Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2194 plan

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Zi Chen disappeared before his eyes.

The faces of the others were filled with sadness and reluctance, but only Su Mengyao was full of worry.

"Sister, you don't have to worry about Zi Chen, Zi Chen is just going to open the sky." Lin Xue comforted.

Su Mengyao shook her head.

Others looked at Su Mengyao and found that she seemed to be more worried and puzzled.

"It's okay, maybe I'm too sensitive."

After all, Su Mengyao didn't express her worries, she always felt that Zi Chen was saying goodbye to everyone.

He had met his former friends and eventually came back here with them.

It's like a battle of life and death, and it's still not confident. After seeing everyone, you will feel at ease.



A blue sky, emitting a soft light, illuminates the nothingness.

Zi Chen is already familiar with Kaitianmen, guessing that as long as the sky is broken, he can complete the ascension.

His soul power spread out, and the range became smaller.

Trying to use the skywalking technique, there is no time-space circulation and teleportation here.

It seems that the rules of the God Realm he has mastered are no longer applicable here, but fortunately they can be used.

Zi Chen stretched his muscles and bones, and immediately came to the sky, where he tried a blow first.

The attack fell on the sky, causing ripples.

Although it is not a full blow, it is not bad. It only caused some ripples. The quality of this sky can be imagined.

Zi Chen moved up again, approaching the sky at close range.

He stretched out his hand and slowly pressed against the sky, trying to check the strength of the sky.

As soon as the arm touched the sky, the sky shook slightly, and then a strong force came, and Zi Chen's entire arm turned into powder.

If Zi Chen hadn't made a decisive decision and cut off his arm, his entire body would have been disintegrated.

He was shocked.

This sky can't be broken at all.

"The Spirit of the Universe?"

Zi Chen shouted.

no respond.

It seems that the other party can't get here.

The arm recovered, Zi Chen tried again, still the same.

Where is this seal, it is clearly the sky of death, as long as you touch it, you will die.

"It seems that the Fountain of Heaven must be used."

Zi Chen took out the Fountain of Heavenly Dao, and a huge space spread out, covering the area of ​​thousands of miles.

Forbidden space!

The entire time and space are frozen.

A hundred miles away, a black shadow forcibly manifested.

This is the only creature here.

Zi Chen seemed to have noticed it long ago, looked at the shadow, and smiled slightly, "The spirit of the universe?"

Shadow did not respond.


The forbidden space of the Spring of Heavenly Dao began to shrink slowly and stopped two hundred miles away.

Zi Chen dodged and came before the shadow, the Tai Chi figure appeared, turned, and crushed the shadow.

The shadow was wiped out in an instant, but then it appeared again.

It is like a projection from a different time and space, no matter how the Taiji map is crushed, it cannot be destroyed.

Zi Chen was not in a hurry, Taijitu released a vast breath, obliterating the dark shadow over and over again.

Time passed, and neither side said a word.

Zi Chen has already begun to consume his own origin.

He manifested a clone, and the clone showed various thunder attacks and ran towards the shadow.

The shadow exploded out of thin air, but soon reappeared.

so repeatedly.

Finally, tired of fighting, Zi Chen said, "You can bear it more than I thought. But, what's the point of it? I'll stay here, I won't go to the top, and I won't return. What can you do?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm here just to see you leave." The shadow finally spoke, it was the voice of the spirit of the universe.

"Finally speaking." Zi Chen sneered, "You don't have to pretend, tell me your purpose."

"I don't know what you're talking about." The voice of the universe spirit was flat.

"After I won, I've been thinking about a question." Zi Chen looked at the spirit of the universe, "There are three gods in the realm of the gods. Destruction advocates destroying the spiritual race. Chaos is a neutral faction, and the **** of life has an uncertain position. Then the Protoss and the Spirit Race fought from generation to generation, how did the Spirit Race do it, and each time they were destroyed together? And the chaos is so crazy, how do you do it without taking the opportunity to win the Spirit Race?"

Zi Chen shook his head, "I can't think about it, because there are too many loopholes. Even if the Spiritual Race has the ability to reach the sky, it is impossible to maintain balance again and again, and there are too many opportunities to take action. But you actually said that for many years Come back to life only once."

The spirit of the universe was silent.

Zi Chen continued: "I guess, you did all of this deliberately. Whenever the disorder is shot, you will obliterate the disorder and bring the world back to its original balance."

"This is just your guess, why am I doing this, is it boring?" said the spirit of the universe.

"This is what I have always suspected. Maybe you have been waiting, waiting for someone like me to appear. Your purpose is to leave here."

Zi Chen looked up at the sky, "You can't open the sky and leave, so I want to find someone who can open the sky from the Spirit Race."

"Joke! I am the Spirit of the Universe, omnipotent, and use you to open the sky?" The Spirit of the Universe sneered, "Do you naively think that you are better than me?"

Zi Chen said again: "Of course not. But I think you can't do without this sky curtain because of some kind of restriction! So, you want to borrow my hand to open the sky curtain."

Zi Chen looked at the spirit of the universe, "However, you didn't say it explicitly, you were hiding in the dark to observe, then guess that you are malicious, and your intention is to take me home. Then, open the sky again!"

This time, the spirit of the universe did not speak for a long time.

Zi Chen said: "You don't have to deny it, because it doesn't make any sense. You and I are now in the forbidden space of the Fountain of Heaven, and only one person can leave alive today!"

This is Zi Chen's plan early in the morning. When he comes out this time, he will either live or die!

Only the keen Su Mengyao sensed his emotions.

"Ha ha!"

The Spirit of the Universe laughed, "I created this world, including you, you want to fight me?"

"Then you have to fight to find out!"

Around Zi Chen, the Tai Chi map reappeared.


The shadow took a step forward, manifesting its true form.

It is a huge monster with uncoordinated limbs and a very strange head.

"It seems that this is your body!"

Zi Chen took a step forward, directly in front of the spirit of the universe, the Taiji map turned, and the terrifying aura of the emperor escaped.

"As I said, don't be self-sufficient!"

The spirit of the universe roared in anger, and a Taiji map appeared all over the body, and at the same time, the breath of the emperor was surging.

This scene is like a decisive battle between two spirit race emperor spirits.

The Taiji Diagram of the Spirit of the Universe instantly destroyed Zi Chen's Taiji Diagram, and even Zi Chen's body was strangled to pieces.

"Everything here is created by me, I am the master! You still want to fight me? Childish!"

Zi Chen's body was repaired again, but then it was crushed again.

In the face of the spirit of the universe, he has no room to fight back.

As the other party said, here, the spirit of the universe is the master.

"Everything is created by me, including this unreal world."

The Spirit of the Universe roared: "Even if you guessed my intention, so what? Your power has reached the limit, from the virtual to the real, when I take your body, I will absorb this illusory world and return! "

"You said this is an illusory world? It's impossible!"

A hundred feet away, Zi Chen, who had revived, seemed unbelievable.

"Do you know why you can't give birth to life? Because you are out of illusion and have signs of breaking the void, it is another high-level life form, and naturally you can't have children with low-level life forms."

The Spirit of the Universe laughed wildly, "At that time, I knew that the plan that took countless years was finally going to succeed."

This result was a huge blow to Zi Chen, he couldn't believe it, and started to attack like crazy.

"Zi Chen, don't waste your time, you can't kill me at all!"

The Spirit of the Universe stood there motionless, letting the Taiji Tu be wiped out without any harm, "Of course, even if you can kill me, once I die, this illusory world will disappear. Your cherished friends, Families, all will perish. If I live, they will always be there."

"Look, this is actually another choice. I wonder if you will give up your life this time for the people you cherish?"

This time, Zi Chen didn't hesitate, and the constantly rotating Tai Chi map showed his position.

"Sure enough, at the moment of life and death, you will choose yourself." The Spirit of the Universe said: "Even if it is you, it is not an exception!"

Zi Chen was crushed again, his source power was rapidly being consumed, and he would be consumed to death if he continued.

And no matter how you look at it, there is no possibility of winning this battle.

All his methods, the spirit of the universe is not only proficient, but also far surpasses Zi Chen.

"It's useless, stop struggling and die."

Zi Chen was blown away by the giant force, and his body exploded in mid-air.

If it weren't for the Spring of Heaven's Path, Zi Chen would have been killed countless times.

This time Zi Chen had just been resurrected, and the spirit of the universe grabbed his neck and said fiercely: "Zi Chen, I will warn you again, don't struggle, die immediately! Otherwise, I will kill those people you cherish. , a terrible death!"


The Spring of Heavenly Dao trembled, and Zi Chen's whole body was shrouded in the power of Heavenly Dao.

As soon as the spirit of the universe came into contact with the power of heaven, the whole body seemed to be ignited, and it let out a shrill scream.

"Sure enough, you are afraid of the power of heaven!"

Zi Chen looked at the spirit of the universe coldly, "Your body cannot withstand the power of heaven, so you need my body."

The body of the spirit of the universe, UU reading www. was burnt out by the power of heaven, but soon a second one appeared.

He said coldly, "Zi Chen, don't you really care about other life and death?"

"I have taken care of the world too much, and now I just want to take care of myself."

As soon as the words fell, the Spring of Heavenly Dao shook again, and countless powers of Heavenly Dao spewed out.

The sky is like a rain of heaven.

The spirit of the universe had nowhere to dodge, and the body was ignited again as soon as it was drenched by water droplets.

He tried to get rid of the erosion of the power of heaven and used a variety of secret techniques that Zi Chen had never seen before, but to no avail.

Until the power of Heavenly Dao burned his body into nothingness.

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