Walker Of The Worlds - Chapter 1367 Immortal Breakthrough!

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1367 Immortal Breakthrough!

Even Lanbao was sure that normal humans didn’t eat the same way as Lin Mu did.

‘Forget humans, even beasts don’t eat the same amount that he did just now…’ Lanbao was at a loss for words.

At first she thought Lin Mu simply ate more than normal humans, then she thought that he ate the same as large beasts. But now he had gone past all limits, having eaten over a hundred times his body weight.

As for how that much mass could be contained within his body?

Lanbao could not understand.

“Lin Mu?” But just as she was about to talk to him, she found him sitting down.

Faint chants started coming from his lips, spreading a feeling of calmness in the area.

“This is… rather… nice…” Lanbao felt good.

It gave her a sense of peace that she had not felt for a long time. The last she could recall was when the Deep Sapphire city was still inhabited by the Haima tribe. She had not yet taken form and could barely remember the faint emotions from back then.

And now that the Haima tribe had returned, she had felt the joy but not the peace. But with Lin Mu’s chanting, that feeling of peace was filling her entire being.

Unknowingly she too closed her eyes and soundlessly floated in the air.

But while everything looked peaceful in the area, inside Lin Mu’s body, there was an opposite situation.

A storm of energy was currently raging inside his body having been sourced from his stomach.

‘This… Such rich vital essence…’ Lin Mu felt the vitality first.

It was like a waterfall that would just not stop. He focused on his body and let all his cells and tissues absorb it to the maximum. Once they were saturated to the maximum, Lin Mu utilized his five treasured organs.

Having reached the completion of the five treasures realm, his organs had a terrifying level of vitality. And now more of it was being channeled into them, which they gladly accepted.

If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Mu was a body cultivator too, he wouldn’t be able to absorb such a large amount of energy all at once. If this was any other Qi cultivator, they might have already exploded from the overflowing vitality.

p、a,nd a-n、o、ve,l All the five treasured organs were being nurtured by this vital essence and were soon filled to the brim.

“This won’t do… there is still tons of it left over.” Lin Mu realized.


But just as he was getting worried, he found that his stomach had reacted accordingly.

‘This is new…’ Lin Mu noticed the new runes that were forming on the surface of his stomach.

Each rune was obscure and he couldn’t understand it. This wasn’t his first time seeing it, but it was certainly the first time he saw them long enough to observe it clearly.

‘They don’t seem to be from the Dao Script…’ Lin Mu noted.

The runes seemed to be a form of energy storage method that was unknown to Lin Mu. The more runes there were, the more energy was absorbed. But even when his entire stomach was covered with the runes, the energy had not ended.

“What now?” Lin Mu wondered.


But then he saw something new.

The runes that covered his stomach glowed in a grey light and rose from the surface. They then started to shrink and turned into thin lines that imprinted back on the stomach’s surface.

Once the lines were imprinted, more new runes could be formed. And when these runes were saturated again, they would compress into lines. This cycle repeated a total of about six times before all the vital essence was stored into his stomach.

“The spirit Qi is already stored…” Lin Mu saw that the spirit Qi he had obtained from the beast meat was the first to have been assimilated.

It was directly absorbed into his Dantian and filled it while the overflowing amount was taken up by his Nascent soul.

“Is it over? Wasn’t there Immortal Qi in the beast meat too?” Lin Mu wondered.

While he couldn’t sense it fully, he knew it was bound to be in the meat due to them being Immortal beasts.

“Oh, wait… GAH!” he didn’t need to wonder for long as he soon felt a piercing pain in his gut.

His spirit sense quickly dived into his abdomen, trying to find the source of the pain but it couldn’t pinpoint it.

‘It’s as if it is coming from everywhere…’ Lin Mu discovered.

His didn’t falter though and continued to chant the Calming Heart sutra.

On the surface, it looked like Lin Mu was still sitting peacefully. No one would be able to tell the pain and energy storm that was seething within his body at this moment.

Five minutes passed like this before Lin Mu felt a change.


Lin Mu’s attention was quickly pulled to his Dantian.

‘The Dao Embryo? Its… Resonating?’ Lin Mu saw.

It let off a humming sound that filled the entirety of his being. It even traveled through his spirit sense, allowing him to gain a new perspective.

“Wait this… this… this is…” Lin Mu realized that he could now sense an entirely new type of energy within his body.

He also realized that the pain he was feeling had come from this new energy too.

“Immortal Qi! There is no doubt, this is Immortal Qi!” Lin Mu was now sure.

It had a translucent form spike spirit Qi but its quality was many times higher. It was simply on a different level.

‘I can’t lose focus now! I need to channel this Immortal Qi!’ Lin Mu understood.

Lin Mu knew that he simply had to do what he had done with spirit Qi. He focused his will on the Immortal Qi that was spread across his body and guided it into his meridians.

Little by little, they started to move and about an hour later, all the Immortal Qi was in his meridians.


And finally, Lin Mu broke through!

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