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【Gold Summoner】【】

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Yandaolou's divination has come true again!

The 179 team encountered a seven-member Heiyan special team. Mo Ziyang and the leader of the special team were still friends and knew each other.

Mo Ziyang just said that Team 179 discovered an important mining area of ​​the enemy through reconnaissance. There were 10 strong enemies in that mining area. After hearing Mo Ziyang's words, the special team came to the fore.

Now there are 11 people in the two teams combined, which is already one more than the other, and the demigods who can join the special team are very confident in their own strength. The initiative, and the temptation of the mining area, the 179 team and the special team quickly negotiated and acted in concert.

The leader of the special team had an unused Void Divine Thunder in his hand. After bargaining with Mo Ziyang as if they were doing a business, and after first determining the principles for the distribution of the spoils, the 11 people turned around and hurried on their way at full speed. Kill directly at the target.

The process of the attack was fast and sharp, moving like thunder, and hardly gave the opponent the slightest extra time to react.

It only took a little more than a day for Mo Ziyang to use his super black barrier illusion to cover the eleven-member team when they approached the floating continent with an area of ​​more than 100,000 square kilometers. Individuals allocate their positions and surround the land far in the air. The leader of the special team does nothing without saying a word, without a single word of nonsense. With a wave of his hand, he threw it towards the floating continent. His Void Divine Thunder, a beam of brilliance flew over the continent and detonated instantly.

Such a fight is too brutal! So sharp!

Just like the release of a powerful nuclear weapon, the blazing white light enveloped the continent of more than 100,000 ordinary kilometers in an instant, forming a huge mushroom-shaped explosion ring in the void, and the terrifying shock wave swept across it all at once. In all directions, in the white light, the space formation on the periphery of the continent collapsed first, and then the outer shell of the entire continent instantly vaporized, revealing the ore veins containing solar iron.

The ore vein is like a strange "old tree root" buried under the land. From a distance, you can see the old tree root shining brightly and emitting red light. The entire ore vein has countless Like worm-eaten holes, those holes are mines.

To be honest, this is the first time Xia Pingan has seen such a huge

The ore vein of the sun's iron is still being mined. This scene is a bit shocking. Under the power of the Void God Thunder,

Countless miners and metal puppets were summoned out of the mine cave, and then the huge veins like old tree roots, like red-hot iron, began to emit a dazzling red light and their shapes were distorted. It was like being melted, but it didn't disappear. It turned into a huge, weird-looking object floating in the void... This process is very fast, it only took three or five seconds. Then, in the next second, the terrifying shock wave brought by the Void Divine Thunder rushed in front of Xia Ping'an and others.

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【Gold Summoner】【】

Although the shock wave was blocked by the Forbidden Battle Armor, one could still feel the enormous power of the Void Divine Thunder just now, resisting the Forbidden Battle Armor of the shock wave, like a meteor flying into the atmosphere, and like Under the rocks under the huge waves, the outer layer of the entire forbidden armor is glowing and hot, and it is extremely conspicuous in the sky.

It's hard to feel so far away. It is conceivable to imagine the state of the enemies who bear the brunt of the Void God Thunder under that huge land.

Xia Ping'an felt that the Void Divine Lightning was too valuable, it felt like he had thrown a grenade into the room where the enemies gathered.

After the first shock wave passed, ten light spots flew towards the surrounding sky.

Those ten light spots are the enemy, the large land, the veins of sun iron and the forbidden armor on them, so that they did not disappear in the destructive explosion of the Void God Thunder, but it doesn't look good, it should be all affected hurt.

The reaction of the ten light spots is also extremely fast, and they are veterans on the battlefield. Because they still don't know how many opponents there are, so at the moment when the Void Divine Thunder detonated, the ten light spots began to break out from all directions.

The opponent's breakthrough was expected, and Xia Ping'an's encirclement position was designed for this purpose.

At such a time, being able to leave one person behind is a feat.

"Squad 179, prepare to fight..." Mo Ziyang's voice sounded in Xia Ping'an's ears, and in the next second, Xia Ping'an saw Mo Ziyang, more than 700 kilometers away, beside Mo Ziyang like a dark cloud over the city, a dark The sky curtain flew out from behind him, and instantly wrapped the two opponents who were rushing towards Mo Ziyang.

The black sky is Mo Ziyang's comprehension of the divine skill to destroy the illusion. Under the sky of Mo Ziyang's divine skill, his combat power can be maximized, while the opponent's strength will be weakened, and he will be affected by the illusion. .

Cooperating with Mo Ziyang to fight, Zi Ling, who was already familiar with Mo Ziyang, saw that two people were trapped in Mo Ziyang's shattered illusion, Zi Ling rushed into Mo Ziyang's shattered illusion without thinking, and cooperated with Mo Ziyang. , a two-on-two battle.

In an instant, Mo Ziyang's Destroyed Illusion suddenly turned colorful from the outside, like an inflated balloon, and was constantly changing its shape, which indicated that the fierce battle in the Destroyed Illusion had begun.

At this time, those demigod powerhouses who have mastered divine skills will be divine skills as soon as they shoot, without any hesitation.

Nan He let out a loud roar, and his divine skill was also used. A looming large net covered the body of an enemy who was charging at him, and Mo Ziyang's opponent, a head like a wild boar, The guy with fangs in his mouth, with a roar, punched at Nanhe, and thousands of cold lights appeared in the sky, forming huge arrows, like ten thousand arrows, Boom to the South River.

The seven people of the special team that cooperated with the 179 team also aimed at the target at about the same time, and the seven people blocked the six targets. The curtain was opened, and in the sky with a radius of tens of thousands of ordinary kilometers, for a moment, there were colorful brilliance and terrifying aura fluctuations everywhere. The originally chaotic power of the five elements in the Black Dragon Region was even more disturbed at this moment. A mess of porridge. Xia Ping'an was "taken care of" by Team 179, because he had not yet mastered divine skills, so when fighting, his position was relatively back, and he fought with Nanhe on the side of Nanhe.

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【Gold Summoner】【】

But at this moment, Nan He had already played against his opponent, and another enemy rushed towards Xia Ping'an with a suffocating anger, trying to break through from Xia Ping'an.

The enemy who broke through from Xia Ping'an was also a summoner and was already injured. He felt that Xia Ping'an didn't seem to have mastered divine skills. Ping An's finger, the divine skill was activated, a huge white tiger with a body length of 1,000 meters, as strong as a hill, tore through the space, appeared in the sky full of brilliance, turned into a brilliance, and swooped towards Xia Ping'an. The summoned white tiger is still a hundred miles away from Xia Ping'an. The white tiger has a huge mouth. A bottomless rotating hole appears in the mouth of the white tiger. Like a black hole, a huge suction force appears in the mouth of the white tiger. , sucking Xia Ping'an and flying towards the huge mouth of the white tiger, just like Xia Ping'an is going to be ground up in the next second.

"I'm going, divine skill, then there is no choice..." Looking at the white tiger that evolved from that terrifying divine skill, Xia Ping'an scolded inwardly and shook his head, if that guy didn't use divine skill , he can also use other techniques and fighting techniques to fight, but once the opponent has mastered the divine technique, the combination of ordinary techniques and magic and martial arts is not the same thing as the divine technique, and it is difficult to fight.

There are only three things that can fight against divine skills. Either one can rely on human sea tactics to suppress them by wheel battles. If there is no human sea tactics, only divine skills can be fought against divine skills. If you don’t even master divine skills, then, In the end, there is only one thing that can resist divine skills.

The guy who was rushing towards Xia Ping'an just had a smirk on his face, but the next second, his smirk solidified on his face, because he saw Xia Ping'an move his hand, and Xia Ping'an's hand appeared. A huge fortress gun with a length of more than 200 meters, the huge black hole of the fortress gun is facing itself...

Compared with the fortress gun in his hand, Xia Ping'an's height and size was like a big strong ant carrying a rifle.

This fortress cannon is generally something configured in a fortress and is used to protect the fortress. In this world, the thing that can protect the fortress can of course deal with the demigod powerhouses, and can also suppress the demigod powerhouses' divine skills. UU Reading

Because this fortress cannon is the most simple and unpretentious thing that can be made by top demigod craftsmen under the artifact. A classic representative of the mouth of violent aesthetics, in the past two battles of gods, the dark hole of this fortress cannon has annihilated countless demigods and made countless demigods tremble with fear.

It's just, how could this fortress cannon be in the hands of one person? You must know that the divine power required to use this fortress cannon is driven by hundreds of thousands of divine powers. This fortress cannon can rush into the divine power. , which translates to the most awesome lethality.

Hundreds of thousands of points of divine power, even for a demigod powerhouse, is the value of divine power that a demigod powerhouse can only recover from a secret mandala in one year or even two years. One shot can be drained.

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【Gold Summoner】【】

Maybe, this guy is using illusions and tricks to scare himself...

The thought just appeared in the guy's head, and the next second, the guy saw the muzzle of the gun facing his fortress suddenly lit up, a pitch-black light appeared on the muzzle, and then the next second, that The dark light has already slammed on him...

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