Tyrant Dragon Emperor - Chapter 6973 Final battle, compound rules!

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Chapter 6973 Final battle, compound rules!

"Don't worry, Begina, we will definitely maintain the glory of the western city!"

"A great Western warrior will never lose to any opponent!"

All fifteen people stood in a row to be scrutinized by the elder overseers.

"Everyone, take a rest!"

"After ten breaths, start the final battle immediately!"

Before the words fell, everyone was shocked!

"Ten breaths! So short?"

"This is not the point, the point is the final battle!"

"Aren't there any draws and groups?"

The crowd kept asking questions.

"Yes, fifteen people, directly start the final battle!"

The war supervisor did not hesitate to answer solemnly.

"Melee, I didn't expect the final decisive battle to be a melee!"

"Fortunately, there are only 15 people. Although they are the strongest 15 people in the Supernova Conference, the chaos of this number of people should not be too messy!"

"Not necessarily, I think the rules may not be that simple!"

A demon from the east shook his head slowly, with a very cautious attitude.

"Fifteen people directly start the final battle, which is not difficult in itself. What more complicated rules can there be?"

Everyone was puzzled, so they looked to the elders of the war for answers.

"Yes, the rules of the final battle are indeed a bit different, listen to me carefully!"

The war supervisor cleared his throat and explained to everyone!

"Although the final duel of this Supernova Conference is a melee, it is not a simple and disorderly melee, but a complex rule!" said the war supervisor in a deep voice.

"Composite rules?"

"What's the meaning?"

The fifteen evildoers were deeply surprised.

Can't wait to ask the elders of the war.

The supervising elder said solemnly: "The so-called complex rules are not single rules. The details are as follows: Fifteen people can fight one-on-one while fighting!"



"Melee... Can you fight one-on-one?"

"Won't there be a conflict?"

Fifteen evildoers frowned and looked weird!

This rule is simply contradicting itself!

At this time, the countless spectators outside the God-Creating Void Realm were also noisy!

"What kind of **** rule is this?"

"A melee is a melee, how can you be singled out?"

"Could it be that someone is fighting one-on-one while fighting?"

"Is it going to be a duel or a melee?"

"What if I'm in a duel and others swarm me and besiege me?"

"Bullshit! This so-called compound rule is bullshit! It's bullshit!"

Countless spectators were angry and puzzled.

Such rules are fundamentally self-contradictory. In a final showdown under a problematic rule, the supernova conference executives are simply messing around!

Apart from Jiang Tian and Begina being calm, the fifteen evildoers shook their heads one after another, feeling deeply puzzled!

"Dare to ask the elders of the war, why can you fight one-on-one while fighting?"

"If someone asks me for a duel, but someone else wants to besiege me, should I go duel or fight?"

One by one sharp questions were placed in front of them, and everyone stared at the elders who were supervising the battle, asking for answers!

"This problem is not as complicated as you think. To put it simply: heads-up advantage, melee is behind!"

"What's the meaning?"

"Elder, please clarify, don't let us interpret it by ourselves!"

The elder of the battle supervision said solemnly: "To put it bluntly, when someone chooses to duel, others cannot make a sneak attack, nor can they force a siege! But when the winner of this duel is decided, they can break this restriction and form a siege or a siege. Let's fight!"

"Also!" The superintendent added: "In this round of one-on-one duels, the opponent can challenge or refuse, and it is not a violation!"

The words spread, and everyone was shocked!

"Can you refuse?"

"I understand!"

"In this case, the situation becomes much more complicated!"

The faces of the evildoers became solemn!

The rules have been made clear, and there is no objection to them.

But the problem is that the duel mode of heads-up and melee is itself a huge difficulty!

These fifteen monsters have been eliminated layer by layer, and they are already very close, and no one dares to say that they will win the opponent one-on-one!

And now, there are too many variables to face the possible siege and melee after the duel!

Brush brush!

At this moment, the fifteen evildoers were immediately divided into four camps!

The biggest piece is naturally the eight oriental evildoers!

They occupy more than half of the fifteen people, and they are the one with the greatest advantage!

There are three people on the west and south sides, and neither side can compete with the monsters of the east.

But if they work together, they will be able to fight against the oriental evildoer!

The most difficult situation is Jiang Tian!

Of the monsters in the northern city, he is the only one who survives!

At this time, the eight evildoers from the east have enough confidence!

They took a few steps forward, leaving the evildoers in the west, south, and north behind, all with arrogant eyes and smiles, as if they had won the final victory!

"Everyone, I think the final winner of this supernova conference must be among our eastern evildoers!"

"It's natural, even if it is replaced by the number of people, we still have one person left, and we can directly send him to the throne of the winner!"

"Who is this person?"

The eight people looked at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became stiff!

Obviously, in the final showdown, no one is willing to take the initiative to be humble.

Because this is not a question of humility, but a need to fight with all your strength!

The atmosphere was a little dull for a while, but it was quickly broken!

"You don't have to be embarrassed. The martial artist fights all rely on strength to speak. The supernova conference selects the strongest among the young evildoers. After all, we still have to fight!"

"Of course, before that, we must suppress the other three parties first, so that we can obtain the final victory!"

"The biggest threat is the southern and western camps, but if we face off unilaterally, neither side will be our opponent!"

For these eastern evildoers, they have twice the number of opponents, and melee does not prohibit siege.

As long as you fight around, you will win!

"They obviously understand this too, so I'm sure they will join forces against us!"

"Join us?"

"Yes, they will definitely join forces, just wait and see if you don't believe me!"

The eight eastern monsters looked at the southern and western camps in unison.

There are three people in each of these two camps, adding up to six people, they can already compete with them head-on.

Of course, even if this is the case, the monsters from the East still have huge confidence and certainty to defeat each other!

"Do you have any ideas, Begina?" asked two young demons from the Western camp.

Among the three of them, Begina is recognized as the strongest person.

Begina said with a cold face: "I'm not afraid of anyone one-on-one, but you guys are afraid..."

"They can't be one-on-one with us. There are eight top monsters in the East, more than twice as many as us. Whether it's one-on-one or melee, we can't win!"

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