Valkyrie Domination - Chapter 5212 black mist

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At this moment, a strong look of shock emerged in the heart of Tuoba's ancestors. "The Temple of Ten Tribulations, it is rumored that it is a treasure from ancient times. It is said that this object comes from a forbidden place in the depths of the universe. It has ten special powers of rules, and each power of rules can reverse yin and yang. in the universe

The most top-level rules, so it is called the Palace of Ten Tribulations. "However, it is extremely difficult to obtain the inheritance of this thing. As far as I know, no one in the ancient times could completely control the Palace of Ten Tribulations, because, if you want to fully recognize it, you must endure what the Palace of Ten Tribulations has to offer. Formed Ten Tests

, each test is extremely difficult. However, once this thing is completely controlled, the power of the explosion will be extremely amazing, enough to easily crush a triple heaven detachment. "In ancient times, I once heard that there was a strong man who had just stepped into the triple detachment. Because he controlled the power of the five calamities in the Ten Tribulations Hall, he directly motivated the Ten Tribulations Hall and killed a third-level peak master, causing the a violent sensation.

Tuoba's ancestor murmured, and his heart was shocked: "But later, this person also attracted the attention of many top forces in the universe, and was chased and killed. In the end, this person disappeared, and the Temple of Ten Tribulations also disappeared in the vastness. universe

In the sea, I never imagined that it would appear here today. "

Ancestor Tuoba took a deep breath with disbelief in his eyes.

"No matter what, the existence of this thing must not be spread out. Once it is known by the top forces in the universe, they will definitely send experts to plunder it."

Tuoba's ancestor looked serious.

On the side, Dangmo Shenzun and others looked horrified. Unexpectedly, the treasure handed down by their Dark Nether Palace is so terrifying, but if the Ten Tribulations Palace is so powerful, why would it appear in his Dark Nether Palace? Could it be said that the ancestor of his Dark Nether Mansion possessed these ten calamities back then

The top powerhouse of the temple?

Doubts arose in the hearts of the people. If this is the case, then his Ancestor of the Darkness Palace is too low-key, right? After all, this Tuoba ancestor was only an ordinary triple detachment back then, and he had already led the Tuoba family to the high level of the cosmos sea and became the southern cosmos sea.

One of the top powers.

If the Ancestor of the Darkness Palace is so powerful that he can kill even the third-level peak detachment, wouldn't his Darkness Palace already become a leader-level force in the South Cosmos Sea? How could it shrink in this Southern Thirteen Star Territory?

When everyone was puzzled, Qin Chen didn't pay much attention to the words of Tuoba's ancestor, but stared at the Ten Tribulations Hall in front of him.

For some reason, when he felt the ten faces of the Ten Tribulations Hall, he had a faint sense of familiarity.

"Young Master Chen, this Ten Tribulations Palace is not bad. It is barely worthy of you, Young Master Chen. I think this thing should be owned by Young Master Chen." On the side, a nodding voice remembered that it was Honghuang Ancestral Dragon: "Using the triple detachment cultivation base to kill the triple peak detachment, it shouldn't be a problem for you, Chen Shao, that is why this palace looks very majestic and can

Increase some of your momentum with less dust, so-so. "

Honghuang Zulong said with a tsk tsk.

Everyone: "…"

This arrogant is a big blow, but when they saw Qin Chen, they were silent again.

Before Qin Chen had just broken through the first-level detachment, he could kill the second-level detachment like the Sifang God Venerable. If Qin Chen really stepped into the third-level detachment, he could suppress the peak of the third-level detachment, which seemed to be unacceptable.

Tuoba's ancestor looked serious: "This Temple of Ten Tribulations is not so easy to control, as far as I know, if you want to control the Temple of Ten Tribulations, you have to endure the terrifying test that escapes from the Temple of Ten Tribulations, ranging from serious injuries to serious injuries. Life is in danger."


Fang Muling clenched his fist silently.


At this time, Palace Master Anyou in front of the Palace of Ten Tribulations splattered with blood. Under the influence of this second face, blood was dripping all over his body. However, he gritted his teeth and carried it down abruptly.

"Lord Palace Master, he took it."

Zun Kong Shenzun said with a trembling voice.

"It's useless." Tuoba's ancestor shook his head: "If you want to control the Ten Tribulations Palace, even the simplest urge, you must withstand the power of the triple catastrophe, and now the Dark Nether Palace Master can withstand the second calamity. It is heavy, and the difficulty of the above test is overwhelming.

times increased. "

"Through the third level, the power of the Temple of Ten Tribulations can only be easily activated, but it is impossible to exert the power of the Temple of Ten Tribulations. If you want to use the Temple of Ten Tribulations to fight, passing the test of the fourth level is the most basic."

When Tuoba's ancestor opened his mouth, a third face was formed on the Hall of Ten Tribulations.

This third face, like an ancient beast, with an extremely ferocious face, suddenly opened his eyes at the moment of formation.

boom! Two divine rainbows burst out from the eyes of the fierce beast, and instantly slammed into the Anyou Palace Master's chest. In the last instant, two blood holes appeared.

lasing out of it.

Fang Muling and others hurried forward and supported Palace Master Anyou.

"Father, are you alright?"

Fang Muling wept and said, Palace Lord Anyou in front of him had two huge blood holes on his chest, and two strange black mists lingered constantly, preventing him from repairing his injuries.


As soon as Fang Muling's hand touched the black mist, bursts of blue smoke erupted from her entire hand, and a **** mouth was corroded from her pink and fair hands.

Fang Muling let out a pained cry and hurriedly tried to extinguish it, but found that the black mist was extremely ferocious, and it struck her body quickly along her arm.

"Don't move." Seeing that this black mist was about to wrap around Mu Ling's cheeks above, a broad hand suddenly appeared, holding Fang Muling's soft hand, and at the same time, a strong force was quickly transmitted along the palm. Come with that black mist

tangled together.

It was Qin Chen.

He urged the power of An Luotian in his body to directly annihilate the black mist, but when the two forces collided, Qin Chen couldn't help but let out a small voice. Although the power of this black mist is very similar to the power of An Luotian, there is still a little bit of understanding between the two, and when his power came into contact with the black mist, a fierce will quickly followed Qin Chen. dark

The power of Luo Tian attacked his mind, and Qin Chen even heard a roar that seemed to come from ancient times.


Qin Chen snorted coldly, the source in his body was directly activated, and with a bang, the murderous aura was directly annihilated, and Qin Chen felt that the killing aura in his body became a little stronger.

"Hey, interesting."

Qin Chen looked up at the Palace of Ten Tribulations, and there was a glint of light in his eyes. Then, he quickly pressed his hands on Palace Master Anyou, and the black mist quickly swept towards Qin Chen.

"Destroy!" Qin Chen whispered, annihilating the black mist directly, and then swallowing it.

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