Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2193 normal life

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Seeing Zi Chen nodded, the spirit of the universe left.

The world starts turning again.

No one knows what just happened.

No one would have thought that the world had temporarily stopped running.

Zi Chen is like an ordinary person, fishing in the morning, if there is no harvest, he goes to be a temporary hunter and hunts a small beast in the forest.

He doesn't use his abilities, and if he still doesn't gain anything, he can only drink wild vegetable soup when he comes back.

In view of Zi Chen's fishing skills, in order not to starve to death like ordinary people, Shangguan Yue'er and Lin Xue built a vegetable garden next to them and planted some vegetables.

Su Mengyao, Shangguan Yue'er and Yi Qian built a small house next to them to raise some poultry.

After struggling for countless years, Zi Chen finally lived the life she longed for.

Every day outside the Lingwu sect, a large number of people come to visit and pay their respects to the place where the emperor spirit rose.

But no one found Zi Chen and his party.

Zi Chen, who had found nothing all morning, went hunting in the forest.

In the trap he set, he successfully captured a wild boar and a litter of piglets.

Wild boars are used as food, some are eaten, some are pickled and dried, and the piglets are kept in small houses.

This kind of life is simply not good.

A year soon passed.

Don't worry about the world's major affairs, let alone the disputes in the God Realm.

Even the method of deduction that the spirit of the universe passed on to Zi Chen, Zi Chen did not pass it on to Su Mengyao.

Now he just wants to live an ordinary life, nothing.

In the tenth year, the spirit of the universe has come again.

The lake rippled into faces, and the world went silent.

"Why are you here again?" Zi Chen was puzzled.

"You said you wanted to try, why haven't you acted yet?" said the spirit of the universe.

"It is very difficult for me to improve my combat power in a short period of time, so I can only work on the Spring of Heavenly Dao." Zi Chen said: "Actually, this is also a kind of cultivation."

The Spirit of the Universe obviously does not agree with this statement, "If you are not confident enough, you can try to breed a more powerful life."

"Powerful beings don't come from wanting to multiply."

"Reproduce more, and there will always be."

Zi Chen doesn't quite agree with the words of the spirit of the universe.

Zi Chen suddenly said, "I've been a little curious recently."


"Why are there three Divine Masters in the Protoss, but not one in the Spiritual Clan?"

"The Emperor Spirit is equivalent to the Lord of God. If you want, you can call the Lord of the Spirit."

"However, since heaven and earth are fair, why have three immortal gods born, but not one immortal spirit?"

"You are very good, and now you have begun to think about the process of creating heaven and earth."

There was a touch of admiration in the voice of the Spirit of the Universe, "But this question, I don't know, maybe this is the process of the evolution of the rules, just like life, what kind of person will become in the future depends on the experience of a lifetime."

Zi Chen nodded, in fact, now there is no need to worry about the Spirit Race at all.

The rules of the Spirit Race have become complete, but the rules of the God Race have been suppressed, and all the divine weapons of heaven and earth have been taken away. On the contrary, the weapons of the Spirit Race are still in this world.

So in the next many years, it is impossible for the Protoss to threaten the Eldar.

The spirit of the universe disappeared, and this time it did not appear for a long time.

Zi Chen, who lives an ordinary life, is more and more compatible with the Spring of Heavenly Dao.

A hundred years later, Zi Chen's life is still comfortable.

Being able to spend time with the one you love is not boring at all.

As Zi Chen's compatibility with the Fountain of Heavenly Dao increases, Zi Chen will finally break the ban one day.

So before that, Zi Chen felt that he should do something.

For example, leaving blood?

There is no need to discuss this issue. In fact, it has long been a matter of course. Anything is fine.

Perhaps as the Spirit of the Universe said, it can give birth to a powerful bloodline far beyond his.

Then the first choice is Yiqian, the God of Life.

She has now regained the strength of the Lord of God.

Or Su Mengyao.

Zi Chen started to try.

But without success.

This made him very surprised. In his current state, things like bloodlines are very easy to control.

In the last life, Zi Chen and Qiao Lina only stayed for one night, and Qiao Lina successfully gave birth to a bloodline. According to the observation of the spirit of the universe, this bloodline is very powerful.

This time, there seems to be a problem.

"Could it be that the two female bloodlines are also strong, so they cannot be merged?"

Zi Chen became suspicious, and after failing to succeed many times, he had to find someone else.

Fortunately, there are many options.

But then, Zi Chen found that it was still unsuccessful.

This puzzled him.

Continuing the bloodline, is there still a problem?

After trying one by one, but still ineffective, Zi Chen thought of Qiao Lina back then.

But in this life, the two sides have not established a deep relationship, and it is not a time of life and death crisis, Zi Chen is too embarrassed to bring it up.

He couldn't wait to see the spirit of the universe, but the other party hadn't appeared for a long time.

Zi Chen can only continue to do more.

In the blink of an eye, it has been more than ten years, and it still has no effect.

This made him puzzled and decadent.

Fortunately, the girls didn't force it, they were already husband and wife anyway, as long as Zi Chen was there, it was enough.

On this day, Zi Chen sat by the river in a daze.

The world suddenly stopped.

Zi Chen smiled.

The spirit of the universe finally appeared.

He immediately informed himself of the situation.

The spirit of the universe was also stunned, and then Zi Chen felt a chill in his lower body, and immediately dissatisfied: "Where are you looking?"

"This is a good thing. It proves that your power is too strong, and the world can no longer accommodate it. It seems that you are indeed growing." There was joy in the voice of the Spirit of the Universe.

"Then what should I do?" Zi Chen was a little listless.

Once he didn't care, but now he can't ask for it.

"You can only go outside, in the wider world, and everything will recover."

The spirit of the universe disappeared.

Another hundred years.

On this day, Zi Chen got up early in the morning, stood in the yard, and looked up at the sky.

As Zi Chen stared at it, the world seemed to start to tremble.

The women in the room were awakened and walked out.

They knew that Zi Chen was coming back.

Zi Chen passed the derivation method given by the spirit of the universe to Su Mengyao. As long as she and Yiqian are here, the world will not be chaotic.

The group left Tianwu Continent and returned to the God Realm.

Under Jolina's management, the place is well organized.

The girls were busy, while Zi Chen began to inspect the realm of the gods, during which time he tried to communicate with the intelligence system established by Qiao Lina.

He also had contact with Zhang Haotian's killer organization.

I had a drink with the monk in front of the Buddha statue.

Wang Qiong had already married and had children, the family development was very good, and the bones of the gods were regarded as the family heritage.

I saw Miao Kong, who was traveling, and I also met Demon Ape and Chi Yan.

In a tavern, I saw Miaomiao wearing a blood-colored cape. She was the proprietress here and hired a lame child.

Miaomiao didn't mind when some drinkers joked about meat and smell.

But if there is any alcoholic who is confused, it will disappear inexplicably.

After seeing Zi Chen, Miaomiao's big eyes became a seam in laughter, and she reached out and started chasing people.

The drinkers were very surprised. The proprietress, who was stingy on weekdays and didn't even want to fight for a penny of wine, was so generous today that she didn't want money to drive people away.

They all looked at this long-shirted guest, which seemed very inconspicuous.

Immediately, there was a big horned man who smiled and said, "Boss lady, why did you suddenly drive people away? Could it be that the boss is back, so we can't be flirting?"

Miaomiao waved her hand, "Bum, if he really wants to be the boss, I will let you all drink here for free."

The drinkers all know that this fairy-like proprietress has no doubts.

Immediately, some people looked at Zi Chen up and down, and some people began to gear up, eager to try.

The big horned man looked at Zi Chen, "Boy, I don't understand the relationship between men and women, but I know that the rules and principles are not as big as fists. Today's opportunity to drink for free, we don't want to miss it, if you agree Come on, let's call you boss, and if you don't respond, you'll be punched by me. Whether you can stop it or not, we'll turn around and leave."

"Whoever has the bigger fist is justified. In fact, it's right or wrong. We have to divide things. But my body is still strong, and it seems that I can give it a try." Zi Chen smiled.

"Are you serious?" The big horned man stared at Zi Chen.

"Hurry up, I'm just passing by, I can't stay for long." Zi Chen still smiled.

"Let's all go, don't delay me catching up with the old master."

When Miaomiao heard this, she waved her hand directly, and the people in front of her disappeared.

She took the jug and came to the opposite side of Zi Chen, the blood-colored cloak behind her detached itself, turned into a young woman, and gave Zi Chen a salute, "Xue Chang has seen the son."

"You're welcome, sit down, I'm passing by, and I'll leave after drinking." Zi Chen said, "This time, I want to see the entire God Realm."

"What are you doing in the corner, this is the first person you are thinking of, why don't you come and meet?" Miaomiao looked to the side.

The lame little Er had been eavesdropping on the conversation of the three people before. After hearing this, he immediately widened his eyes, like petrification.

"A wild dog that was slicing food on the side of the road was picked up because it lacked a second child." Miaomiao said.

Zi Chen looked at the young goblin and said with a smile, "Hello, my name is Zi Chen."

Zi Chen went to the battlefield of the gods again, where more than a dozen cities were built, and there were spirits living in them.

After having a drink with the rest of the group, Zi Chen walked out of the battlefield and went to see Geshan again.

By the way, chat with Liu Huo and several other gods of chaos.

Zi Chen traveled all over the God Realm and met friends one after another.

Some of them have spent their entire lives, some have established sects, and some have established families.

There are also some who have their own small family, a harmonious family.

Zi Chen heart, happy for everyone.

Years of perseverance is for today.

It's all worth it!

In fact, it's good to stay here, Zi Chen didn't have much pursuit.

However, Zi Chen was somewhat unwilling to not go outside to take a look.

Even just looking at it.

He wanted to know what was the difference between the world outside and here.

Could it be that there will be nine suns there?

Will there be three moons?

After seeing the God Realm, Zi Chen finally felt relieved.

He returned to the Land of All Souls, where several women were already waiting.

Immediately, they returned to Tianwu Continent.


Here is where it all starts.

"Don't worry, just take a look at I'll be back soon." Zi Chen looked at the worried women, "When the time comes, I'll take you to the outside world."

"be careful!"

Both say goodbye.

Zi Chen disappeared.

He came to the Fountain of Heaven.

Then, he entered the spring.

He passed through the spring full of the power of heaven and came to a wider sky.

Here, is the real God Realm!

There is nothing to see.

The top of the head, a blue.

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