The Happy Life of the Reborn Dad - Chapter 1368 I, Tongtong female hero, walks the rivers and lakes, relying on benevolence and righteousness...

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"Mr. Kang, how embarrassing is this." Xia Zekai waved his hand, and he said: "There is a saying, money can't buy a good heart, I like this house very much, you are the beauty of an adult, I should say thank you, tonight I arrange."

"That won't work. I'm an old Beijinger anyway, and Mr. Xia really helped me a lot this time." Having said that, Kang Anxiang solemnly bowed his hands to Xia Zekai to express his gratitude.

He said, "Mr. Xia, Mr. Tao, don't be polite, let me express my heart."

Xia Zekai thought that he had nothing else to do tonight, so let's go!

What's not to like about eating and drinking.

"That's it, I have made a friend of Mr. Kang." Xia Zekai said.

"I will come to the capital often in the future. If I encounter something that is not easy to solve one day, I will trouble Mr. Kang."

Xia Zekai knew very well in his heart that there was such a set of courtyard houses in the capital, and the relationship behind him could not be wrong.

When Kang Anxiang heard what Xia Zekai said, he was very happy, and it was Xia Zekai's words that he was waiting for.

"Mr. Xia can just call if you have anything in the future," he said.

"Don't worry about anything, I won't say anything else." Kang Anxiang was sincere.

He knew very well in his heart that if he wanted to make friends like Xia Zekai, he had to show his strength.

If one's own strength is too weak, it is destined to be impossible for the other party to take a fancy to.

Tao Dingfang and the others didn't expect to have this unexpected surprise. Being able to have dinner with Xia Zekai and Kang Anxiang and the others, even if they can't go to the main table, it can be regarded as a kind of 'capital'.

Before Li Guangming received the commission issued by the company, he first received a 'high reward' of 4 million in a bank card of Beijing Bank.

In addition, he also received 20,000 yuan in cash from Kang Anxiang. It was Kang Anxiang who thanked him for helping him sell the house.

Twenty thousand to four million!

Some invisible things are clear at a glance, and Li Guangming realized at this time that people are really different, and some people have a really big pattern, which is admirable!

At that moment, Li Guangming, who was once overwhelmed by life, rekindled a spark in his heart.

He wondered if he was going to make a change!

With the 6 million commission and the huge reward of 4 million given by Xia Zekai, they add up to a huge sum of more than 10 million.

Li Guangming wondered if he could be a real estate agent for the rest of his life?

Continue to be a senior real estate agent, or strive to become a store manager and then a regional manager?

According to his achievements this time, it is not difficult to be promoted as a store manager, but the question is, will there be such a good opportunity to make another windfall next time?

Li Guangming himself did not have this confidence.

"Forget it, let's wait for the commission of 6 million to be distributed. Before getting the commission, be steady." Li Guangming told himself.

That was more than 6 million, which was the most money he had ever earned in his life, and he could not easily give up.

The 20,000 yuan given by Kang Anxiang, he didn't say anything, just used it to treat guests.

After the house affairs were done, Xia Zekai suddenly relaxed.

This period of time has been busy, and the financing of Yixing and Toutiao has also been completed. Xia Zekai originally had three major events in his trip to Beijing. This time, only the groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory of Xiaoai Technology Co., Ltd. is left.

After buying this set of courtyard houses, it is more like a meeting, and the boat is going smoothly. The purchase price of nearly 1.2 billion is settled.

No way, rich is arrogant.

After he was free, Xia Zekai began to wander the streets and alleys of the capital, thinking about what gifts to buy for his family to bring back.

This has been busy until the end of early March. It has been almost a month since Xia Zekai came to the capital. He received a call from Zhang Xu.

Zhang Xu said on the phone: "The groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory of Jingcheng Xiaoai Technology Co., Ltd. is ready to start."

In fact, there is nothing to prepare for, the main thing is to wait for the deputy official in the government.

In this place in the capital, some face still has to be given.

But at this time in Qicheng, it was going to be a mess. The sisters, Yatou and Tongtong, looked at their father and didn't show up for so long. They thought that my father didn't want them anymore. I have been asking my mother these days, When will dad be back.

"Did I say you two are annoying? I told you that Dad is coming back soon. If you don't believe me, call Dad and ask him personally." Luo Xiyun was annoyed.

The sisters, the girl and Tongtong, immediately shut up when they heard what their mother said.

The next moment, Tongtong reached out to her mother and said, "Mom, give me the phone."

"What are you doing?" Luo Xiyun was going crazy.

If it wasn't for knowing that her two girls didn't have the habit of playing games with mobile phones, she would have kicked them.

Tong Tong said neatly: "Mom, didn't you tell me and my sister to call Dad and ask? We'll call now, you have to call me."

"Here you are!" Luo Xiyun pulled out his mobile phone and handed it to the girl and Tongtong, and waved his hands in disgust: "You two go on the phone while you're on the phone, don't bother me."

The two sisters laughed and ran out of the villa with their mother's mobile phone.

The two of them didn't want to make a phone call in front of their mother, and it was inconvenient to say some things in front of their mother.

After Luo Xiyun watched the two of them run away, she breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly felt a sense of relief.

To be honest, when her husband went to the capital, she was alone at home watching five children, including two more and more self-assured children, even if there was a mother-in-law and three nanny to help her share, Luo Xiyun also Some were exhausted.

Every day, listening to five of their siblings shouting 'Mama, Mama' in front of him, Luo Xiyun remembered the scene of watching the cartoon "Hulu Baby" when he was a child. Seven small gourds hung on the vine man and shouted 'Grandpa'. It still felt fresh and fun, but after a long time, she became a little irritable.

Sometimes I think that her husband should come back quickly, it doesn't matter how much money he earns.

Seeing that the girl and Tongtong took her mobile phone to call her father, she was still secretly happy.

Outside the villa, there are two rocking chairs under the big tree in the yard. The girl and sister Tongtong are lying on the rocking chairs, discussing who should make the call.

"Sister, give me the phone, I'll call." Tong Tong reached out and snatched the phone from her sister.

Afterwards, she skillfully unlocked her mother's mobile phone with the password, then entered her father's mobile phone number and dialed it directly.

Luo Xiyun may have forgotten this, her mobile phone has a password, but the sisters are too familiar with her password.

Even if it is changed to a gesture password, it is useless, it is just an ordinary zigzag shape, who can it be difficult to live in?

The phone was connected, and then I heard a shout from the other side: "Daughter-in-law, is something wrong?"

"Dad, I'm Tongtong, not your daughter-in-law!" Tongtong said seriously.

She said, "Dad, your daughter-in-law is bothering me now, and she will kick me out at any time. You have to take good care of her when you come back, or else when she gets old, I won't care about her, and I will give her to my ability. of."

"..." Xia Zekai looked bewildered, is this the second child accusing her mother with blood and tears?

Before he could ask what was going on, I heard Tongtong say again, "Dad, you definitely don't know how abominable your daughter-in-law is now, my sister and I just asked her father when were you, She asked us to get out of the room, and asked my sister and I to call you and ask yourself, Dad, don't get used to her problems, or my mother will even bother you one day."

"Dad, don't you know, my mother is going to beat me and my sister. Good guy, my mother doesn't know how powerful I am. Believe it or not, father, I actually let you all the time." Tong Tong said I got a little excited, and my tail was about to go up to the sky.

"This is the 'Er Tong Card' to sow discord and reappear. She really has a hand." Xia Zekai thought to himself.

At this time, I heard another voice coming from the side. It was their eldest girl who said: "Tongtong, don't talk nonsense, how can your mother beat you."

"Besides, your mother really beat you. Can you do it? Let this and that." The girl, who is a big sister, is seriously unconvinced. She always feels that her sister is bragging, but she has no evidence.

She thought to herself, she really thought that she would be able to fly over the eaves in two seconds, but that was in a TV series!

"Sister, don't you believe that I'm very good? Let's go to gesturing?" Tong Tong said, holding the phone in one hand and pointing to the open space in front of him with the other.

"Hmph, when we have the ability, let's compare the total score of the test." The girl is determined not to be fooled.

On the other end of the phone, Xia Zekai listened to the sisters being unattended. He wondered if I should hang up? Still don't hang up?

Fortunately, the girl remembered the business, and quickly snatched the phone from her sister's hand. Seeing that Tong Tong was going to snat it back, she turned on the phone's hands-free function, placed it on the table between the two rocking chairs, and shouted. : "Dad, how long will it take for you to come back?"

"Dad, I miss you so much!" the girl said.

When Tongtong heard her sister say this, she also said: "Dad, I miss you too, come back soon."

At this time, when Xia Zekai heard that the two girls said that they missed him, he didn't want to stay in the capital any longer. He thought whether he should go back?

But thinking that the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory of Xiaoai Technology Co., Ltd. is only two days away, he gritted his teeth again and said into the mobile phone: "I'll go back after these two days."

"Really, that's great!" The girl was happy.

Tong Tong was even happier, and she quickly asked, "Dad, have you bought my gold ring knife?"

"-_-||" Xia Zekai's face dripped with cold sweat.

He pondered, just now he really thought that his daughter was missing him, and feelings were waiting for him here.

But he thought his wife was playing tricks on him at the time, but he really didn't buy it. Hearing Tong Tong's question, he couldn't admit it, so he said, "I bought it, I bought it for you a long time ago."

"Really, then Dad, take a few pictures and send them over later, let me see what it looks like." Tong Tong came to be interested, and his eyes were all round.

Xia Zekai felt that he couldn't hold it for a moment, and he was also clever, and said: "Tongtong, my father specially asked someone to make one for you. I went to ask yesterday, and they said that it will take a few days to heal, so don't worry. "

"Is that so, Dad, is my knife majestic or not?" Tong Tong has already begun to imagine the scene of her carrying a big knife, walking around the rivers and lakes, and beating a bunch of hooligans crying.

"My Tongtong female hero walks the rivers and lakes, relying on the unparalleled benevolence and righteousness (a good swordsmanship)."

Thinking about it, she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Xia Zekai heard it and wondered, "Tongtong, what's wrong with you?"

Tongtong was still immersed in her own drama and did not respond, the girl said: "Dad, Tongtong is finished, she is stupid."

"Sister, are you looking for a beating? Say it again who is stupid." Tong Tong woke up this time and was furious.

The girl glanced at her and said nothing.

Xia Zekai said on his mobile phone: "Okay, don't make a fuss, you two, I'll go back after three or four days at most, and I'll bring you gifts at that time."

"Okay, Dad, I love you!" Tong Tong also made a middle-two gesture.

The girl was more reserved: "Dad, I miss you."

Accidentally received a call from the two daughters, listening to the two of them saying that they were thinking of themselves, for a moment, Xia Zekai couldn't hold back and almost burst into tears.

He pondered in his heart that after he was busy with Xiaoai Technology, he had to go back no matter what.

"By the way, I'll go out for a walk later and see where there are knives made. I have to customize a 'golden ring knife' for Tongtong." Xia Zekai thought of the name, and couldn't help but laugh. .

Is it "Nineteen Sisters of Gan"? Or "The White-Browded Hero"?

It's an old martial arts TV series. If Tong Tong didn't mention the name, he would have forgotten it.

After the girl and Tongtong called their father, they heard their mother calling them in the villa, and the sisters were no longer staying outside, so they hurried in.

"Mom, Dad said that he would be back in three or four days, and also said that he had ordered a large golden ring knife for me!" Tong Tong couldn't help shouting happily as soon as he entered the door.

The girl also nodded: "Mom, Dad will bring me gifts too."

"Your father really said that he would be back in three or four days?" Luo Xiyun asked them both.

"Well, that's what Dad said." The two sisters nodded almost at the same time.

Luo Xiyun stared at the sisters and asked them, "Then did you two speak ill of me?"

"I didn't!" The girl quickly clarified.

She pointed to her sister and said, "Mom, Tong Tong just said you hit her."

"Bah!" Tong Tong clenched his right fist, stretched out his thumb and gestured down, and slowly despised: "Sister, I just look down on you."

This was basically revealed at once, Luo Xiyun's face turned dark, she said, "Tongtong, you tell your father, I'll beat you, right?"

"That's fine, I'll make it up for you now!" Luo Xiyun said and stood up.

Idle is also idle, catching a naughty kick, can also relieve the boredom.

But Tongtong is not easy to provoke, how can she sit still and run away.

While running, he shouted, "Sister, wait for me, there are times when you look good."

When the girl heard this, she was quite frightened.

When the two of them are alone, it is much more than when they are with their mother. Who can protect her then?

Thinking of this, the girl hesitated: "Mom, in fact, Tongtong said a lot of good things about you."

Luo Xiyun looked at the boss like that, she really hated that iron could become steel.

If you fight, just fight, can you still coax Tongtong?

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