, the Lord of Doomsday.

Of course, there are people who are not afraid, and that is naturally the Black Mountain Cthulhu.

The Black Mountain Cthulhu came across the sea and headed straight for the holy city. When he saw the golden beam of light, his face showed surprise.

"The power of the sun? How could Simon induce such a huge power of the sun." The evil **** of Montenegro was quite surprised. When he was about to find out, the pillar of sunlight suddenly disappeared.

The Black Mountain Cthulhu frowned, and stepped straight into the cathedral.

Simon then appeared in the sky of the cathedral. He sensed the arrival of the evil **** of Montenegro, so he ended the power of the sun.

"Ergo, why are you here when you have time?" Simon asked with a smile.

"What happened to that golden beam of light just now?" Black Mountain Cthulhu asked.

"Take some of the power of the sun and prepare to forge extraordinary weapons." Simon laughed.

"The power of the sun is not small. How can you receive the power of the sun if you haven't practiced this way?" The Black Mountain evil **** asked.

"Do you know the Priory of the Sun?" Simon laughed.

"The Monastery of the Sun? This God understands. A few years ago, you were responsible for the collapse of Akeqin Mountain on the continent of Latin America?" The evil **** of Montenegro suddenly realized.

Simon nodded and smiled, "Exactly, I found out about the Priory of the Sun by chance, so I recruited them because it was interesting. This time, I just let them use the power of the sun to forge weapons."

"I'm afraid it's not forging ordinary weapons. Otherwise, such a majestic power of the sun would not be needed." The Black Mountain Cthulhu smiled and inquired about the truth.

"I'm going to build an artifact of faith. The layout of you and Long Saiaoge puts me under a lot of pressure. I have to find a way to protect myself." Simon said helplessly.

Black Mountain Cthulhu nodded, as he had guessed.

"Faith artifacts are not so easy to forge. The process is quite troublesome. You have no experience in forging artifacts. If you make a mistake, the loss will be too great. Do you need this **** to help you?" Black Mountain Cthulhu offered to help.

"I already know the method of forging. I've been practicing it all these years, and I'm sure of it. It's important for you to restore your body, so I won't bother you with this trivial matter." Simon laughed.

The Black Mountain Cthulhu frowned. Simon's refusal surprised him. According to Simon's personality, he should wish for his help to ensure success. At the same time, it also explained the problem. Simon was wary of him, and he didn't seem to let him know the function of the artifact of faith.

The Black Mountain Cthulhu was only half right, and more importantly, he didn't want to expose the new world.

"Well, since you have nothing to do here, I will leave first." The Black Mountain Cthulhu turned around and disappeared without a trace.

After Simon watched him leave, he returned to the underground practice room and entered the new world.

"Is the power of the sun enough?" Simon asked.

"It's enough."

"Then let's continue."

Audru Pu urged the core of the sun to release a more majestic fire of the sun, burning the crystal of faith. The terrifying solar fire plunged the island of the sun into a terrifying high temperature. If it wasn't for Simon's protection, the entire island would probably be melted down.

And because this majestic solar fire is hanging high in the sky of the new world, it looks like the sun is burning on the ground, and the temperature of the whole world is increasing little by little.

This burning lasted for three full days, and the whole New World had no night for three days. If Simon hadn't cast the magic circle in time to intercept the high temperature of the sun's fire, the temperature of the whole New World might have risen to a terrifying level.

The crystal of faith finally melted, turning into a pool of pure white liquid, pure white without any impurities. Even so, the burning continued for two days before stopping.

Simon introduced the hot liquid of power of faith into the liquid metal of the blast furnace, and then the fire of the sun continued to burn and began to stir. This stirring lasted for five or six days, allowing it to fully fuse. Soon the metal liquid turned into pure white, obviously because of the power of faith.

The sun fire was not cut off until the fusion was sufficient and indivisible, and the white metal liquid cooled rapidly.

Simon waved his hand and a forging platform appeared in front of him. He took out the white metal from the blast furnace. This white metal was only the size of a basketball, but its weight was extremely terrifying, causing the Sun Island to sink and almost unable to fly.

Simon had to bring the forging table and Audru Pu and others to fly down to the ground. The fire of the sun continued to burn the white metal and soften it. Then Simon raised a forging hammer, and divine power poured into the forging hammer, forging One after another rune imprints appeared on the hammer.

Then use divine power to completely cover it. This forging hammer is a top-level extraordinary thing, but if it is used to forge divine weapons, it is far from enough, so it must be blessed with divine power and divine seal.

The divine power wrapped the heavy hammer, and the divine seal blessed it with power. Simon raised the heavy wound and began to strike with gravity, and the power of doom splashed on the white metal and the forging hammer. The huge sound was like a thunderbolt. If the soundproof array hadn't been arranged in advance, the knocking sound would have spread throughout the new world.

This hammer alone is enough to destroy Akeqin Mountain, the tallest mountain in Latin America.

Of course, it is about the Akeqin Mountain that has not been destroyed. The current Akeqin Mountain is no longer the highest mountain.

Simon continued to lift the hammer, and every time the hammer fell, it shook the world. Similarly, a large amount of doomsday power was hammered into the white metal.

The white metal was continuously deformed under Simon's heavy hammer.

The process of forging a divine weapon is much more troublesome than forging an extraordinary thing. Quenching, forging, and repeating this process not only make the white metal stronger, but also inject more power of doom.

This process alone took a month to repeat.

And up to this time, the white metal has turned gray as a whole because of the large enough doomsday force poured into it.

After melting it again, Simon took out a white jade bottle and poured out a white milk-like liquid.

This white liquid is the same power of faith as the crystal of faith, but the amount is not enough to condense into a crystal of faith.

The liquid power of faith was tempered, poured into the gray metal liquid, and continued to beat after cooling.

During this period, Simon's divine blood, spiritual power, and power of doomsday rules were added, and it was forged for another two months.

The artifact of faith is considered to be formed, and the shape of the artifact of faith is naturally the doomsday sickle.

Afterwards, took another month.

Simon's first artifact of faith was finally born.

Meanwhile, Simon's complexion was pale at this time, his blood was deficient, and his physical condition was extremely bad. For half a year, Simon continued to use divine blood and spiritual power to integrate into the artifact of faith. His consumption is too great, even greater than the consumption of helping Long Saiaoge move the Chaos Continent.

But when he picked up the freshly baked Doomsday Scythe, the blood in his body was boiling, and his soul was trembling.

When the power of doom poured into the doomsday sickle, unimaginable sharpness fluctuated on it, and with a wave of his hand, a crack appeared in the space.

"Hahaha, it finally succeeded, what a magic weapon." Simon laughed wildly.

"Congratulations to the Lord of Doom for forging the artifact." Audru Pu and others immediately fell to their knees to express their congratulations. Their current condition is not much different from Simon's, and they are also seriously exhausted, and their appearance is worse than Simon's.

But each of them is extremely excited at this moment, and some of them even look crazy, because they participated in forging the world's first artifact, such an experience is enough to be proud of for a lifetime.

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