Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5211 Hall of Ten Tribulations

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"Unfortunately, you are now a dead person, leaving only a remnant soul, and it is too late for your Tuoba clan to follow Chen Shao, at most it is a support, unlike me, at least a servant of the dragon." Hong Huang Zulong shook his head: "Don't look at the old dragon, I am only a first-level detachment, that is the old dragon, I have not exerted my strength, as long as I follow Chen Shao, no matter what in the future, the old dragon, I will definitely be able to surpass the detachment. , pity you

I can't see that day. "

Honghuang Ancestor Dragon patted Tuoba Ancestor's shoulder with a sigh and a look of pity.

Ancestor Tuoba froze.

He turned his head to look at the Honghuang Ancestral Dragon, and saw that within the Honghuang Ancestral Dragon, the power of the first-level detachment source was flowing slowly. For such a person, seeing such a triple detachment of himself should be terrifying. After all, whether it was Tuoba Xiongba or Palace Lord Anyou who was a double peak detachment before seeing him, he was a little respectful.

Don't dare to be arrogant.

But this guy in front of me...

Ancestor Tuoba couldn't help but move in his heart.

A first-level detachment, but not afraid of himself at all, there are only two possibilities. One is that the other party is a neurotic idiot, and he doesn't know his identity at all. The second is that the other party has seen the person behind Qin Chen in front of him. The average person has seen too many big people, so naturally they won't be afraid of themselves.

A triple detachment.

And if the opponent can cultivate to the first level of detachment, there is basically no possibility that he is an idiot, so there is only the second possibility left.

Ancestor Tuoba looked at Qin Chen and secretly made up his mind. His mind was immersed in it, suddenly, Honghuang Zulong sneaked close to his ear and whispered: "However, this problem is not easy to solve, although you are gone, but the old dragon is still there, as a triple detachment, Are you sure

Are you hiding a lot of good stuff? This... as long as you can give me some of the old dragon, you know. "

Honghuang Zulong rubbed his hands against Tuoba ancestors.

Tuoba Ancestor: "..."

boom! At this moment, there was a sudden shock from heaven and earth. The next moment, everyone hurriedly looked up and saw the ancient temple that stood quietly here, and now it was spinning crazily, a terrifying darkness. madness

Crazy lingered out, and instantly enveloped the dark palace lord in front of him.

"Ah!" Palace Master Anyou roared in pain. His whole body was suspended between heaven and earth, and strange dark aura wrapped around his body. On the ten sides of the madly rotating ancient temple, countless strange symbols The text is constantly circulating, one of

The countless runes on each face turned into an ancient face, and the pupils of the ancient face opened instantly.

boom! In an instant, the entire dark and forbidden area made a clattering sound, and the surrounding area was thousands of miles of void, which directly trembled and undulated.

It swept in all directions.


In an instant, everyone backed away, and they were instantly shaken out under this shock. Among them, the weaker cultivation base, Dangmo Shenzun and others even spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot, looking at the front with a horrified expression.

"Ah!" Palace Master Anyou was in pain all over his body, and wisps of dark aura poured into his body. As a second-level peak detachment, his face was hideous at the moment, as if he was suffering endless pain, and his body emitted The sound of clicking, as if

The porcelain to be broken is average.

"Lord Palace Master." God Venerable Zheng Kong and the others said in horror.


Fang Muling also screamed in horror. In her anxiety, she swayed and was about to come forward to rescue her in a hurry, but Qin Chen stopped her suddenly.

"Don't worry."

Qin Chen said in a deep voice, "The Palace Master should not be in danger for the time being."

Qin Chen stared at the ancient temple in front of him, and a bright light burst out from his pupils.

Fang Muling was pulled by Qin Chen, feeling the breath on Qin Chen's body, and his originally anxious heart calmed down a little, and said nervously: "Qin Chen, father he..."


Qin Chen squinted his eyes and spit out two words.

At this time, everyone also discovered the abnormality of the ancient temple.

From the ancient temple, an ancient aura continued to linger, and this ancient aura merged into the dark aura, with a chaotic and violent aura, constantly impacting the body of the dark secluded palace lord.

However, this shock was not aimed at destroying the body of the Palace Master Dark You, but rather like testing the body of the Palace Master Dark You to see if he could withstand such a force.

Everyone present was a detached master. At first, they were distracted because of some concern. Now, when they looked carefully, they immediately found what Qin Chen was paying attention to.

The scene in front of him is indeed like a test.

What kind of test was it that actually caused the Anyou Palace Master to show such a painful expression.

"Don't get close!"

Palace Master Anyou gritted his teeth.

He saw the entire ancient temple swirl violently, and the terrifying dark aura continued to linger, instilling into his body, making his flesh creaky constantly, but he persisted.


At this moment, the rotating ancient temple suddenly accelerated, and with a buzzing sound, the runes on the second side of the ancient temple quickly surged, turning into an ancient face.

This face is even more hideous, but it seems to contain the avenues between heaven and earth. As soon as it appears, the whole world is surging with vast power, as if returning to the ancient times in an instant.

At the same time, the eyes of this ancient face suddenly opened.


An indescribable power surged between the heavens and the earth, and I saw an astonishing palpitating power suddenly enter the body of the Anyou Palace Master. With a bang, the body of the Anyou Palace Master was torn apart on the spot, and blood spattered. .


Painful roars resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Today, the palace lord of the Darkness Palace, the giant of the Southern Thirteenth Star Region, and one of the top powerhouses, is now screaming so mournfully. Such a scene makes people horrified to watch.


Fang Muling shouted anxiously.

"The Palace of Ten Tribulations, this is the Palace of Ten Tribulations!"

At this moment, an unbelievable expression appeared in the pupils of Tuoba's ancestors, as if he had thought of something, and suddenly he was shocked.

"Hall of Ten Tribulations?"

And his words made everyone around him turn their heads and couldn't help but look over.

"Senior, have you seen this ancient temple?"

Qin Chen couldn't help but ask.

"Ten sides, ten halls, this is the legendary hall of ten robbery. I didn't expect this hall to appear in the southern three-star region. This is the top treasure in the ancient universe. How could it appear here?" Tuoba The ancestor was shocked, and there was a deep disbelief in his eyes.

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