The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 581: Overturning the World With One Sword Strike

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Chapter 581: Overturning the World With One Sword Strike

A blinding radiance soon erupted at the tip of Jiu Shen's sword, making the Lord of Asgard unconsciously close his eyes for a brief moment. However, when he realized this, he forcefully opened his eyes and was met with a scene that he would never forget.

An immeasurable number of swords hovered around him and Jiu Shen. There were all sorts of swords ranging from the lowest rank up to the highest. There were even a few thousands of Boundless-rank swords.

He felt his scalp tingle at the sight of this. Just what kind of sword technique did Jiu Shen summon this time? For the first time, there was a tinge of fear in his eyes.

The Lord of Asgard immediately summoned his strongest defensive techniques and overlapped them in one breath. He also activated his defensive equipment to make sure that nothing goes wrong. However, despite all these preparations, the feeling of anxiousness in his heart didn't disappear!

'What is causing my heart to palpitate?!' The Lord of Asgard hurriedly scanned the surroundings and he even checked all the swords through his powerful spiritual perception. All these happened in just a blink of an eye, but he didn't manage to locate the thing that made him worried.

What is it?

"Wait! This is an illusion! Before I closed my eyes, I saw the tip of his sword coming straight towards me!" Upon realizing this, the Lord of Asgard immediately erupted into power. He released the full extent of his cultivation and destroyed the illusion that bound him.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself stabbed by Jiu Shen's sword. The Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword was burning intensely and it was only now did he feel the pain slowly spreading through his body.

He let out a groan as he pushed Jiu Shen off with a kick.


Jiu Shen was flung away by the strong force of the kick, but there was a faint smile on his face. His smile was filled with ridicule as he stared straight at the Lord of Asgard. "What do you think about my Special Sword Dance? I thought that the day I would use it would never come, but then here you are..."

The Lord of Asgard spat a mouthful of blood and the pain intensified when he heard Jiu Shen's mocking voice. He was infuriated! His clone actually dared to speak to him in such a manner! However, he found out that his body was becoming weaker. When he checked his body, he noticed that a small part of his dantian was damaged by Jiu Shen's sword.

'Dammit! If I don't recuperate from this wound, a large portion of my cultivation would be gone! This damnable Jiu Shen! He will pay for this!' He shouted angrily in his heart.

The Lord of Asgard used the power of space and appeared behind Jiu Shen. He then struck out with his sword, making the air freeze.


Jiu Shen felt a sense of danger from behind him and he instinctively dodged to his right. He then backed away thousands of meters in a single leap.

He narrowed his eyes when he saw the severely injured Lord of Asgard looking at him with malicious intentions. This guy was finally taking him seriously!

Meanwhile, Jian Wang and the others who were sent far away by Jiu Shen could hear the violent roaring above the skies. From the fierce collisions and explosions, they could already tell the ferocity of the battle. However, they no longer had their previous cultivation bases, making them unable to spectate the match.

Jian Wang looked up with worry in his eyes. He had become a mortal, but the sharpness in his gaze didn't weaken. Even without his previous cultivation base, he could kill still 9th-rank Saints with just his sword skills alone! "If Jiu Shen fails, all of the Primordial God Realm might not be able to contain the Lord's wrath..." His voice was filled with concern.

Asmodeus and the others became silent at his words. Everything was left in the hands of Jiu Shen. If it was them, they would never be able to face off the Lord of Asgard with certainty. Only Jiu Shen was capable of doing that...

No matter how confident they were about Jiu Shen's abilities, the might of the Lord of wasn't something that could be easily defeated. He was the absolute overlord of the universe and no one was his match since time immemorial. They were hoping that Jiu Shen could somehow turn the tide of the battle and win against this high and mighty legend.

Back to the fight.

Jiu Shen and the Lord of Asgard had already exchanged thousands of moves, but neither side seemed to have received any substantial damage. There were only superficial wounds covering their bodies, but it didn't hinder the two top warriors of the cosmos.

Jiu Shen slashed his sword downwards with great momentum, forcing the Lord of Asgard to deflect it with minimal force. This was to prevent his injuries from worsening.


The air trembled and thousands of twisters were formed after their swords collided in midair!

Their clothes fluttered and the two men glared at each other with absolute spite.

"DIE!!!" Jiu Shen suddenly grabbed the Lord's arm with his left hand and swung his sword with the other.


The Lord used his brute force to extricate himself from Jiu Shen's hold. He then hastily dodge the sword coming his way, but he was still grazed in his torso, forcing a trail of blood to come out!


The Lord groaned inwardly, but he maintained a cold look as he stared at Jiu Shen's ever-so-calm face. He was unnerved by this man's unchanging expression.

"You've been sitting on your throne for countless eras making your battle awareness degrade to this degree. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed that you are this weak! Even Hecate managed to excite me with his physical prowess. Despite the difference in your cultivation bases, I think that man deserves to be called my greatest opponent more than you do!" Jiu Shen uttered in a mocking tone.

The Lord's eyes turned red in fury. He roared as he lifted his sword and swung it towards Jiu Shen with a raging power that decimated the surrounding lands.

The mountains were turned upside down and the tall towering trees were uprooted and turned into dust. The sturdy buildings and castles in Asgard were turned into rubble under the overpowering sword strike of the Lord.

Facing the attack that was filled with hatred and anger, Jiu Shen calmly muttered. "Divine Prajna Diamond Wall..."

A thin wall emerged in front of Jiu Shen. The wall looked frail and fragile but it managed to withstand the sword strike of the Lord!

"Impossible!" The Lord's face fell upon seeing this.

Without giving him another chance, Jiu Shen countered with an attack of his own. He could no longer afford to waste time. The effects of the Array Formation were weakening and he could already feel a burning sensation in his dantian. The temporary power bestowed by his friends through the Array Formation is about to dissipate!

Jiu Shen burned his blood essence and forcefully summoned his Special Sword Dance!

Normally, he wouldn't be able to summon this for a second time, but by burning almost all of his blood essence, he managed to conjure it again.

Jiu Shen silver hair turned white in just a blink of an eye. His face also aged, but the peerless demeanor he had cultivated for a long time was still there. Even in his aged state, Jiu Shen still looked unnaturally attractive.

With a final smile, Jiu Shen struck the Lord with his sword.

The floating city was in shambles as it slowly disintegrated under the dreadful impact caused by Jiu Shen's final move.


The Primordial God Realm also experienced a terrible earthquake that shook its entire land. The seas also experienced frightening storms and all the volcanoes erupted, making everyone panic from the chaos.

The quaking of the planet lasted for a few hours before everything returned to normal.

When the Primordial God Realm regained peace, a large portion of the major cities was destroyed and even the newly risen Heavenly Sword Region was not spared. Everyone was in turmoil. What had caused the great upheaval that overturned the whole world?

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