Tyrant Dragon Emperor - Chapter 6974 All parties are fighting!

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Chapter 6974 All parties scramble!

"So, you want to cooperate with the Southern Demons?"

Begina was obviously a little contemptuous.

But under the pressure of reality, there seems to be no good way.

"Yes, you come out!"

"We have to work with the enchanters of the south to have a better chance of winning, Begina!"

The two looked at Begina and asked her to come forward to communicate with the southern evildoer.

At this time, the evil spirits in the south were also discussing this issue.

They also found that working with Western evildoers was the only way out!

"Three, are you interested in working with us?"

Before Begina could speak, a burly man with a dark complexion in the enchanting southern group was the first to convey his intentions.

Begina looked at each other, her eyes always cold.

But she did not hesitate, because this is the most realistic way!

"Yes!" Begina nodded.

"Okay, great!"

"The six of us join forces, and the hope of winning them is great!"

Begina's two companions were very excited, as if they saw the hope of winning.

But the southern evildoer opposite Begina slowly shook his head, his expression still solemn!

"It's not that simple. We have six people facing eight people. How do you think we should resolve the opponent's numerical advantage?"


The two Western demons shook their heads one after another.

It can't be resolved!

If it is a single rule, it is better to say!

But now it is a compound rule. Whether it is one-on-one or a melee, the advantages of the two people are huge, and there is no magic plan to resolve it.

"Yeah, since we can't resolve it, we can only seek wider cooperation!"

The eyes of this southern evildoer flickered, and then his eyes turned to Jiang Tian!

"Jiang Tian, ​​Brother Jiang, on behalf of the evil spirits of the South and the evil spirits of the West, I seek to cooperate with you!"

"Brother Jiang, please join us and fight against the monsters of the East with us!"

In the eyes of the evil spirits in the south and the evil spirits in the west, this should be the only choice Jiang Tian can make!

And it is also the best choice in this case!

He is the only one in the north, the evildoer.

No matter which side you face, east, south, or west, you are bound to lose.

In this case, he has no other way out than choosing to cooperate with the other party!

"Brother Jiang, don't hesitate, joining us is your only and most realistic and ideal choice!"

"Come on, join us and fight against the eastern evildoers together!"

All the five evildoers from the south and the west were looking forward to Jiang Tian's joining, but Begina was the only one with cold eyes and hesitant to say anything.

Because her biggest goal is Jiang Tian!

So she didn't really want to cooperate with Jiang Tian, ​​but she had to admit that the addition of Jiang Tian could indeed suppress the number advantage of the Eastern Demons to the greatest extent.

Simply, she just shut up.

"not good!"

The faces of the eastern monsters changed slightly!

Most of them had foreseen the alliance of the evildoers from the west and the south.

But Du Du didn't expect these two camps to win over Jiang Tian!

If Jiang Tian also joins in, they will only have one more person!

A person's advantage, although it is also an advantage, but the variables can be more!

"How to do?"

"Can't let him join the opposite side!"

"But they have already sent an invitation, and Jiang Tian will probably not refuse it!"

"They can invite, can't we?" someone said through gritted teeth.

"We also invite him, with this... um!"

An Eastern evildoer just wanted to say "Is this necessary?", but he felt a little stupid, so he swallowed the following words.

It was really unnecessary, but the problem is that people are pulling people!

If Jiang Tian joins, their advantage will be greatly impacted and weakened!

This is unacceptable to them!

"Brother Jiang, Brother Jiang, please join our Eastern camp!"

"We have a large number of people and great advantages. If you are willing to join, you will have no trouble crushing the west and south!"

"Brother Jiang must have figured it out. Joining them to fight against us will be very stressful!"

"Hehe, no matter what we do, there will still be one more person. If you stand on their side, can you imagine how difficult the situation will be?"

The monsters from the east sneered with arms crossed, feeling that Jiang Tian would not refuse.

It's all said and done, the facts are clear, Jiang Tian is not a fool, he should know how to choose!

"Brother Jiang!" The faces of the evildoers in the south changed!

If Jiang Tian is pulled away, they will be completely finished!

Never let him join the Eastern camp!

"Brother Jiang, our southern camp is willing to take out an immortal treasure as a reward. As long as you join us, no matter what the final result is, this immortal treasure will be yours!"

The southern evildoer took out a red-red rhino horn-like strange treasure and showed it to Jiang Tian.

It exudes an amazing aura of the demon clan, and it is an immortal treasure made from the bones of a big demon!

Such temptation is not too big!

But Jiang Tian did not make a statement!

Begina couldn't calm down at this time!

Although she did not directly invite Jiang Tian to join, if Jiang Tian chooses to join the Eastern camp, the whole situation will be completely tilted!

"We in the West would also like to come up with an immortal treasure to invite you to join, Jiang Tian!"

As Begina spoke, her palms spread out, and a special spar radiating white stars appeared in her hands!


Jiang Tian stared at it and couldn't help being a little surprised!

This spar is about an inch long and looks like a sword, but it is a little rough, like an unpolished natural sword blank!

There are also traces of blood-colored lines on it, which looks quite strange!

It exudes an amazing sword intent, and it also contains some kind of special power of stars!

"This is a special star sword crystal cultivated with my strong sword intent and blood essence. It is of great benefit to sword cultivators like you. As long as you join us, this treasure will be yours, Jiang Tian!"

Begina looked at Jiang Tian confidently, thinking that it was impossible for him to refuse!

"We also have fairy treasures!"

The eastern monster is in a hurry!

The leading man winked and took out three immortal treasures at once, showing them to Jiang Tian!

"Brother Jiang, as long as you join us, these three immortal treasures will be handed over to you now, no matter what the final result is, we will never regret it!"


"You guys are so shameless, the monsters of the East!"

"We already have an advantage in numbers, and you are still robbing us. Do you still have shame?"

The evildoers of the South and the West gritted their teeth and shouted angrily.

"Why can't you rob us?"

"You have already cooperated with both parties, and if you pull Jiang Tian together, you will be three parties. It is extremely unfair for us to play against one another!"

"Bah! What three fights one, we only have seven people together, and you already have eight people. Who is bullying whom?"

You come and go between the two sides, and a few words are filled with the smell of gunpowder!

"Brother Jiang, in addition to these three immortal treasures, after the conference is over, we can also invite you to go to the Oriental Super City to retreat and practice, and give you the best courtesy!"

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