The Fourth Scourge of Star Wars - v2 Chapter 1154 Journey to Corellia (Part 2)

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1154. The Trip to Corellia (Part 2)

Enjoying the service of many beauties, Tang Xiao didn't say anything too serious, just chatted with Mrs. Pixi and Dryden-Worth about some business matters.

The two gangsters in front of them are actually part of the peripheral forces of the Fourth Civilization. Whether they admit it or not, they are actually working for the Fourth Civilization.

In order to bear the huge cost of war, Tang Xiao's Fourth Civilization is unscrupulous, doing everything. He also has countless gangs under him, relying on the prisoners and refugees produced by the war to carry out the slave trade, relying on the occupation of several spice production bases to smuggle spices, and relying on the chaotic Hutt space to develop the business of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and arms. trading.

The arms trade is naturally Yuri Orlov's business. Although he has left the Fourth Civilization, he is actually still working for the Fourth Civilization in many cases, but it is more free.

The fundamental reason is that he is such an outsider. If he wants to expand the arms business, the first thing that must be solved is the supply of goods. But where can he find cheap and abundant supplies? In the end, only the arms factories of the Fourth Civilization can satisfy him.

Every time the Fourth Civilization changed its army, or used weapons that were repaired after being damaged on the battlefield, most of it went to Yuri Orlov, who was then sold to every part of the galaxy—perhaps not. Too accurate, because his market is still relatively limited, but it does have a wide range.

In addition, Yuri Orloff will also obtain weapons and spaceships from the Corellian galaxy through the relationship between Mrs. Bixi and Dryden Voss, and then sell them to the outer ring. After all, these equipment from Corellia can't be sold locally, right?

So now, as a very well-known arms dealer in the underworld of the galaxy, Yuri Orlov's forehead has long been printed with the marks of the Fourth Group and Corellia Engineering Company.

Then there is spice smuggling, which can be said to be a lucrative job, and of course it is illegal. But in this galaxy, it's not so illegal... After all, with such a big interest, there are various forces involved in it, including the Galactic Republic itself.

Don’t forget that this world is essentially a commercialized world. Corporate giants hold very powerful power, and the values ​​of this world are naturally influenced by these corporate giants.

To put it more vaguely, in many places, their bottom line is actually not that high.

In terms of spice smuggling, the Ni Yongxiao gang under the Fourth Civilization is basically active in the market in the middle and outer rings, while Dryden Voss mainly sells spices to the inner and inner circles. Diesel bark, Emmanuel stimulates the sales of this high-grade spice, Dryden-Worth is much more than Ni Yongxiao.

And the slave trade is what Mrs. Bixi's white worms do.

After each battle, if the victory is the Fourth Civilization or the Confederation of Independent Galaxies, there will always be a large number of refugees and prisoners, then the representatives of several slave-trading forces in the Confederation of Independent Galaxies who clean up the battlefield will come to look for some of them. sold as slaves.

Among these people, the largest slave business is Queen Ziglia, followed by several major families of the Hutts, all of whom rely on the slave trade to dominate one side.

As an emerging force, Mrs. Pixi's white worms can't be compared with them, but she also has her own unique market - that is, high-quality female slaves. These female slaves include but are not limited to those who sell their colors, those who sell their talents, those who sell their martial arts, and even those who sell various skills...

That's right, all kinds of female slaves can be trained into kagi, dancers, bodyguards, secretaries, etc. The easiest thing to do is to sell the flesh without any skills.

With this feature, Mrs. Pixi's slave business, although small in scale, still has huge profits.

Of course, the smuggling, intelligence, assassination and other things that are derived from these slaves are more, and there is no need to repeat them one by one.

Tang Xiao, Mrs. Pixi, Dryden Voss and the others were basically talking about these things.

During this process, those beautiful female slaves have been around him all the time, gently rubbing every part of his body, or using their delicate body to keep twisting and grinding on him, or using their own cherry blossoms Delicious fruits and drinks were served on the lips, and many others showed their delicate and beautiful bodies with graceful dancing postures around here.

Tang Xiao didn't care, he took all the orders and enjoyed the service like this fairyland. At the same time, there was no confusion in the conversation with Mrs. Pixi and Dryden-Worth, and his eyes were still clear.

After three rounds of drinking, Tang Xiao waved his hand and told all the female slaves to go away. Mrs. Pixi understood and immediately yelled at them to get out of the way, and asked her bodyguards to guard the door while opening an electromagnetic barrier to prevent anyone from snooping.

She understood that if it wasn't something very important, Tang Xiao would not interrupt this feast.

"Lord Governor, may I ask, do you have any advice?" Mrs. Pixi coiled her body in the pool and lowered her height to about the same height as Tang Xiao, and said respectfully.

"There is a big business that needs to be done by you." Tang Xiao said with a smile.

"Oh~~ hehehe, I like big business, and I like big business the most. But... what kind of business can I do together with Scarlet Dawn? What we do is completely different?" Bi Xi asked the lady.

"Haha, eldest brother also said before that he wants to give us a surprise. Since the two of us are going to do it together, then this surprise must not be small!" Dryden Voss laughed and poured himself a full With a glass of wine, he drank his head and slammed the bottle on the table, "Tell me, brother, what business do you want to do?"

"A real big deal," Tang Xiao said. "If it can be done, if you want to go further, you can enter the political high-level of the Corellia Galaxy. If you want to take a step back, you can also become a real underground emperor here..."

Dryden-Worth's eyes lit up, "Hahaha, I'm not interested in politics, but does this really allow us to rule the underworld of Corellia?"

"Perhaps, UU reading is more than that." Tang Xiao said.

"Oh! I can't wait!" Mrs. Pixi was also interested.

"Let me tell you a story, a... myth." Tang Xiao leaned back on the back of the sofa and said slowly, "This is related to the origin of the Corellian galaxy. First of all I need to say that the legend It is true, Corellia, indeed an artificial galaxy."

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