The Fourth Scourge of Star Wars - v2 Chapter 1155 Corellian myth

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1155. Corellian Mythology

"You mean, five brothers." Dryden Voss frowned.

"Yes, the Corellian system, 100,000 years ago, there were only two outermost planets - Crollia and Soronia, in the inner orbit, full of small Planetary belts and nebulae. Therefore, it was originally a barren galaxy, with no habitable planets and no life," Tang Xiao said.

"Wait a minute bro, are you telling a story, or are you telling... reality?" Dryden-Worth said. "If it's a story, we've heard many versions, even more magical ones. But if it's reality... this …”

"What I'm talking about is both a story and a reality," Tang Xiao said. "It's a story because the relevant documentation has basically been lost, and only legends are left. It's a reality because... this happened. already."

"Five brothers, man-made?" Dryden Voss couldn't believe it. "Is this true?"

"That's right, the Killik Hives have done the same thing as a miracle." Tang Xiao concealed some of the most mysterious and crucial factors in this incident, and only threw the Killik Hives out." They were active in the galaxy 100,000 years ago, and became the most powerful and advanced race in the galaxy. Until 35,000 years ago, they were destroyed by a huge catastrophe."

He continued: "It's hard to imagine the extent of their civilization at the time. But all I can say is, it's very deformed. In some areas their civilization and technology can't even be touched by us now, but in others Domain, they are very primitive. But one thing can tell you how powerful they were back then..."

Tang Xiao casually opened a star map and clicked on one of the planets, "Alderaan planet used to be their 'parent's nest'. Well, aside from the topic, the reason why it is called the parent's nest instead of the mother's nest is because Because in the Killik swarm, through insemination to allow other females to lay eggs, it is a very small number of males who are responsible for the reproduction of the entire swarm."

"On the planet of Alderaan, the remains of the Kilik people have been excavated continuously. After 35,000 years of wind, rain and erosion, these remains have already corroded and turned into dust, but their shells are still as hard and shiny as ever. . Ordinary blaster shots, less powerful ones can't even leave marks on these casings."

"So, is this great Kilik swarm that created the Corellia galaxy?" Mrs. Bixi was very interested, because they were Grindali, and they were also an insect race, so she was naturally very excited to hear such a legend.

Tang Xiao nodded, "That's right, they created a powerful device, and then used this device to launch powerful gravitational waves, sending Corellia, Delar, Selonia, and the twin planets Talus and Telus. Lalus was pulled from another system to become the seven-planet Corellian system today."

"Of course, in order to pull these planets, we must first reinforce these planets and build receiving devices, otherwise, when gravitational waves pull the planet, the planet will soon reach the Roche limit, and thus directly decompose. it is true that this device can also be used as a most terrifying weapon."

"Brother, are you trying to say that this device that can directly pull the planet really exists?" Dryden Voss felt like he was listening to a fairy tale.

That's right, Tang Xiao told them the same at the very beginning.

Tang Xiao nodded and said, "In the Corellian galaxy, orbit 1 is Planet Corellia, orbit 2 is Planet Delar, orbit 3 is Planet Selonia, and orbit 4, It is the twin planets Tallus and Terralus. These two planets are close to each other, and they are precisely at the Lagrangian point of each other, thus achieving dynamic balance and having exactly the same orbit and revolution period. ."

"Indeed, this is also one of the biggest arguments for many people to believe that Corellia is a man-made galaxy, because it is hard to imagine that such a precise existence of twin planets is really formed naturally." Mrs. Pixi also has a life span of hundreds of years Yes, she knew a lot.

Tang Xiao smiled slightly and continued: "And this device is at the Lagrangian point between the twin planets Talus and Terralus. The two planets, like two guardians, protect this device Get up. If a war breaks out and you want to hurt this device, the first thing you need to break through is the joint defense of the twin planets... Under the attack of the planetary shields and orbital defense systems of the two planets, this may take hundreds or even thousands of times. troops can do it.”

"Wait, you're talking about Centerpoint!" Dryden Voss reacted at once, "Indeed, this thing is very mysterious, and scientists in Corellia have studied it before. But it has long been proven. This thing is just a giant space station that has been completely abandoned. Now scientists have long given up research, and some people even built a town to live in it! But…”

"The midpoint station? It is indeed a relic that is open to everyone now. You can go up anytime you want." Mrs. Pixi said, "In the central sphere of the midpoint station, there is still a weak semi-permanent energy source that maintains With light and gravity generators, Hollowtown is built there, and that light source is the sun in the town. They even grow crops on it because of the constant temperature and light. But other than that, the midpoint station doesn't have any Something that still works." Mrs. Bixi also said.

Tang Xiao smiled sarcastically, "So unfortunately, this town built inside the energy core of the midpoint station will be completely wiped out the moment the midpoint station starts to warm up. People will die without pain."

"Preheating? Is the midpoint station still preheating? Is this thing...working!?" Dryden Voss raised his voice, he couldn't believe it was true.

Tang Xiao replied seriously, "Ah, you can activate the midpoint station at any time. Then, with the Corellia Galaxy as the center, every planet in at least half of the galaxy can be moved at will by the gravitational waves of the midpoint station, And then instantly reaches the Roche limit and disintegrates...and the funniest thing is..."

An inexplicable and somewhat frightening smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic, is also within the range of the midpoint station..."

Dryden Voss stood up and shook his head vigorously, "No no no no, big brother, no, no... this thing, if this thing is real, it's definitely not something we can touch! This thing ...Once this thing is activated, the entire galaxy will be against it!"

"We are just slave traders and spice smugglers, Lord Governor. You put such a thing in front of us that can control the fate of the galaxy, and we don't even dare to have a little bit of coveting thoughts." Mrs. Pixi also said, "Dray Den-Worth is right, this is not something we should touch on this level. Even you, Lord Governor, I advise you not to think about it, because even the Dawn planet can't afford it. s consequence."

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